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Mercer Health

Since 1950, Mercer Health has provided medical treatment to residents of Mercer County and the neighboring areas.

At Mercer Health, we strive to deliver high-quality, easily-accessible therapy in a compassionate setting, staying true to the ideals of our founding stakeholders.

We do not place high importance on accolades or acclaim. Said, supporting our community is our most incredible privilege.

Our mission is to steer our community’s health positively, and our values of artistry, ownership, partnership, leadership, stewardship, and mentorship support that mission.

We aspire to be the provider of choice for our patients, the employer of choice for our employees, and the system of choice for our medical staff.

Goals and Mission


To improve the health of our community.


  • To be our patients’ preferred provider.
  • To be the preferred employer for our staff.
  • To be the preferred method among our medical team.


Eight carefully chosen medical facilities and offices are strategically positioned in Celina, Coldwater, St. Henry, and Ft. Recovery. The Mercer County Community Hospital in Coldwater serves as the network’s hub.

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  • Find Locations

Affiliations and Accreditations

The Ohio Department of Health, Medicare, and Medicaid have all granted Mercer Health accreditation.

A survey is finished as a Joint Commission-accredited hospital every three years, and the laboratory is inspected at least every two years.

The Joint Commission certifies and accredits more than 19,000 healthcare organizations and initiatives in the United States.

It is widely regarded as a mark of excellence that signifies a company’s dedication to upholding particular performance criteria.

The West Central Ohio Regional Healthcare Alliance (WCORHA), the Ohio State Health Network, the American Hospital Association, and the Ohio Hospital Association are all members of Mercer Health.


In addition to providing healthcare for residents of Mercer County and nearby residents, Mercer Health also employs over 600 locals.

Additionally, the community is offered a vast selection of educational and outreach programs.

  • Find Community Outreach and Educational Programs
  • Find Community Calendar
  • Find Career Opportunities


The “Our Lady of Mercy” hospital was founded in 1950 and immediately rose to prominence as a provider of high-quality healthcare to its neighborhood. Learn more about our history by visiting this page.

Mercer Health

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Mercer health & benefits

Innovating change

Globally, Mercer is a market leader in the health and benefits sector. We provide cutting-edge solutions to meet our customers and their workers’ demands in the areas of health and wellbeing.

We can supply a wide range of health and benefits solutions to your company, regardless of size or whether it is a small business, a domestic employer, or a huge global corporation.

We provide our customers access to local market authorities and national and international resources that offer guidance on legal compliance and cutting-edge benefit plans.

We are the perfect partner because of the breadth of our experience and the systematic consulting methodology we use.

We’ll begin by comprehending your company goals wherever your personnel is hard at work. We will develop a thorough plan together to bring about tremendous advantages.

To maximize rewards, use strategy first.

At Mercer, we reject the idea of a universally applicable answer.

We work with you to analyze the market dynamics, pinpoint your objectives and pain spots, and then create a custom plan to suit your company’s requirements.

Our strategy employs Mercer-exclusive techniques to give practical answers.

Mercer Marsh Compensation

Mercer Marsh Benefits (MMB) offers a consultative broking strategy to enterprises in more than 135 nations outside the United States. With MMB’s plan, you get:

  • Benefits programs with measurable return on investment (ROI) via data-driven analysis and bargaining.
  • More intelligent benefit design results from a greater comprehension of your employee profile and the advantages workers appreciate.
  • A strategic framework and a benefits management strategy that fosters long-term sustainability.

Best practices and improved services

From little local enterprises to massive global corporations, we deal with customers of all sizes.

No matter where you are in the globe, we can find best practices and scale them to fit your requirements, thanks to our considerable expertise.

Mercer Health Career

Mercer Health is interested in hearing from qualified, highly driven people who share the organization’s mission to improve the health of our community.

You will be rewarded daily for choosing to join the Mercer Health team by making life better for patients and their families.

You’ll be a vital member of our team to assist us in serving our community and giving the most excellent possible patient experience.

The job we do and the people who do it make us proud. We want to discuss how you can become a team member.

Professional Opportunities and Benefits

Managing your health and taking care of your family is important to us, which is why we provide a wide range of benefits to meet your needs.

To qualify for these benefits, one must be employed and meet additional qualifying requirements:

  • The benefits package includes paying for a vacation, sick leave, and personal days.
  • Affordability of Healthcare
  • Pension Plan for State of Ohio Employees (Hospital positions)
  • Social Security (Physician Practices positions)
  • Enrollment in the federal Medicare program is required.
  • Dental Insurance for the Uninsured Voluntary
  • Voluntary eye care coverage
  • Voluntary life insurance is a kind of group life insurance.
  • Voluntary short-term disability insurance
  • Flexibility in spending on health care
  • Financial aid for college students
  • Promotion of Health and Well-Being
  • Cafeteria for employees
  • Assistance Program for Employees
  • Opportunities for Continuing Education
  • Payroll Deposits through Direct Deposit
  • Amount Withheld From Your Wage
  • Prescription services in-house at the pharmacy
  • As part of a voluntary deferred compensation plan:
  • ATM
  • Bereavement Leave and Jury Duty
  • Ticket sales at a reduced rate.
  • Workplace Immunization Program (HIP) – Flu Vaccines

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Mercer Health

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Benefits Salary

At an average of $87,279 per year, Mercer Benefits Consultants are paid 56 percent more than the national average. More

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