Is marathon health a good company to work for?

Marathon Health

Marathon Health operates in both Indianapolis, Indiana, and Winooski, Vermont. What we mean when we claim we are a healthcare provider unlike any other is that we provide superior care.

Teaching individuals how to improve their health is a major differentiating factor for our company.

Our foundation is the belief that healthcare costs may be reduced by empowering individuals to take charge of their health and medical treatment.

We think the most excellent method to maintain health is to assist individuals in avoiding illness altogether by reducing their exposure to potential dangers and helping them keep chronic disorders under control.

To achieve this goal, we integrate an array of onsite health services into a comprehensive program designed specifically for your organization’s culture, environment, and workforce.

Why Choose Marathon Health

Shining a brighter light on the path toward universal healthcare that works

As a result of its efforts to provide patients with the treatment they need, Marathon Health is well on its way to becoming the industry’s most trusted health provider.

We assist businesses in improving their healthcare offerings for their staff. Readily available and accessible medical services power it.

In addition, it provides a new kind of care centered on the patient’s well-being before, during, and after the appointment. That leads to more significant health outcomes at reduced expenses.

What sets Our Health apart.

In 2020, Our Health and Marathon Health joined to provide the industry’s most all-encompassing offering.

To provide high-quality primary care close to where people live, work, and shop, Our Health has established the MyClinic Network.

The primary reasons for our continued success are the increased participation of our workers and their dependents and the fact that we have more than 1,500 lab services within a 10-minute drive.

Who is the CEO of Marathon Health?

Jeff Wells, MD

The selection of these four Directors by Marathon is exciting for the company and the state of employer health in general.

We have the roadmap to assist employers in repairing our healthcare system,” says Jeff Wells, MD, CEO and co-founder of Marathon Health.

Marathon Health

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Marathon Health headquarters

Headquarters Indianapolis, IN

Who bought Marathon Health?

Better serve patients, their families, and their employers via this merger’s bolstered primary care platform and accelerated development of improved population health capabilities.

Today, Marathon Health and OurHealth, two of the nation’s top providers of onsite and nearside health facilities for employers, announced a strategic merger between the two firms to serve better the primary care needs of working people and their families throughout the country.

OurHealth’s MyClinics is a network of clinics now accessible in numerous markets. Marathon Health’s onsite and nearside health center techniques will be integrated to serve employers of all sizes better.

Leading global growth equity firm and current investor in Marathon Health, General Atlantic, will own the majority of shares in the merged company.

Current top leadership from both Marathon Health and OurHealth will steer the new firm, with Jerry Ford, CEO of Marathon Health, taking the helm as CEO of the merged company.

Co-founder and current CEO Jeff Wells, MD, will take on the job of President of OurHealth, while Ben Evans will become the company’s Founder and Chief Strategy Officer.

In addition to Mr. Ford, the merged firm will include Mr. Evans and Dr. Wells as Board of Directors members due to their substantial individual stakes in the business.

According to Mr. Ford, “The merger of Marathon Health with OurHealth represents a watershed event in the histories of both organizations.” The strategic combination between Marathon and OurHeath will allow us to deliver better care to more people throughout the country, improving results for patients and employers.

I’m excited to start working with Ben and Jeff to develop our combined expertise further and revolutionize employer-sponsored, value-based healthcare.

The merged firm wants to use its larger size to spend more heavily on expanding its technology-enabled clinical and population health capabilities, to improve treatment and the patient experience while reducing costs for both patients and their insurers.

Mr. Evans said, “Marathon Health and OurHealth are a perfect match together.” The goal of this merger is to increase the availability of high-quality primary care for current customers and to speed up the growth of MyClinic into new regions by using the best practices from both companies.

We’re eager to seize the chance that lies in front of us.

General Atlantic’s Robbert Vorhoff, MD, Global Head of Healthcare, said, “We continue to believe that the onsite and nearside primary care strategy deployed by Marathon and OurHealth is a necessary element to achieving the ‘Triple Aim’ of healthcare for the employer population—a superior patient experience, higher-quality outcomes, and lower costs.

We’re excited to work with the merged company and its strong leadership team, who are committed to going above and beyond for their customers and patients.

Seed investment from General Atlantic was made in Marathon Health in October 2019. No further details of the deal were shared.

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  • Check out the clinic’s address and operating hours.
  • Be sure to ask for refills as necessary.
  • Here you can get to your health information and paperwork quickly.
  • Find out more about the services offered and more!

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Marathon Health

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Marathon Health careers

Take the Lead in Making a Difference

Our mission is to revolutionize the healthcare system. To help our patients. As a sacrifice for their loved ones. For the sake of the greater good and the team as a whole. Join the Ambassador Program now!


Become a torchbearer for better health

If the thought of encouraging others to better their health gets your blood pumping, you’ll fit right in! All of us at Marathon Health are pioneers in the movement toward improved healthcare for all of our constituents, from members and employers to doctors and nurses. We take pride in our work and know that it makes a difference.

We could go on, but we’d rather have our ambassadors speak for themselves.

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