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An integrated health care provider, Omada Health is virtual-first and patient-centered. It is now feasible for persons with chronic diseases to experience long-term improvements in their health thanks to the newest clinical procedures and cutting-edge behavioral research.

Omada provides personalized interventions for diabetes prevention and weight management, diabetes, hypertension, musculoskeletal issues, and behavioral health to more than 1,600 enterprise customers, including Fortune 500 companies, small and medium-sized businesses, health plans, and health systems.

The outcomes of our virtual care programs have been published in various peer-reviewed publications and are backed by clinical data.

Consequently, healthcare expenditures are lowered, and workers’ health behaviors are changed for the long term, resulting in a higher return on investment (ROI).

Health coaches and clinical experts on our teams, as well as our use of technology to enhance and expand their effect, are among our most prized accomplishments.

More than 500,000 people in all 50 states have signed up for Omada. Leading health plans like Cigna and Kaiser and national corporations like Costco and Iron Mountain are among our partners.

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What is Omada stand for?

To help you make long-term improvements to your health, Omada offers a virtual care program.

When you combine data-driven human coaching with linked devices and personalized curricula, you can establish healthy habits for life. Find out more and watch the two-minute film here.

What do you get with Omada?

You’ll get access to a wide range of resources and assistance geared to your specific needs as part of the program. If you have pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, or high blood pressure, you may expect the following:

One-on-one assistance from a certified health coach while you work toward your health and wellness goals.

Proactive and caring coaches know to assist you in ways that work for you (for example, Certified Diabetes Educators, or CDEs, for those in the type 2 diabetes program).

A connected device (such as a scale, blood pressure monitor, and glucose meter) instantly syncs with your account.

Weekly interactive courses to help you learn about the physical, social, and psychological aspects of healthy living, including the necessary information and skills to manage illnesses like diabetes and hypertension on your own.

Encouragement, sharing, and support for those with similar health issues and struggles in real-time through an online community.

What is the structure of the program?

Whether it’s altering your diet, being more active, keeping an eye on your blood pressure, or learning how to take insulin, Omada has a new subject to address each week.

An interactive lesson, phone calls with your health coach, and other program components help you learn about the weekly topic.

This framework provides a starting point for a coach’s work. Still, they can also assist you in choosing areas of improvement that you wish to focus on, such as understanding your blood glucose figures or checking your blood pressure correctly.

Achieving and maintaining your specific health goals may be made easier with the aid of these customized features.

What is the duration of the Omada program?

Your specific health requirements and objectives will determine the duration of the program, although it is usually a year or more.

Is Omada right for you?

Omada is tailored to meet the changing requirements of overweight or obese persons and those who have or are at risk of developing or are already suffering from chronic health disorders.

Diabetics and those at risk of developing type 2 diabetes are included in this category.

To learn more about the conditions covered under your plan, please contact your human resources department or apply directly as an individual.

Is Omada available to family members?

It’s possible, I think! Please get in touch with your company’s HR department to find out whether your plan includes coverage for your family members.

How can I get started?

Three easy steps to join Omada:

Check your eligibility here:

  • Go to your organization’s bespoke website or https://go.omadahealth.com to take the health screening.
  • To apply, you must provide primary contact and health information in the required fields.
  • Once approved, you’ll be asked to establish a password and answer a series of health-related questions before you can begin creating your account.
  • Omada will connect you with a health coach and a peer group and send you a Welcome Kit before the start of the group’s sessions.

How much does Omada cost?

It’s free if you join up via your work or health plan. The Omada sign-up page for your workplace or project may be found on the Omada website.

Please get in touch with your HR, member services department, or Omada at support@omadahealth.com or (888) 409-8687 if you are unsure about your URL.

Go to go.omadahealth.com/selfpay if you’re an individual interested in joining up.

Recently, I applied to Omada. What’s going to happen?

Welcome to the beginning of your health journey, and we look forward to working with you. Email support@omadahealth.com soon to let you know whether you’ve been approved into the Omada Health program.

Your Omada account will be set up online once you’ve been approved. Set up your account at your own pace; there is no deadline, but the sooner you do it, the sooner you may begin working with your new account. You’ll be allocated a group within a few weeks of signing up.

Please remember that we may not start new groups on Sundays before or after major American holidays. As a result of these vacations, shipping devices or group communications may be considerably disrupted.

Please be aware that if you sign up around a holiday, we will be in contact, and your start date may be delayed by one week.

What am I expected to accomplish on the first day of the course?

The first day of Omada is Sunday when your group begins its activities. Omada’s full potential will be shown to you on this day.

You are not necessary to check in on Sunday, but it is advised to do so as early in Week 1 as feasible to familiarize yourself with the site and your group.

Begin your daily and weekly program duties, such as weighing in, recording meals, and completing lessons. Members of your group and your health coach will be included on your home page.

You’ll be able to upload a picture and tell us more about yourself and your motivations for joining the program on your progress page.

Is there an ongoing coach for each participant?

Yes. That long-term connection and knowledge of health history are used to give highly individualized assistance that is extremely effective by Omada’s coaches along a participant’s journey in Omada.

