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Lord Gym

About Lord Gym

The Lord’s Gym Facility Local organization Father’s House Restoration Ministries includes Oroville. As a result, the membership fees you pay support a wide range of charitable initiatives that benefit those in need both here in Oroville and all over the globe.

Everyone who works at the gym is a volunteer who does it to assist others.

Aiding Children

  • A free obstacle event for 2,000+ local children to compete in each spring.
  • Buying Christmas gifts for needy children in the area.
  • Providing emergency foster care children with necessities and calming toys.
  • Giving educational opportunities in a developing nation prevents youngsters from becoming scavengers.

Assisting Young People

  • Providing a secure and supportive atmosphere for local, at-risk adolescents with our $5 youth memberships.
  • Outreach, education, and the delivery of food and needs to the underprivileged adolescents of the Philippines.

Join Us and Make a Difference!

When you join Lord’s Gym, you’re not only supporting a worthwhile cause, but you’re also making a difference in the lives of others.

We want to thank you for your support and for joining us in making a positive impact in our neighborhood.

You can do so right now if you’d like to contribute to our charitable efforts!

Taking Care of the Helpless and Vulnerable

  • We provide a weekly distribution of foodstuffs for families in need via a local food bank.
  • Providing emotional and practical assistance to women with unplanned pregnancies.
  • Providing food and shelter to older adults in a third-world nation who otherwise would not be able to afford it independently.

Changing Lives

  • Rehabilitating addicts, providing them with the tools to get a job and contribute to society.
  • Assisting those pursuing ministry training.

Lord Gym

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We believe in something.

What we Stand for

People of faith are not the only ones who can benefit from the Lord Gym. The Lord’s Gym volunteers, on the other hand, are motivated by their religion!

You may discover a church home at the Father’s House Church in Oroville if you want to get back in touch with God. If you’re interested in attending, please let us know.

Why Volunteer?


Before I discovered Jesus, I found my value in relationships, social position, partying, and material goods. I expected to find meaning and validation in these things and the company of other people, but none of it did.

Attending services at a local church gave me a new perspective on God and filled the void I’d been feeling within with pleasure, serenity, and meaning.

As soon as I found out that Jesus was genuine, I rushed to The Father’s House and their School of Transformation.

As a result of the church’s guidance and acceptance, I had a significant transformation. If it weren’t for the leaders at The Father’s House who generously guided me in finding who Jesus is and, in turn, who that made me, I would have no idea ‘how to be a Christian.’

Since then, I’ve been able to live a life that inspires women who have suffered from anxieties and unhealthy relationships.

Now that I’ve found Jesus, I’m certain that I can face anything and never be alone or need anything other than Him and the church family He’s given me.


Before I came to know Jesus, I attempted to fill my life with drugs, alcohol, video games, and pornography to no avail.

I wished I could die. I was very disoriented, frightened, and disoriented. I lacked direction in my life and was unsure of my own identity.

When I heard a preacher on the internet declare that Jesus’ blood can wash me of my sins and set me free if I repent, I decided to believe him.

So I went ahead and did it. I woke up a completely changed person; I had quit drinking, smoking, and looking at pornography and had chosen to follow Jesus. My whole outlook on life had shifted.

The Father’s House is where I found a home, and I can now claim that I no longer feel lost or purposeless because of my time there in 2016.

As a result, I am no longer terrified; I know where my life is headed. I’ve found a new set of relatives, friends for life, and a sense of belonging.

Today, I know who I am in Jesus, I am joyful, and I have a life worth living because I get to help others do the same.

Lord Gym Team

Manager, Sean Rivera

Sean is a stickler for detail. A lot of time and effort goes into making the gym as good as possible. He firmly thinks that members are entitled to a high-quality gym where they may work toward their fitness objectives. He and his wife, Aimee, are the proud parents of four children.

“Equipment, cleanliness, gym environment, and customer service are all things our members expect and deserve. Our first goal is to serve our members.”


All of the gym’s staff members are unpaid volunteers who commit their time to help the gym raise as much money as possible for charitable causes.

Devine Derek

Ex-NFL and Division 1 athlete Derek Devine has a strong interest in weight training. This is why he started the Lord Gym, an inexpensive gym where individuals can achieve their fitness objectives while also contributing to their community.

Lord Gym prices

2-year-CONTRACT $22-MONTH 24/7
1-year-CONTRACT $28-MONTH 24/7
6AM – 9PM
1-MONTH $55*-MONTH 24/7

Note: *Credit Card Required.

Classes as a Group

Try before you buy—each class has a free trial period!

Members of the gym may purchase monthly class packages.

For $10 a month, you get 8 sessions.

$15 for one month of unlimited sessions

A single class pass costs $8 and is available to everyone (no membership required)

Class Info


  • Only those between the ages of 13 and 17 are allowed to participate.
  • $5 a month
  • There isn’t an agreement
  • Only during staff hours
  • open to all young people
  • There must be proof of age and a completed parental consent form to participate in this event.
  • There are no surprises or hidden fees.
Military Discount

  • Open to active-duty military personnel as well as veterans.
  • The applicant must provide proof of military/veteran status.
  • Contract for two years: $20 per month.
  • $22/month for a one-year contract
  • Basic for one month: $35
  • One month with extended access: $45/month. 
  • A credit card is necessary to use the service for a full month.

Lord Gym classes

Try before you buy⁠—your first session is FREE!
Gym members can purchase monthly class packages!

The monthly fee for 8 sessions is $10.

Unlimited sessions/month: $15

$8 for a single class.

(No gym membership required)

Lord Gym

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Get fit, make friends, learn to dance, and have a blast!
​\sZumba is a fitness program that combines Latin and international music with dance moves. The routines incorporate interval training to help improve cardiovascular fitness.

Class times: Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 8:30 AM

A complete body workout

A class that mixes cardio, strength, and toning is what you’re looking for.

Weights, body weight, bands, ropes, and other types of resistance boost the intensity of this moderate to the high-intensity training program.
​​Class times: Tuesday 8:30 AM & 6 PM Thursday 8:30 AM

A Powerful Country

Bodyweight, muscular conditioning, cardio, and plyometric training are all included in Strong Nation, along with specially composed unique music perfectly timed to each motion.

When the music is pumping, you’ll be able to push through the toughest of workouts and become a better person.

Class times: Monday 6 PM & Thursday 6 PM

Yoga that flows.

Flow yoga is a dynamic series of postures that connects breath to movement. Focused attention is the key to gaining stamina, flexibility, and strength in this kind of yoga.

A variety of postures are studied in each session, and the sequence is generally based on sun salutations. To accommodate students of all levels and abilities, there is teaching and various options available.

If you like to bring your own mat and any other props you desire, you should do so.
Class times: Tuesday 7:30 PM & Wednesday 10 AM

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