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NRC Health

Since its founding in 1981, NRC Health has been headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska. Health data and subscription-based solutions (analytics, program, and insights) are the company’s primary emphasis in the United States and Canada.


1981 The National Research Corporation was founded.
1994 It wasn’t long before the Picker Institute was created and the Qualisys technology was developed.
1998 The corporation purchased Healthcare Research Systems, Inc. to conduct patient satisfaction surveys.
2001 The corporation has purchased Picker Institute’s healthcare survey business to expand its operations.
2003 The corporation has acquired Canada’s Smaller World Communications.
2005 A new era in the company’s Health Risk Assessments services has dawned with the purchase of Geriatric Health Systems LLC.
2006 To create The Governance Institute, the business finalized the purchase of TGI Group LLC.
2009 Long-term care quality and satisfaction surveys provider My InnerView has been acquired by the business.
2010 One of the most prominent home health and hospice clinical and outcomes analytics companies, OCS HomeCare, finalized the firm’s purchase on Monday.
2014 Digital Assent, the first software business to publish star ratings derived from patient experience surveys, was acquired by National Research Corporation as part of the deal.
2016 Renamed NRC Health, National Research Corporation has rebranded itself.
2020 During a cyber-attack on February 11th, NRC Health was forced to shut down its activities.

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NRC Health careers

At NRC Health, we vow to assist our clients in bringing Human Understanding to healthcare for their patients and communities.

It’s a commitment that we make to each other since our employees are at the core of delivering it.

What is NRC Health survey?

Between 35 and 50 million patients are surveyed yearly by NRC Health. Nearly 60,000 people who have received treatment at UC San Diego Health participate in our surveys each year. All elements of patient care, including quality, safety, and experience, may be improved via survey replies.

NRC Health survey questions

Who is surveyed by the NRC Health?

NRC Health sends a survey to patients who get treatment at UC San Diego Health.

How do NRC Health surveys get out to the public?

Surveys for NRC Health are disseminated by email and telephone outreach. That way, every feedback originates from patients treated by our doctors.

Exactly how are my ratings and comments distributed?

To complete the survey, you are free to do so. Anonymous comments are shown on our site, and no patient names or contact information will be displayed.

Do you have all of your comments?

Patients’ feedback, both good and bad, is posted on our website. To remove confidential patient information, foul language, and irrelevant material from the comments, NRC Health carefully reviews the comments.

How are UCSD Provider star ratings determined?

A patient’s rating is based on their answer to the following question: “Would you suggest this provider?” Medical Practice and Telemedicine surveys.

How are UCSD location star ratings determined?

In our Emergency, Urgent Care, and Express Care surveys, we ask patients: “How likely would you be to recommend this facility?” and then assign stars based on their replies.

Why does my service provider lack a star rating?

NRC Health displays star ratings on a provider’s profile after receiving a minimum of 30 surveys in the last year. By doing so, we achieve statistical validity while maintaining a sense of fairness.

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