How To Edit One Health Pass Information

What exactly is a One Health Pass?

International travelers traveling at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA), Clark International Airport, or other ports of entry by air may use the One Health Pass (OHP) online portal to expedite their arrival and departure from the Philippines.

OHP or eHDC must be filed online, after which you will get an OHP QR code.
This QR code is required before you can board your aircraft and go to the Philippines.

When you arrive in the Philippines, you’ll need to show this QR code to immigration officials to prove that you provided the requested information.

The One Health Pass is currently only accessible via the website. It is a web-based platform and a mobile-friendly information system.

It would be best to utilize the OHP with a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Using a mobile or computer web browser, you may access the OHP.

One Health Pass

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Who is required to sign up for the One Health Pass?

The One Health Pass registration system is required for all inbound visitors to the Philippines. What I’m getting at here is

  • Filipino Workers Abroad (OFWs)
  • Non-OFWs, as well as
  • Non-Americans

Regardless of country or occupation, all international travelers arriving in the Philippines must register for the One Health Pass to get a QR code and show it to authorities.

What are the necessary papers?

Because the online system is primarily intended to collect data, you’ll have to supply correct and crucial information about your health and personal history, which will be transferred to the local government.

To get started, go to and fill out the health declaration and registration form.

When you arrive at the airport, you’ll need to provide your passport, aircraft ticket, and an immunization card, among other things (a screenshot will do).

As a result, be sure to have them on hand both before you leave and when you arrive.

The registration procedure for the One Health Pass

one health pass

Screenshot of One Health Pass web registration page

See the registration guideline

You may apply for a health pass up to a day before or on your trip and print a copy for use at the airport and upon arrival in the Philippines. Below are the specifics on how to complete this process step-by-step.

Before you arrive,

Step 1:

Visit to register for the One Health Pass (OHP) and write down your transaction number.

A Quarantine Hotel stay of 10 days must be pre-booked for non-OFWs and international citizens.

Note: International incoming passengers may be exempt from obligatory facility-based quarantine under IATF Resolution 159 s. 2022 if they:

  • Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) test results within 48 hours after departure from the country of origin are required.
  • possess the following evidence of immunization against COVID-19, which are accepted by current IATF regulations:
    • International Vaccination and Prophylaxis Certificates from the World Health Organization;
    • VaxCertPH, for example, or
    • As long as the IATF permits, a foreign government’s national/state digital certificate accepts VaxCertPH under an exchange of digital certificates, except as authorized by the IATF.

Pre-booking and payment for the required RT-PCR Test at the airport may be made via the Philippine Airport Diagnostic Laboratory (PADLAB), or it can be done on-site.

Step 2:

Your One Health Pass (OHP) QR Code must be provided at the airport check-in on the day of your departure from the website above.
Please keep in mind that only QR codes created on the day of the flight will be accepted.

One Health Pass

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How can I get a One Health Pass QR code?

OHP personal QR code may be obtained only upon successful submission of eHDC. After successfully submitting your eHDC, you’ll get a confirmation message.

Take a screenshot or print this QR code to guarantee that you have a copy of this QR code.

The OHP personal QR code would be sent to your email account within a few minutes if you provided a valid and current email address when registering for an account with OHP.

When you arrive in the Philippines, open or print this email and give it to immigration officials.

Upon arriving

Step 3:

Provide your One Health Pass (OHP) QR Code at the entrance.

Step 4:

Proceed to the designated briefing location and produce your OHP QR Code:

  • To the Department of Tourism (DOT) Help Desk for Foreigners and Non-OFWs
  • Land-based OFWs: Contact the OWWA Help Desk for assistance.
  • To the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) Help Desk for sea-based OFWs

Step 5:

Obtain approval from the Bureau of Immigration beforehand before going through customs.

Step 6:

If you’re using a transportation service, follow these instructions:

  • Non-OFWs and Foreign Nationals: Airport Taxi
  • OWWA Bus: for land-based OFWs
  • Local Manning Agency (LMA) transport for sea-based OFWs

Step 7:

You will get your COVID-19 test results and your quarantine certificate on the OHP site after you have finished your quarantine period.

As soon as your quarantine has ended, your local government will be notified via the One Health Pass System, and you will be free to travel once again.

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Validity of the One Health Pass

Only three days before your intended departure date may you register. In other words, if your registration date is more than three days out from when you plan to arrive, your information will be deemed invalid.

The results of the One Health Pass swab test

You will be able to choose a day for your swab test after you have registered successfully with the One Health Pass system.

The ‘My Profile‘ section of the OHP website contains information on your swab appointments.

Swab test results may be tracked once they have been collected and validated. Enter your QR code number and last name into the ‘Track Swab Test‘ gateway.

One Health Pass

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Can I make changes to my One Health Pass information?

Please note that OSS-TGMROF has not yet confirmed your eHDC data, so if you made a mistake or want to update any of your personal information (such as your arrival date or residence), you may still make the necessary modifications.

This may be done under your account’s ‘My Profile’ section.
You will not be able to change your data once BOQ has confirmed it. Please notify the Open Source Monitoring and Action Center (OSS MAC) if this is the case. is the email address you may use to contact them, and Globe: 0906-236-9425 and Smart or Viber: 0968-681-2217.

It may take a while for your changes to take effect since the correct validation of your request has to be completed first.

One Health Pass BOQ certification

If your RT-PCR test is negative, the One Health Pass site will create a Unified BOQ Quarantine Certificate for you. To print and download this certificate, you need to input your QR code number and last name into the OHP site.

One Health Pass FAQs

One Health Pass

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What is the purpose of the One Health Pass (OHP)?

One Health Pass is an online platform that intends to facilitate the transit of international visitors from the country of origin to the local government unit (LGU) where they are currently visiting.

