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About O2 Fitness

All around the state of South and North Carolina, O2 Fitness offers a wide range of fitness services. To assist you in achieving your fitness objectives, we provide a wide range of equipment, facilities, group exercise programs, and training alternatives. From the minute you step into your local O2 Fitness Club, you’ll be motivated. What if we’re wrong? We’ll give you a 21-day free trial to see for yourself!

O2 Fitness Membership Benefits

We pledge to create a warm, encouraging, and hygienic atmosphere with a competent and caring staff, all helping you achieve accurate results at every club and Signature club location. We offer month-to-month subscriptions! Contact or stop by your local store for further information.

Comprehensive Amenities

Here at O2 Exercise, we endeavor to present our members with the most sophisticated fitness facilities accessible. At each O2 Exercise site, you will discover studio fitness classes, professional personal trainers, experienced fitness instructors, a friendly kids club, clean locker rooms and showers, fast Wi-Fi, and so much more.

O2 Fitness is also focused on updating and increasing the facilities throughout our sites. You could also discover O2 Fitness steam rooms, saunas, and more. Call your nearest O2 Fitness store to learn which facilities are provided near you.

Personal Training

Personal training may be the boost you need to attain your fitness objectives ultimately. This training method individualizes your fitness experience, helping you isolate and conquer your problems. O2 Fitness understands the crucial role of personal training in a healthy fitness transition. This is made evident by our wide variety of personal trainers in different areas of specialty and the two free private training sessions that come included with each new O2 Fitness subscription.

Workouts in the Gym

The O2 Fitness network constantly adds new and engaging studio exercise classes for our members to enjoy. The following are some of our specialties in terms of physical fitness:

With the O2 Fitness network, you can find a wide variety of yoga sessions that will help you improve your flexibility and range of motion.

  • With an indoor bike, you’ll get your heart pounding while burning calories and strengthening your lower body.
  • Every muscle group in your body may be targeted in a strength training session at O2 Fitness.
  • • Cardio—Do you want to burn calories and improve your heart? If you’re looking for a fun and effective cardio exercise, O2 Fitness has you covered.
  • It’s possible to get a great sweat on while strengthening and mobilizing your muscles with Pilates, which is a comprehensive exercise that’s both effective and fun.
  • Intending to make Exercise more accessible and enjoyable for the elderly, our senior fitness program offers a wide variety of low-impact and pleasant routines.
  • An excellent way for people to have fun and be healthy simultaneously, Zumba classes combine the best of both worlds.
  • What do you think? Find a class and give it a whirl right now! You can find out what courses are offered at the O2 Fitness studios in your region and sign up for a free trial to check them out for yourself.

O2 Fitness

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Kids’ Club O2 Fitness

Experts at O2 Fitness understand that juggling a healthy lifestyle with the demands of parenthood may be challenging. Hence, O2 Fitness Kids Club was developed and available at all O2 Fitness locations.

A significant membership add-on is available here, allowing you to use childcare services while you work out. Children from the age of six weeks to twelve years may use this benefit. See the rules and hours for the O2 Fitness Kids Club near you.

Locations of O2 Fitness & Gyms Nearby

All O2 Fitness gyms in North and South Carolina are included in your subscription. We’re constantly expanding our gym locations; however, you can presently find O2 Fitness in the following areas:

Gyms in Raleigh, North Carolina.

You may use your O2 Fitness membership wherever your schedule takes you, thanks to our Raleigh gym network’s extensive coverage in the wider Raleigh region. Several of them are near important thoroughfares, including Creedmoor Road, Falls of Neuse, Highway 55 – Holly Springs, and widespread retail districts like Wake Forest’s The Factory, Brier Creek, Downtown – Seaboard Station, and the Morrisville – Cary Parkway intersection.

The Best Wilmington, NC Workout Centers

Coastal residents may take advantage of our Wilmington fitness network since it covers the city. O2 Fitness Wilmington facilities are located at Mayfaire Town Center, Porters Neck, Racine Drive, and Independence Blvd. in Wilmington, Delaware.

The Best Charleston, SC Workout Centers

Eight O2 Fitness establishments can be found in the greater Charleston region. Among them are the Central Island Square and Ashley Oaks sites on Daniel Island and those in James Island, Moncks Corner, and Ashley Island.

In Chapel Hill, NC, there are several gyms.

Exercise enthusiasts in Chapel Hill are flocking to O2 Fitness to keep fit. We have sites in Carrboro, Chapel Hill-Elliot Road, and Chapel Hill-North Chatham in the Chapel Hill neighborhood.

There are several gyms in Durham.

Durham is home to the newest O2 Fitness facility in the country. Located on University Drive, the new University Hill mixed-use retail center’s flagship tenant is this magnificent new club. At 30,000 square feet, this gym has a functional indoor and outdoor turf, a wide variety of cutting-edge equipment, a studio for fitness courses, and more. ‘

Gyms in Greensboro, NC

With great pleasure, we can open our first gym in Greensboro, NC. For those looking for a high-quality fitness center with a convenient location in the Friendly Center, our new gym in Greensboro has everything you need.

Gym in High Point, NC

We are delighted to launch our first gym in High Point, NC, as we continue to grow our O2 Fitness network. Opened early in the summer of 2021, our new High Point gym will feature the latest equipment and personal training in a convenient location near the Palladium Shopping Plaza.

Hours of O2 Fitness

To assist you in maintaining a healthy work-life balance, the O2 Fitness hours were developed. It is essential to verify with your local O2 Fitness club since our Kids Club hours may vary depending on location.

How do I cancel my O2 membership?

We’re sorry that you’re considering quitting your job. Give us a free call on 202 from your O2 phone if you’d like to discuss your choices and learn about any offers.

If you decide to quit, you may give us 30 days’ notice by dialing 202, free from your O2 phone. Your Device Plans may be forfeited if you cancel before the end of your minimum term and are subject to early termination fees (which are described in more detail below).

The Airtime Plan and the Device Plan are not connected if you cancel after 24 months but before the minimum term expires. In this case, you may either continue with your Device Plan and terminate your Airtime Plan, or you can cancel both your plans – provided that you pay the remaining balance of your Device Plan in full.

The PAC code (Porting Authorisation Code) or STAC code (Service Termination Authorization Code) is required if you wish to maintain your phone number when you transfer to a new mobile network. Text PAC or STAC to 65075 to obtain your code for free. Within 30 seconds, you’ll get your code. Explore the possibility of relocating to a new network.

You must settle any outstanding balances on your account before departing.

Is your phone tethered to the O2 network only? Call us if you need assistance with unlocking your phone.

O2 Fitness

Can you go to any O2 Fitness location?

O2 Fitness Clubs now has 22 sites in North Carolina and South Carolina, with more locations being added constantly. Our members and free trial pass holders are able to attend any and all O2 Fitness gym locations, and they also have access to personal training and group fitness sessions through our online fitness platform GO2 Fitness. That means that you can get terrific exercise whenever and where ever works best for you!

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