This long-term, trustworthy connection serves as a basis for developing good habits.

As part of Omada’s holistic approach, all its coaches are trained to discover patterns you may modify and provide you with the necessary tools to overcome obstacles to a better life.

It’s okay if the change is difficult and brings up unpleasant emotions and sensations; our coaches are here to assist you in getting through this period and reaching your health objectives.

How can I get in touch with my health therapist?

The app has a group board and private chat for health coaches to communicate with one another. Throughout the program, your health coach is there to provide support and guidance.

To ensure that each participant gets the most out of their coaching experience, Omada encourages them to grab the reins and set the tone for their interaction with their coach.

Omada’s coaches have a variety of educational backgrounds, certifications, and training.

Omada’s health coaches have undergone extensive training to serve its members better.

CDC-recognized method for training health coaches for diabetes prevention programs, the Diabetes Training and Technical Assistance Center (DTTAC) lifestyle coach training program is utilized to teach our Prevention program’s coaches.

Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs) teach our coaches Omada diabetes-specific tools and best practices for our Type 2 Diabetes program.

On the other hand, our Hypertension coaches have received specialized training in Omada’s hypertension-specific tools and best practices for coaching participants.

Our behavioral health coaches are educated in Omada’s behavioral health-specific tools and best practices for the program. These mentors will guide participants throughout the course.

With an LCSW/LMFT/LPCC or comparable licensing, licensed specialists, who will develop customized treatment plans and react to coach escalations, are also available.

In what ways will groups interact?

You’ll be paired with a group of folks embarking on the Omada adventure at the same time as you are. The majority of your group’s communication takes place on a chat board.

You have the option of starting a new subject or replying to an existing one, such as an idea, a question, or an update about yourself.

Your health coach also uses the discussion board. If you want to connect with others who share your interests and difficulties, you may join various topic-based groups.

What kind of weighing instrument is used?

Your Omada scale is included in your Welcome Kit if you’re enrolled in our Prevention program or other Omada services, and it connects wirelessly to your account.

A personal profile is created for you and your health coach, where you can keep an eye on your weight loss progress.

The scale transmits data through a cellular network, and there is no requirement for a Wi-Fi connection and no setup.

Is Omada a provider of diabetes and hypertension devices for people with type 2 diabetes?

Your human resources department should be able to tell you which gadgets are covered by your insurance policy.

It’s possible that Omada will supply linked devices for people who have been professionally encouraged to monitor their health, and they may also support a bring-your-own-device approach.

Individualized feedback from your health coach is available to all participants, who will be able to input glucose and blood pressure measurements manually.

Do I get to retain the Omada tools that I receive?

Omada intends for participants to retain all the tools they get as part of the program.

When should I begin putting my tools to use?

You’ll be asked to weigh in frequently as soon as your group begins. Additionally, you’ll be required to check often your blood pressure and glucose levels (if appropriate), and you may do this as soon as your group meets for the first time.

What are the lessons like?

Rather than a short-term cure or diet, Omada is a long-term lifestyle transformation program. Every week, there is new and exciting information on nutrition, stress management, time management, and problem-solving abilities.

Each lesson lasts roughly 15 minutes on average. In addition, participants are provided with access to further reading and research materials.

What am I going to eat today?

As far as meal plans are concerned, the Omada program doesn’t have one. Instead, you’ll learn how to make the healthiest possible choices for yourself via classes, food monitoring, and the supervision of your health coach.

As a health coach, your job is to help you adapt what you’ve learned in lessons to your lifestyle, whether for religious, cultural, or medical reasons.

Counting calories throughout the Omada program is not necessary since the program focuses on long-term healthy behaviors.

It’s more vital for long-term health to be aware of what you’re putting into your body than to obsess about every calorie.

How long does it take to complete the Omada program?

Although it may take longer and the time spent adopting lifestyle changes is difficult to evaluate, participation in Omada takes 2-3 hours each week on average. Thanks to the online approach, you can quickly adjust your time spent.

On the first day, must I log in by a specific time? Throughout the remainder of the show?

You don’t have to check in to begin or continue the program at a particular time. It’s up to you when and how often you perform daily and weekly assignments and connect with your group. You may access Omada’s website and app at any time.

What happens if I decide to end my membership?

While we believe you’ll be a big fan of our program, we also recognize that life’s challenges might make it hard to commit completely. Please get in touch with us at support@omadahealth.com if you want to cancel your account for any reason.

What personal data would my group have access to?

During the Omada program, your small group members will access a modest amount of information about you.

Members of the group have access to each other’s photos, first names, hometowns, and any notes you make about them.

It’s easy for your group to see how far you’ve come in the program by looking at your last log-in date, the number of lessons you’ve completed, and your postings to the group board.

What are privacy safeguards in place?

Omada, a healthcare firm, takes security and participant privacy exceptionally seriously and works in line with all relevant privacy and data protection regulations as a healthcare provider.

Personal information is safeguarded by best-in-class physical, technological, and administrative measures.

The Omada Privacy Policy and Terms of Use provide further information on how Omada collects, uses, and safeguards your personal information.

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