What is BOQ stand for?

A line bureau of the Department of Health’s Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ), one of the country’s oldest government institutions, oversees public health (DOH).

The prevention of infectious disease introduction and transmission and developing disease outbreaks and public health crises of worldwide relevance are the primary responsibilities of BOQ (PHEIC).

What’s the point of registering with the OHP?

Due to IATF Resolution No. 135, dated August 26, 2021, beginning September 1, 2021, all visitors to the Philippines are urged to utilize the One Health Pass registration system.

Is there an app that I need to download to access the OHP?

No. It is a web-based, mobile-friendly, and cloud-based information system called OHP. It’s unnecessary to have a desktop or laptop computer to utilize the OHP, and you may access the OHP using a web browser on a PC or mobile device.

Can I register a few days before my flight (before I leave)?

Yes. You may pre-register with OSS so that they are aware of your arrival. However, you can only sign up for OSS using the One Registration Platform. Only the day before or the day of your flight may you register/submit your BOQ eHDC.

What does eHDC stand for?

“Electronic Health Declaration Card” is what it is called. Every foreign visitor to the Philippines must complete and submit a yellow paper form to BOQ upon arrival.

Your OHP QR code will be supplied to you if you offer this online instead of printing it out. This QR code is required before you may board your aircraft.

To verify your submission and the information you provided, you must display this QR code when you arrive in the Philippines.

Can I submit my eHDC instantly?

Only the day before or the day of your flight may you register/submit your BOQ eHDC.

What’s next once I register?

Your transaction number will be displayed on the One Registration Platform of OSS-TGMROF and sent to you after registering.

This transaction number is required for eHDC registration and submission.

As soon as you’ve completed the eHDC registration procedure, you’ll get an OHP personal QR code through display message and email that you’ll need to meet your quarantine and testing requirements in the Philippines owing to the current COVID-19 epidemic, which affects all foreign visitors.

What is an OHP QR Code?

Your eHDC will be supplied with a QR Code after you have submitted it successfully.

Exactly how can I receive my OHP QR code?

After successfully submitting your eHDC, you will get your OHP personal QR code. A notice will appear on the screen after you have completed the electronic HDC.

To make sure you have a copy of this QR code, you may print it out or snap a screenshot.

I was able to submit my eHDC correctly, and a message with my OHP personal QR code appeared, but I dismissed it before taking a screenshot or printing it.

Can the QR code be obtained without re-registering?

No. An email with your OHP personal QR code, which will arrive within a few minutes after signing up, will be sent to you.

You may open or print this email for use at the airport or when you arrive in the Philippines to submit it to the appropriate authorities.

My OHP personal QR code hasn’t arrived in the mail even though I registered correctly. What should I do now?

Check your email spam folder to see if there is an issue. If you’ve never gotten an email from the OHP email address before, your email may have flagged this one as spam since this is the first time you’ve received one.

Make sure that the email address you used to register is correct. Your email address may need to be re-entered for you to write again, so be sure to provide a genuine and current email address.

If you misspelled it, you might need to register again.

Where can I get a list of hotels that have been approved for quarantine?

  • Working Abroad in the Philippines (OWWA)
  • In the case of Filipino workers who are not working abroad (DOT)

May I print my OHP personal QR code upon arrival at the airport?

Yes. Once your eHDC has been submitted, you may print off a copy to display at the Philippines’ airports and upon arrival.

Alternatively, you may snap a picture of your OHP personal QR code and save it on your smartphone for use at the airport and after you are in the Philippines.

My eHDC was rejected because I made an error while submitting it (i.e., arrival date, address, other personal info). Is it possible for me to make changes to my data?

Yes. “My Profile” allows you to change your personal information if OSS-TGMROF hasn’t confirmed it. As soon as BOQ has approved your data, you will no longer be able to make changes.

It’s possible to get help from the Monitoring and Action Center (MAC) for any issues that you may have. Your request must be appropriately validated before it can be implemented.

Since the Quarantine Certificate is issued based on the LGU home address of the destination, we highly recommend that you provide us with the correct information when you register and before you go.

When do I need to provide my OHP personal QR code?

First, during the BOQ eHDC verification; second, at the separate OSS assistance desks during the warranty and assignment of your hotel; upon arrival.

You will meet with PCG for the third time for the final confirmation of your entry and departure from quarantine.

What QR code should I use if I’ve registered many times in the OHP??

The day before or the day of your trip, submit an eHDC with a QR code. OSS-TGMROF requires that a single QR code be shown at all times.

You may face delays or inconveniences if you provide a new QR code at each procedure step.

Can I take my OHP personal QR code with me when I go to another country in the future?

No. Per purchase, your OHP personal QR code is given, and you must submit a new one each time you travel.

Once the airline crew receives the QR code, they have 24 hours to use it before it expires, and QR codes for passengers expire after 16 days after arrival.

Which day of the week will I get swabbed?

Your scheduled swab day may be seen by accessing your profile (“My Profile” on the OHP website) and other personal information.

Is it possible to keep tabs on the progress of my RT-PCR tests?

Yes. OHP’s “Track Swab Test” internet gateway.

My Unified BOQ certification will arrive when?

Upon being declared NEGATIVE for COVID-19 infection and upon BOQ publishing your result, you will be issued your Unified BOQ certificate.

Before your required quarantine ends, the BOQ and OSS will disclose your result and BOQ unified certificate.

The 9th day of the facility-based quarantine, and the 7th day of the facility-based quarantine, respectively, on the evening of the 7th day.

How can I receive a Unified BOQ?

In the event of a NEGATIVE RTPCR test result, the OHP automatically generates a Unified BOQ Quarantine Certificate for you.

You will be able to obtain and print this certificate from the OHP website’s “Track Swab Test” portal.

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