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Lawndale Christian Health Center

Lawndale Community Church established the charity Lawndale Christian Health Center (LCHC) in 1984.

Lawndale and the surrounding West Side neighborhoods of Chicago are important to us, and we work hard to make a difference.

Health inequalities may be reduced in the community by creating excellent primary care services available to everyone, regardless of their capacity to pay.

The phrases “Relocation, Reconciliation, Redistribution” encapsulate the Christian Community Development ideology, and these are the ideals we strive to uphold.

Our goal is to demonstrate and share the love of Jesus by promoting health and delivering excellent, affordable health care to Lawndale and the surrounding areas.

Wellness goes beyond the exam room, and we work hard to make healthy alternatives accessible to our employees, neighbors, and ourselves.

Lawndale Christian health center: Mission and Values

Lawndale Christian Health Center aims to promote health and provide excellent, affordable healthcare to the residents of Lawndale and the surrounding towns as a way to demonstrate and share Jesus’ love.

The “3 R’s” of Christian Community Development, which stand for relocation, reconciliation, and redistribution, serve as an extension of our company beliefs.

  • To better comprehend a community’s problems, relocation focuses on ‘living amongst them.
  • A restored connection with God and one’s fellow human beings is at the core of the Christian Gospel.
  • Redistribution occurs when resources are equitably and justly allocated to those in a community that has been oppressed.

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Lawndale Christian health center  Focus


Lawndale Christian Health Center is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of our patients and the health of the communities in which we live and work.

Regardless of a patient’s insurance situation, we provide high-quality treatments that are both accessible and inexpensive for them.


We don’t simply focus on medical treatment when it comes to staying healthy; we take a holistic approach.

For this reason, we’re committed to providing more services in behavioral health, treatment for opioid use disorder, and activities for seniors throughout the week.

We also have a fitness facility, café, event spaces, and an urban garden, so we can engage the whole community in our goal, regardless of whether they come to us for medical treatment.


Our principles and purpose are formed by the love of Jesus Christ, the cornerstone of all we do. Our motto, “Loving God, loving others,” captures the essence of who we are.

What Lawndale Christian health center Do

To provide our patients with the best possible treatment, Lawndale Christian Health Center follows the PCMH model. The following are the five distinguishing characteristics of this design:

  • Complete Medical Attention: Treatment teams work collaboratively to cover most of each patient’s requirements, including mental health assistance, illness prevention, and acute care.
  • Person-Centered: Because of this, our patients are seen as the heart of their care team. We want each patient to be able to control and coordinate their treatment to the extent that they feel comfortable. Patients and healthcare professionals may establish long-term, mutually beneficial relationships when they work together as equal partners in care delivery.
  • Care Coordination: This clinic helps patients who may need treatments beyond those offered by the clinic, such as hospitalization, access to resources like counseling and other social assistance, or even specialized medical attention.
  • Services for the Disabled: Every hour of every day, patients may reach a doctor via phone or other means of direct connection. They also have access to emergency treatment and extended clinic hours.
  • Consistency and Reliability: Health care providers are required by law to use evidence-based medicine, use population health management practices, use performance measurements, react to patient input and gather a vast amount of quality and safety data.

History of Lawndale Christian health center

Formed by a group of mostly high school students in the North Lawndale neighborhood, the Lawndale Christian Health Center developed out of the Lawndale Community Church, which is still flourishing and helping the community.

They started to convene meetings to examine how they might better serve their area.

They wanted to do something about the scarcity of reasonably priced, high-quality healthcare in North Lawndale and the western suburbs of Chicago.

Buying a facility on Ogden Avenue to house the church’s offices, a small clinic, and a full-size basketball court for the neighborhood was a long-time dream come true for the congregation.

They underestimated the amount of effort involved in renovating the decrepit structure. Despite the difficulties, the kids were highly committed to completing the basketball court despite the time and money constraints.

To fix the roof, volunteers sacrificed their time to spend hours sifting through the debris with picks and shovels.

People from outside the area began to take notice of the initiative very quickly. While traveling through North Lawndale one day, a representative from the Chicago Community Trust was struck by the sight of so many young people working hard to invest in their community.

A grassroots community effort has never made anything like this happen in all our years.” We jumped at the opportunity to contribute when we learned that thirty high school students had given their spring holidays.

Ada Mary Community Trust in Chicago

The Health Center received a $150,000 grant from the Chicago Community Trust to finish the building repairs.

If you go into the Main Clinic at LCHC today, you can see the recently completed basketball court through the clinic’s windows.

The shining oak flooring and finished bathrooms, donated by the Chicago Bears, were later additions. You’ll see a giant banner flying above the court in honor of their gift and the way God used so many people to accomplish what appeared impossible. It reads, “The Lawndale Miracle. Ephesians 3:20” in the Bear’s colors.

