259 North Memorial Health Clinic Jobs [5 New Air Care jobs]

North Memorial Health Clinic

As a standalone hospital, North Memorial Health Clinic was founded in 1954 by a doctor who wished to change how things were done.

At North Memorial Health Hospital, we have 900 physicians and 5,000 employees committed to providing our clients with a better, more personalized healthcare experience, 27 specialty, and primary care clinics, home care, medical transportation, and two hospitals.

You can have the life you’ve always wanted by giving yourself more control over your experiences. Health is the foundation of our well-being, but can a healthcare system improve health care? Yes, that’s what we say.

Better Customer Service is Our Priority

Our dedication to a new approach to healthcare is shown by our purpose, which is to help our clients live healthier lives. More importantly, we have a unique perspective on you, the client.

We are motivated by the conviction that healthcare can be improved.

You have a voice at North Memorial Health, and we’re here to hear it. We offer the expertise and resources to help you achieve your health objectives. In the face of adversity, we will not allow you to lose your power.

We firmly think that active participation and knowledge may achieve more significant health and a better quality of life.

Customer Empowerment Is Our Priority.

As a single hospital, North Memorial Health was founded in 1954 by a physician who aspired to do things differently—better.

With our network of 25 specialty and primary care clinics, as well as urgent and emergency care, medical transportation services, and two hospitals—North Memorial Health Hospital and Maple Grove hospital—we can provide a more connected experience for our customers, as well as 350+ care providers and 6,000+ staff members. You can have the life you’ve always wanted by giving yourself more control over your experiences.

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North Memorial Health Clinic Air Care jobs

Best Care in the Air

The region’s top trauma facility is at the helm.
North Memorial Health Air Care dispatches a team of highly-trained, highly-performing paramedics to react to medical crises and promptly transfer patients to the nearest medical institution.

With bases in Bemidji, Brainerd; Faribault; Princeton; Redwood Falls; Eveleth; and Siren; Wisconsin; and sections of Iowa and the Dakotas, we can respond to service requests around the clock.

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North Memorial Health Clinic

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact the 24/7 Call Center and Nurse Line?

Please get in touch with us at 763-581-CARE

If you have any questions about scheduling an appointment or have concerns about your health, we’re here to assist.

How can I get in touch with a North Memorial Health Hospital patient?

The primary number for North Memorial Health Hospital is 763-520-5200; please ask for the client by their first and last name when you call. You’ll be given access to the client’s space.

Call our main number at 763-581-1000, and ask for the client by their first and last name. You’ll be able to access the customer’s room from here on out.

How can I make an appointment at a primary care clinic?

For additional information on locating a primary care physician at North Memorial Health, call 763-581-CARE (2273) or schedule an appointment online.


Which North Memorial Health specialists do you recommend that I consult with?

Suppose your insurance enables you to see a specialist without a recommendation from a primary care physician. In that case, you may look for providers to find out how they set up an appointment for you to see a specialist.

Check Out Our Care Programs and Services.

If I have a question about a bill I received, who should I contact?

Please get in touch with 763-581-4480 or 866-358-2644 if you have a billing question.

How can I find out more about working at North Memorial Health?

You may get general information about our company and current employment opportunities by visiting our jobs website.

Find out more about career options.

At North Memorial Health, what volunteer opportunities are available?

North Memorial Health offers volunteer opportunities and volunteer application information on its website’s volunteers page.

Find out more about the many volunteer positions available.

Does your business take my medical insurance?

Many public and private insurance networks are available, and we may bill any insurance company.

North Memorial Health is part of several insurance networks, and we urge everyone to check with their insurance provider to see whether they are covered.

Your insurance card or website usually provides a phone number for customer service.

Medical records: How can I acquire my copy?

Records from North Memorial Health Hospital or Maple Grove Hospital may be obtained by fax at (763) 581-4447 or by mail at the following addresses:

  • Medical Center of the North Memorial
  • Inquiries to Health Information Management:
  • In Robbinsdale, MN, the address is 3300 Oakdale Avenue N.
  • North Memorial Health Clinic records may be released by mail or faxed. Obtain fax and address details by visiting a clinic’s location page.


Where can I go for support with MyChart?

Call your clinic if you need help with MyChart registration or resolving lockouts.


Who should I contact if I have questions regarding patient care?

Please get in touch with a Patient Representative if you have any questions or issues about the treatment you got at one of our sites.

To reach the North Memorial Health Hospital via phone, call (763) 581-0780, which is open from eight until four in the afternoon, Monday through Friday.

  • Maple Grove Hospital: 763-581-1025, available from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • Ambulance and air ambulance services may be reached by calling (763) 581-4654.

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