What Are The Top 5 Lucent Health Member Benefits And Reviews?

Lucent Health

Lucent Health combines industry-leading claims management with a caring, human-centered, data-driven care management system.

In this way, self-insured companies may provide their employees with the kind of care management that enables them to make more cost-effective healthcare choices.

Continuous data analytics allows new insights into patient care and ensures they get the correct treatment at the right time for a better price than traditional methods.

See how we created a firm that would be an improved health benefits partner for self-insured companies in the following sections.

Lucent Health Story

Before founding Lucent Health, Brett Rodewald was a CEO frustrated by his inability to influence how his workers were treated regarding their health insurance.

He devised a better solution to avoid another year of rising expenditures and subpar service.

Bret, an entrepreneur and a leader who puts his employees’ health first, developed Lucent Health to provide healthcare providers nationwide with a better solution.

Lucent Health Mission

Our goal at Lucent Health is to assist members in navigating their healthcare decisions’ clinical and financial ramifications.

As a result, we do all we can to alleviate our members’ concerns about healthcare billing by making the process as simple as possible.

Everyone engaged in a patient’s care benefits from greater coordination, saving time and money.

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Lucent Health

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Lucent Health Member Benefit

While preparing for a forthcoming operation or treatment, you can count on us to be there when you need us.

Help is never far away if you need it, whether it’s a phone call or a click on a link. Lucent Health is your healthcare ally, guiding you and your family through the healthcare maze.

Resources for Members

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Members of the Lucent Health plan may access their benefits using this link.


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Testimony from a Lucent Health Member

Thanks for helping me comprehend my co-pay and deductibles—I was scared that my kid might have to forgo a diagnostic test because of the expense.

As a result of your efforts, I significantly minimized my out-of-pocket costs by contacting the institution and discovering a charity program.”

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