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What is Nomi Health?

As a direct healthcare firm, Nomi Health goal is to make healthcare genuinely function for people who purchase it for their state governments, organizations, and their constituents.

One thousand and twenty thousand people are working together to cut healthcare costs, provide care solutions for everyone and rewire the health system to operate in real-time.

Nomi provides a solution for our country’s leaders who want to increase access to treatment while decreasing the cost of care, from the front lines of COVID testing and immunization, serving over 10 million Americans and more than 40,000 patients each day. Visit us on Twitter and our website,

World-class direct healthcare required rewiring the system. We weren’t frightened to try.
Too many parties, too many costs, too many invoices, too many choices. Sure, we’ve seen our fair share of failed healthcare companies, but the sector has to be rebuilt.

Nomi Health

The mission of Nomi Health

We peeled back layers of healthcare bureaucracy to understand how and why US healthcare expenditures are sometimes twice or treble those in other nations. We discovered a system that was too complex and costly. The answer is simple: bypass the middleman.

Culture of Nomi Health

We are a direct healthcare startup determined to establish a new system from scratch. People who want to change the way healthcare works in America and are sick of the existing quo are welcome to apply.

Nomi Health Careers and Employment Opportunities

The way we pay for healthcare in the United States today is fundamentally dysfunctional, burdened by layers of needless inefficiencies that drive up prices and cause severe delays in the process. It is broken. When Nomi Health was created in 2019, it had one simple but ambitious goal: to retool how we pay for healthcare to offer a more cost-efficient and simply effective — experience for employers, patients and providers all at once.

Game-changing CEOs lead our global workforce of more than 2000 people from Imagine Health, Optum, HireVue & Goldman Sachs. Direct healthcare approach Nomi Health set to work in the face of the epidemic, organizing to build and deploy COVID-19 solutions to local governments, companies and organizations. We’d love for you to come along on the ride with us.

Nomi Health Raises $110 Million In Series A Funding

At least for one firm, disrupting the healthcare system in the United States is a huge business.

Today, startup Nomi Health revealed it had acquired $110 million in Series A investment, enabling it to directly serve millions of Americans without the need for third-party health insurance.

Mark Newman, founder and CEO of Nomi Health, stated, “Our Series A testifies to the enormity of the task Nomi Health dares to confront inside a $3 trillion industry.” ‘Nomi’s effect demonstrates that the individuals who designed our dysfunctional system cannot change it,’ he writes.’

Every day, more than 30,000 customers are served by the organization, which started in 2019. Vaccinations, treatment, and other preventative checks are among the services local governments, colleges, and corporations contracted out to Nomi.

In addition to prisons, schools, public housing developments, long-term care institutions, farms, and industries, the firm also provides mobile care units.

According to Newman, there will be a significant expansion in terms of both the number of locations and individuals served. Additional clinical and technical professionals will be hired as the company’s direct healthcare buying business is expanded.

Nomi Health

Both Rose Park Advisors, a venture capital company founded by Clayton Christensen, and Arbor Ventures, a worldwide fintech venture capital firm, lead the fundraising round.

A co-founder and managing partner of Arbor Ventures, Melissa Guzy, says that Nomi Health “solves one of the largest problems facing our healthcare system, which is that the large incumbent health companies are riddled with operational and technological inefficiencies and consume 30 to 50% of every healthcare dollar.”

According to Nomi’s financing, more and more digital health firms obtain venture money early in their development cycles.

According to Rock Health data, during the first three quarters of 2021, digital health companies raised $21.3 billion, which is more than the $14.6 billion raised in all of 2020. This year’s average investment was $39.4 million, rising from the $31.5 million average investment in 2020.

More than half of the firms that raised at least $100 million this year did more than the average investment level, including Nomi. Series C capital (usually obtained by older firms) averages typically $114 million, while Nomi’s fundraising is more in line with Series C than Series A, which has averaged $18 million in 2021.

Guzy said Nomi Health stands out as a “really remarkable Series A firm” despite an increase in the size and values of Series A rounds throughout the venture sector. These people are uncommon, which means they have the power to make a positive difference in healthcare as our country’s desire to change it grows.”

Earlier this year, Nomi made headlines for contributing $2 million to RIP Medical Debt, which works to eliminate medical debt for 176,000 Americans.

For its no-bid contract with the state of Tennessee, Nomi has already reacted to the criticism.

When it comes to government procurement, “we have no voice, much alone continuous feuds and broken relationships between health departments and leadership within states,” Newman added.

According to Newman’s assertions, Nomi met all of its obligations in Tennessee. During the epidemic, his support for Nomi’s activities in “care deserts” (rural regions, public housing, and jails) was solid.

At times, “we were frequently the final call of states and counties… when the regular healthcare system just could not meet the burden,” Newman said. As a result of our success and influence, Nomi Health is often the first port of contact for patients.

Nomi Health Fast COVID-19 Testing

Is your pre-trip checklist complete without the Covid-19 test? Nomi Health has you covered. Nomi delivers travelers Antigen and PCR COVID-19 testing every day for walk-ins and appointments. Easy results transmission through text and/or email. For pricing and to arrange an appointment, visit the Nomi Health website or call toll-free (833) 685-0700.

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