How Much Does Next Level Fitness Membership Cost?

Next Level Fitness

About Next Level Fitness

I have a dream for the Nashville fitness industry and have devoted myself to making the city a better place for trainers and their customers.

Next Level Fitness is the culmination of a lot of effort I put into finding the right place to encourage individuals to make healthy changes in their lives.

People used to have to decide between joining a public gym or a more exclusive private fitness studio. They might go to a large gym chain and compete for space and equipment in what is often an intimidating atmosphere that may not be worth the money they spent.

The alternative was a private studio, which often provides better instruction and a friendlier atmosphere, but has fewer features (such as a bathroom) and more restricted space. Even worse is when there are several trainers crammed into a tight space.

Here our objective was to obtain the best of all worlds concerning the facilities. We have the size and equipment of a big gym chain while being a private training studio.

Having the most excellent “things” in the world is useless if you don’t have the will or knowledge to put them to good use. Our trained fitness experts have what it takes to assist you in reaching your fitness goals.

Next Level Fitness owner

Kevin Blankenship – owner – Next Level Fitness

Next Level Fitness membership


$ 78 monthly

*Initiation Fee $175

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*Initiation Fee $200

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Family 2+


*Initiation Fee $275

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*Initiation Fee $100

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Next Level Fitness

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Next Level Fitness FAQs

Why hire a personal trainer?

One should consider working with a fitness trainer for several important reasons. The gym’s weights and equipment might be scary for newcomers.

If you want to get the most out of your exercises and reduce the risk of injury, hiring a professional trainer is a good idea.

Hiring a personal trainer is like enrolling in an advanced course for those with a foundational grasp of how to use weights and do fundamental exercises.

Here’s your chance to get a fresh take on training with new insights and methods. A reliable trainer will not only show you the way but will also inspire you to keep going and hold you responsible for the things you may not accomplish otherwise.

Whether you only want a few sessions to learn new methods to spice up your routine or want someone long-term to launch you into a whole fitness lifestyle, we will help you start the ball rolling!

I had previously tried to hire a personal trainer elsewhere without success. When I work out at Next Level Fitness, how can I be sure that I will see improvements in my health?

Next Level Fitness exclusively hires well-respected, top-tier fitness professionals as trainers. We place a high value on not only education and expertise but also character.

To maintain a high level of motivation, we only choose trainers that exude optimism and vitality.

You will have a fantastic time at Next Level Exercise because we have the most upbeat and knowledgeable personnel and cutting-edge fitness equipment.


At Next Level Fitness, you’ll find a supportive, businesslike atmosphere ideal for expanding your training empire.

Because our facility is private, each trainer operates as a sole proprietor. If that sounds like what you want, I invite any interested trainers to stop by and meet with us to learn more.

I’d want a personal trainer, but I’m unsure whether I can afford one. WOULD THERE BE ANY OTHER CHOICES?

There are numerous. Of course, not everyone can afford to invest in a personal trainer for many weekly sessions.

If clients cannot commit to our services for an extended period, we can always work with them to develop a shorter program that will give them the skills they need to succeed independently.

Some of our customers have been with us for years and only train intermittently. If you’d like to split the cost of your training with a buddy, you may sign up for our double training sessions. Although not everyone benefits from it, this training is worth considering.


Half-hour lessons are available with sure of our trainers. It’s cheaper and could work for you, depending on your fitness level and long-term objectives.

I have to work out in the middle of the day, but I don’t have time to shower and change before returning to the office.

I have no worries! People love us because we have excellent facilities and a great location. You’ll find brand new, spotless, and charming changing rooms in our spa.

The facility allows you to come in, do a good workout, and then return to your regular duties after a quick shower. Your coworkers will only question why you always seem so refreshed and happy when you return from lunch.

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