How To Request Lifebridge Health Medical Records? [ 3 Steps To Follow]

Lifebridge Health

LifeBridge Health is a not-for-profit healthcare organization that has been serving the Baltimore, Maryland, area since its founding in 1998.

Sinai Hospital, Grace Medical Facility, Northwest Hospital, Carroll Hospital, Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center and Hospital, a fitness center (LifeBridge Health & Fitness), and other medical office complexes and subsidiaries are all part of this network.

More than 7,000 employees work at LifeBridge Health. Almost 40,000 people are admitted to its acute care hospitals annually, and another 145,000 people show up at the emergency rooms needing immediate attention.

The firm and Carroll Hospital Center in Westminster, Maryland, announced their plan to form a partnership on November 6, 2014. The deal closed on April 1, 2015.


On October 1, 1998, Sinai Health System (which included Sinai Hospital of Baltimore and Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center and Hospital) and Northwest Hospital Center merged to become what is now known as LifeBridge Health.

In 2015, Lifebridge took ownership of Carroll Hospital in Westminster, which they did on April 1.
Inpatient Facilities of LifeBridge Health

Northwest Hospital

Randallstown, Maryland, is home to Northwest Hospital, a 254-bed, full-service medical facility.

The hospital, formerly called Baltimore County General Hospital, was built in 1963 with a Friesen-inspired layout that included nursing alcoves outside each patient room.

A total of over 15,000 patients each year are seen by over 700 doctors. The hospital provides ambulatory surgical care, cardiology, orthopedics, psychiatry, women’s health, and other specialties.

In his role as president of Northwest Hospital, Brian White has much responsibility.

Baltimore’s Sinai Hospital

The Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, has 504 beds. Initially established in 1866 as an asylum for the city’s poor, it is now a Jewish-sponsored ANCC Magnet and teaching hospital serving Baltimore City, Baltimore County, and the surrounding areas.

About 26,000 people in need of medical care are attended to by more than 1,000 doctors each year. Cardiology, emergency medicine, oncology, orthopedics, pediatrics, and more specialties may all be found at this facility.

The CEO of Sinai Hospital is Dr. Jonathan Ringo.

Carroll Hospital of Westminster

When voting on an affiliation agreement with LifeBridge Health on March 27, 2015, members of Carroll County Health Services Corporation, the parent company of Carroll Hospital, voted in favor of providing additional services and expanded care to residents of Carroll County and the greater Baltimore area.

To better serve its patients, LifeBridge Health acquired Carroll Hospital on April 1, 2015.

LifeBridge Health will donate $50 million to the endowment fund of the Carroll Hospital Foundation, which will be used to support the work of Carroll Hospital and its philanthropic partners.

A patient care, scholarship and education opportunities, and other public good causes get funding from endowment earnings.

What does LifeBridge Health do?

The corporate, government, and community clients of LifeBridge Corporate Health benefit from the organization’s health and wellness initiatives.

Wellness is a way of life for LifeBridge Corporate Health, Maryland’s first full-service hospital-based supplier of corporate fitness management and wellness services.

 LifeBridge Health Login

Welcoming You to My LifeBridge Health

My LifeBridge Health Patient Portal gives you access to all of your medical records through a computer, tablet, or smartphone whenever you need them. Everything you need is safe, secure, and convenient in one location.

My LifeBridge Health is a patient portal where you may do the following:

  • Check your vitals often.
  • You can: Make a direct request for an appointment with a participating doctor or clinic online.
  • Please fill in my refill medication.
  • Results from tests and scans should be available within 36 hours (pathology results are also available)
  • Send your doctor encrypted communications.
  • Take the time to pre-register for your appointment by completing some paperwork online.
  • You Should Review Your Medical Records
  • Instructions for Discharge: Download Here
  • Look at what you’re taking, what allergies you have, what shots you’ve had, and what surgeries you’ve had recently.
  • Integrate your activity and diet trackers with your medical history
  • The Apple Health app is where you can see and manage your health records on your iOS device.

Through our online LifeBridge Patient Portal, we have made it simple for patients to check the results of their tests as soon as they become available (six days after the test was completed).

If you have signed up to use the Patient Portal, you will be notified via email when your lab results are ready. To access your scores, please sign into the Portal.

Patients of LifeBridge Health who have not yet enrolled may do so by following the steps outlined in this link.

Have An Account log in here

Request An Account

Self Enrollment

LifeBridge Health jobs

See Open Position

Lifebridge Health

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Other Facilities

The Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Hospital

Established in 1890 as the Hebrew Friendly Inn, the current Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center and Hospital can be situated on Belvedere Avenue and across from Sinai Hospital.

More than 1,300 patients are admitted annually to Levindale’s 120-bed Specialty Hospital. Long-term, subacute, and other services are provided at the 210-bed Nursing Home, which serves 450 patients annually.

Besides residential treatment, Levindale offers outpatient mental health treatments and adult day programs.

The LifeBridge Health & Fitness Center

The Pikesville, Maryland LifeBridge Wellness & Exercise location is devoted to fitness and health.

Community Physicians

Primary and secondary care doctors from LifeBridge Health practice at clinics spread around the state of Maryland.

Baltimore Child Abuse Center

On January 1, 2018, LifeBridge Health acquired 100% of the Baltimore Child Abuse Center shares.

LifeBridge Health medical records

Electronic Request for Medical Records

If you or someone you know needs access to medical records from LifeBridge Health, you may now do so online using our patient record request tool.

  • Individuals need access to their medical information
  • Requests for medical records from parents of underage children
  • Individuals providing care to a patient on their behalf (i.e., Power of Attorney)

The online service requires a driver’s license picture, which you may upload from a computer or mobile device. In other words, this service won’t cost you anything more.

Chrome, Safari, and Firefox are the most popular browsers to use with this program.

Medical records not sought by a healthcare professional to provide immediate patient treatment may be subject to a fee under state and federal law.


LifeBridge Health FAQ

Where can I get information about job openings at LifeBridge Health?

Check out for up-to-date listings of open positions at LifeBridge Health. Examine the available jobs by clicking the Search Jobs button. It’s located in the upper right corner of the website.

Please refer to the Application Process page if you have any queries about the process of applying for a position, the use of our online tools, or the status of an application you have already filed.

How can I get a copy of my medical history?

You may use our online request form to get a copy of your medical records.

Please get in touch with me if you have any queries or want more help.

Sinai Hospital, Health Information Management

2401 W. Belvedere Ave.

Baltimore, MD 21215


Northwest Hospital, Health Information Management

5401 Old Court Road

Randallstown, MD 21133

410-521-2200 x55610

Levindale, Health Information Management

2434 W. Belvedere Ave.

Baltimore, MD 21215


Grace Medical Center, Health Information Management

2000 W Baltimore St.

Baltimore, MD 21223


Carroll Hospital, Health Information Management

200 Memorial Ave.

Westminster, MD 21157


Which insurance plans are accepted by LifeBridge Health?

Many different insurance policies are accepted at each LifeBridge Health center. Please visit this page for details on the many insurance plans we take and other possible payment methods.

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