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Ola Foods is a food-first company and a part of Ola, India’s leading mobile platform and one of the world’s largest ride-hailing companies.

We aim to build India’s largest and most loved network of food brands, focused on quality, hygiene, and a goal to make meals exciting and fulfilling.

We are a team of passionate food enthusiasts comprising culinary art, supply chain, operations, revenue, marketing, etc. Our love for solving challenging problems and serving only the best food sets us apart.

Ola Foods Brands

  1. Khichdi Experiment
  2. Bowlsome
  3. Paratha Experiment
  4. The Biryani Experiment
  5. That Pizza Place
  6. Nashta Express

Ola food delivery app download


How to Book Food from Ola App

Ola has expanded its services to include more than just taxi trips. Ordering food using an app has been more popular in recent years, and Ola has taken advantage of this by making it possible for its customers to do so.

Using the Ola app, you must follow the procedures outlined in this article to make a food order.

Using the Ola App to Order Food

1. Open the Ola app: Once you’ve installed the Ola app on your phone, the first step is to open it. It’s as simple as finding the symbol in your phone’s app list and tapping on it.app

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2. Make your location accessible: The following screen will appear after the app has been launched. The confirmation notice below asks for your permission to utilize your device’s location.

The program may be accessed by tapping on the OK option indicated in the photo.


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3. Choose Food: As seen in the following image, the app will launch when you grant it permission to access your current location.

Ola’s many services are listed at the bottom of the screen. The panda’s face serves as the emblem for the first of these choices, called food. Choose the food choice shown below to go to the Ola food area.


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4. Click on “Purchase now”: The Ola app’s color scheme will change when you pick the meal option, as seen in the image.

As a result, the choices will be altered. To place your meal order, follow the steps shown below by tapping the order now button at the bottom of the screen.


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5. Verify your address: You will be sent to the next page after clicking the “purchase now” button, where you will be provided an overview of the region you are now in.

Your present position is shown by a red pin on the map. Verify that this is the correct place; if not, move the pin to where you want it to be. Select “Confirm Location” to verify where you are now situated.


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Tips: Ola Food Delivery


6. Pick a Restaurant: Once you’ve verified your location, you’ll be able to choose your meal. Restaurants around you that offer a certain kind of cuisine or food may be found by searching for it. Tap once to choose the restaurant of your choice.


7. Add your dish to the cart: After opening the restaurant, you will be presented with an almost identical screen that will display the restaurant’s menu.

Select your food by swiping through the options or doing a search. Add your dish by tapping on the Add option provided below after finding it. Add the dish to your shopping basket.

Ola Food

8. Click on the “Go to cart” button: In the image below, you can see an additional choice that appears at the bottom of your screen after adding a dish to your shopping basket.

The dishes you’ve added will be shown in your cart if you choose this option. Open your shopping basket by swiping it once.

Ola Food

9. Confirm the order and place it: It will look like this when you open your cart. Displayed will be your order’s details and other information.

Any undesired objects may be taken out of your vehicle if required. Tap on the Purchase Now button once you’ve confirmed your order. There is an “order now” button at the bottom of the screen, as illustrated in the image to the right.

Ola Food

The Ola app makes it possible for anybody to order meals. Book meals from Ola’s app is a straightforward process that’s easy to follow.

Only restaurants that have registered with Ola food will show up on the list of eateries registered with Ola. There may not be any eateries in your area that are listed. As a result, Ola customers will benefit.

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