This poem has come to symbolize both the clinic’s humble beginnings and its meteoric rise since then.

He can accomplish everything we ask or envision because of the power he has placed within us, so let us put our faith in him.

Seeing it serves as a constant reminder that this would not have been possible without God’s providence.

On September 22, 1984, when extensive repairs were complete, the Health Center was formally inaugurated with a health fair for the local population. Free health tests were offered, and anyone who wanted to sign up may do so.

The health fair marked the start of the Health Center’s operations.

There were just four exam rooms, one doctor, and five employees at the beginning. Over three decades, we’ve grown from a handful of doctors to a staff of more than 100.

Founded on a journey of faith and miraculous provision, Lawndale Christian Health Center is based on the foundation of hope.

To those who made the initial steps, we express our gratitude today. We hope to witness many more miracles on Chicago’s West Side in future years.

Lawndale Christian Health Center Portal

Patient Portal

To access your MyLawndale Health web portal, click the button. Our front desk employees must set up a connected portal account for first-time visitors.

Please use the following email address for technical support: atientPortalSupport@lawndale.org.

Log in to the Patient Portal

Lawndale Christian Health Center Medical Records

How to Request Medical Records

Any Lawndale Christian Health Center patient may request a copy of their medical records to be used for their records or to be sent to a different doctor.

The distribution of your data, whether to you or someone else, needs sufficient permission to comply with our Notice of Privacy Practices, and there may be a charge to pay the expenses of creating the copies.

Patient (not spouse) or power of attorney (legal document must be provided), parent (if the patient is less than 18), guardian (legal guardianship document must be provided), or representative of the estate for deceased patients may only provide authorization for releasing records (copy of the death certificate and a copy of the representative of estate documents must be provided).

You’ll need to submit your request to get a copy of the form; please click on one of the links below. Depending on the state, you may mail, fax, or bring it to us for processing.

Please get in touch with our Health Information Management department at 872-588-3120 if you have any questions about medical record requests.

Fee schedule for medical records

Lawndale Christian Health Center

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Lawndale Christian Health Center jobs

Lawndale Christian Health Center is more than just a place of employment for me. You become a part of the tradition and purpose that started in North Lawndale with a small group of neighborhood residents who wanted to help their community.

Physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being all play a role in our work at this institution.

Every aspect of our business is focused on enhancing the inherent worth and worthiness of each individual who comes into contact with us. We hope you’ll think about joining us in this worthwhile endeavor.

Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination: You must show proof of your completed COVID-19 immunization before onboarding to guarantee compliance with the Health Care Immunization Policy of Lawndale Christian Health Center (LCHC).

Please click the icon below to get a complete list of our current job positions and to apply.


Providers’ Information

Providers play a critical role in our patient’s care, providing everything from treatment to checkups to prescriptions.

The website provided below is an excellent starting point if you’re interested in working with patients on the West Side of Chicago.

For your convenience, we’ve put together a list of everything you need to know about working as an LCHC Provider, including what we’re looking for and what you stand to gain.

Providers’ Information


  • Diversity: Our employees have diverse ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds.
  • Fulfillment: Having a sense of purpose in their work is a big part of what drives most of our workers.
  • Community: A feeling of society may be found both through working for a community-based organization and establishing close relationships with your coworkers.
  • Growth: There are several prospects for professional growth and development.
  • Astonishing Advantages: LCHC’s employee health insurance plan offers unparalleled advantages in terms of health care.

These are some of the many benefits we provide to our employees:

  • Prescription medication coverage and medical insurance
  • advantages for oral health
  • Benefits of a clear vision
  • 403(b) Roth and Traditional retirement plans
  • Paid vacation and paid holidays
  • Reimbursement for school expenses
  • Make financial decisions easier to make.
  • The employer pays for life, accidental death, and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance.
  • Basic Life and AD&D Insurance Supplements
  • Disablement benefits provided by the employer
  • Short-term infirmity of one’s own own
  • FSA – Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Profit Sharing Program
  • Paid time off and a yearly stipend for CME (Providers only)
  • There’s more!


Lawndale Christian Health Center (LCHC) believes that all applicants and employees are entitled to equal employment opportunities.

It maintains a policy of nondiscrimination regarding race, ancestry, color, religion, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, medical condition, disability, veteran status, union membership or activity, or any other ground by current law, save where a bona fide occupational qualification exists.

This includes the recruiting process, transfers, promotions, perks, and punishment and termination. LCHC shall adhere to all applicable employment laws and regulations.

Employers, state and local government services, public accommodations, commercial facilities, and transportation all fall under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protection, which forbids discrimination on the basis of disability. TDD/telephone relay services are also required under this law.

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