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About My Gym

My Gym Children’s Exercise Center is a worldwide fitness center for children between 4 months to 10 years. The company was started in 1983 by Yacov and Susi Sherman and presently has over 700 units globally.

My Gym offers exercise programs, birthday parties, summer camps, and community events for children aged three months to nine years old. My Gym activities involve movement, tumbling, and exercise.

In the fall of 2008, My Gym got a Parent’s Choice award for their DVD My Gym at Home, Fun With Monique. My Gym finances the children’s entertainment group The Activators, which collaborated with The President’s Challenge in 2011.

How does my gym work?

We started My Gym because we wanted to provide physical education to youngsters pleasantly and excitingly. From timid first steps to falling soft mats, these remarkable milestones please us much. The best part of our day was getting to share in the parents’ joy as they celebrated their children’s successes. 

Here is how My Gym Works!

My Gym membership

Those who join My Gym as a family receives a discount on birthday parties, camps, and other special events, as well as unlimited access to lessons at any My Gym across the world. One-time membership fees of $75 are required to join the organization.

My Gym

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Tuition for Workout Class

For the following tuition plans, my Gym class enrollments/tuition is recurring every four weeks:

We offer one organized lesson per week and two practice and play sessions (Open Play Times) each week for $189+tax.

A four-week Unlimited Tuition Plan costs $239+tax, including up to two age-appropriate structured courses and two Practice & Plays.

If you sign up your siblings or twins for the program simultaneously, you’ll save 10%. There is no drop-in option for our workshops unless you schedule the Practice & Plays. To guarantee that the necessary number of certified staff are available.

Tuition for Dance Classes

A four-week recurring payment schedule is used for all of the following tuition programs at My Gym Dance:

For $189+tax, you get a one dancing lesson a week and up to two Open Play Times (Practice & Plays) in the gym every week for four weeks.

Two age-appropriate dancing sessions per week and up to two Practice & Plays per week in the gym (Open Play Times) are included in the $239+tax Unlimited Tuition Plan.

If you sign up your siblings or twins for the program simultaneously, you’ll save 10%. There is no drop-in option for our workshops unless you schedule the Practice & Plays. To guarantee that the necessary number of certified staff are available.

Recurring Billing and Enrollment Flexibility

Every four weeks, you’ll be billed for the next four weeks of sessions. Members agree to make one final payment on their next scheduled date after receiving email notification of a Cancellation Request. After the final class, this agreement will be terminated. Make-up credits that you have not utilized can be redeemed before the last planned, structured lesson for your child’s remaining four weeks of classes. We do not issue refunds for unused portions of 4-week cycles.


Consider signing up for a make-up session to avoid falling behind in class. Your child can enroll in any age-appropriate make-up class that still has room. You can plan a make-up class by calling 718-788-2200, emailing, or scheduling online using the web portal. Make-up lessons must be scheduled at least 24 hours ahead of time. A make-up class cannot be scheduled at a certain time because the class has already reached capacity. Unless you notify us in advance or cancel online, you forfeit your make-up credit if you fail to attend your planned class. There are no make-up credits for missed classes if you have our Unlimited subscription. Let someone else book your unlimited credit class, so you get the credit back and schedule a new class. Please cancel if you can’t make it.

Play and practice

With our Popular or Unlimited class plans, students have the option of scheduling two Practice & Plays at a time. Open Play Times During this time, parents can watch their children play on the gym’s equipment and in the surrounding area. A staff member will be on the floor, encouraging children to practice and participate in other activities and test out some of the skills they’ve been working on in class. Please cancel your reservation if you will not attend your scheduled practice and play.


We recognize that younger or older siblings may need to come to My Gym during class if they have to time off from school. Attending My Gym with just the kid who’s enrolled in it isn’t always possible, and we entirely understand that. Unfortunately, we are unable to enable siblings to play in the play area during class, but we will work with you to develop a workaround. Infants can be carried or held in a Bjorn-style holder. With coloring pages, electrical devices, etc., preschoolers can sit at the bar and be under your continual watch. To guarantee that all of our classes are private, safe, and pleasant for everyone, we appreciate our members’ understanding of this topic.

Our team can answer any questions you have regarding My Gym right away.

 Brooklyn, NY11201 • My Gym Cobble Hill • 209 Smith StreetBetween Smith and Baltic Streets

Call: (718) 788-2200)

How can I cancel Mygym?

My Gym must be contacted at least one day before your next payment date if you want to cancel a session. You may cancel by completing a Cancellation Request Form with one of the teachers or by sending an email to

How long is a Mygym class?

During the first four weeks of class, we charge $90. There is one class a week with this. As a bonus, when you sign up for a class, you can come to as many Practice & Play sessions as you want each week for free.

Can I freeze my gym membership?

You may keep your spot at The Gym by canceling your membership and avoiding the joining charge.

How do I freeze my gym?

The parent on file can only make online cancellations and freezes. “MY ACCOUNT,” log in, then proceed as follows: FREEZE POLICY For a maximum of eight weeks, you can put a hold on your payments. Your kid will be automatically re-enrolled at the end of the 8-week session.

My Gym app

Tatem Games Inc. developed My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager for the iPhone and Android platforms. Today, the creators have undergone several modifications – Tatem Games Inc., with the most recent version being 4.6.3011, which was published officially on 2021-06-08. As evidence of the app’s popularity or lack thereof, it now has 2235 reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.

Download the app

How does the app works?

Without breaking a sweat, become a world-famous fitpreneur! Welcome to a highly addictive fitness lifestyle simulation game in which you control your own fitness business as a personal trainer, manager, and designer.

Begin by building a boutique fitness studio and growing your business by training regular clients and professional athletes, opening a juice bar, remodeling your gym with fresh décor, and updating your gym to reflect your vision of FIT!

Immerse yourself in the realm of fitness by assisting clients on their way to health, and you could become the industry’s next fitness tycoon.

This fitness simulator game has the following exciting features:

Construct an empire

  • Become the town’s most powerful fitness influencer in this completely realistic gaming experience enhanced by magnificent graphics
  • Increase your level to gain access to additional features and upgrades for your gym
  • Blast your way through hundreds of obstacles, objectives, and accomplishments


  • Gain access to over 100 exercises
  • Provide training for professional bikers, tennis players, and martial artists, among others.
  • Utilize Sports Agency to trade your greatest athletes and secure the highest contracts for your teams


  • Take control of your gym’s aesthetics with adjustable flooring, wallpaper, and décor.
  • Select from a variety of authentic exercise equipment
  • Inspire yourself by visiting friends’ studios


  • Establish an organic juice bar café to provide as a fuel source for gym goers
  • Create delectable and nutritious beverages to serve thirsty customers
  • Grow and harvest the fresh crops of your favorite fruits and vegetables.

Participate in activities with friends

  • – Integrate your account with your Facebook and Game Center accounts to play with your friends and see how they’ve constructed their gyms!

My gym is 100% free to play, although some in-game products are optional.

My Gym

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