Is Komodo health a good company? Stock Price, Funding

Komodo health

What is Komodo health?

Komodo Health Healthcare Map is the most accurate picture of the U.S. healthcare system because of our unique combination of the most extensive database of patient experiences with cutting-edge algorithms and decades of clinical knowledge.

We improve human health with the world’s most comprehensive, user-friendly Healthcare MapTM.

Komodo Health’s mission is to help its clients enhance patient care and lower illness burden by sharing its data-driven insights.

Komodo Health Platform dynamically analyzes the broadest range of data across patients, practitioners, and health systems to provide insights at the patient level. Patients are the focus of all of our clinical research and development.

Helping our clients get life-saving medicines into the hands of individuals who need them most is key to the modern healthcare system’s focus on value.

Komodo Health is a software platform that facilitates communication amongst a broader range of healthcare stakeholders across more than fifty therapeutic categories. Our in-depth Healthcare MapTM is designed to:

  • Expanding access to novel therapeutics is a crucial goal of the life sciences.
  • Patient advocates help direct resources to the people who will benefit the most.
  • To fill the gaps in their communities’ medical care, healthcare providers must first identify them.
  • As a result, payers can improve healthcare quality while decreasing spending.

Let’s get together and fight illness. If you want to find out more, you can visit the website at

Komodo Health revenue

Komodo has reportedly enlisted Goldman Sachs and SVB Securities to assist with the IPO paperwork.

According to Axios’s reporting, the file is due either in June or July, depending on market circumstances. There have been 16 IPOs this year, down from 102 last year.

To better assist healthcare providers and payers in identifying and closing treatment gaps, Komodo uses artificial intelligence to gather de-identified data on hundreds of millions of patients.

According to Axios, the firm has a recurring revenue of over $150 million year-over-year. It is expanding at 50 percent (though the company is reportedly not yet profitable).

Komodo raised $220 million in 2021, increasing its worth to over $3 billion.

Komodo’s co-founders told Fierce Healthcare earlier this year that they were eager to go public due to their optimism about the broader investor interest in the healthcare industry.

However, investors and businesses are starting to shy away from IPOs as a result of the current state of the market.

Compared to last year, there have been 16 IPOs so far this year, down from 102. Many completed IPOs were priced at or below the low end of their anticipated ranges, and the Financial Times reports that private fundraising is continuing at a near-record pace.

Aside from Komodo, both Included Health, and Tempus Labs are nearing an IPO.

Komodo health

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How big is Komodo Health?

Komodo Health, a healthcare “map builder,” has secured $220 million in additional investment to expand its data analytics platform for healthcare and life sciences research.

With artificial intelligence, the business has developed an extensive “healthcare map” that incorporates data on more than 325 million patients removed from the data.

According to the company, it may assist life sciences firms and payers spot inequities in treatment and pinpointing appropriate actions by providing a real-time look into patients’ healthcare experiences.

Tiger Global led the Series E fundraising round for Komodo Health, including Casdin Capital’s participation.

Iconiq Growth, Andreessen Horowitz, and Silicon Valley Bank, all of whom have previously invested, also participated in this round.

Komodo Health funding

Just how much money has Komodo Health managed to get together thus far? Komodo Health has received $314M in funding.

If you know, please let me know when Komodo Health’s most recent investment round was. On March 22, 2021, Komodo Health completed its Series E investment round, marking the end of its funding cycles.

Is Komodo health a good company?

Ranking among the best places to work in the private cloud computing industry, Komodo Health was recognized as a top 25 company.

Dec. 14, 2021 — San Francisco, California As a frontrunner in software-driven health analytics, Komodo Health was named the 25 Best Private Cloud Computing Companies to Work For.

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