How Much Does Iron Tribe Fitness Cost?

Iron Tribe Fitness

About Iron Tribe Fitness

At Iron Tribe, our mission is to ensure that even the busiest members of our community have a fantastic time while getting the most out of their workouts.

Iron Tribe’s 45-minute group courses are exciting, and when combined with the one-on-one personal coaching they provide, they may help you become the healthiest version of yourself.

To further assist our customers in accomplishing their objectives, we also provide semi-private training sessions tailored to each individual’s needs and skill level.

We’re pleased to provide you with the services of trained coaches and a committed network of friends and family that have your back always.

You may fill out the quick form on your screen to learn more or visit our location in Birmingham now.

How Iron Tribe Fitness Started

Forrest Walden, a veteran in the fitness industry, started Iron Tribe in his 400-square-foot garage in 2008.

Forrest needed a location to work out with his buddies in a group setting, and he couldn’t locate one in the area that met his needs in terms of size and equipment. Joining was free, but invitations were required.

Friends were bugging him to open a gym in his garage, and Forrest started fantasizing about how he might expand the reach of his team-based, group exercises with even more people.

The first Iron Tribe restaurant launched in February of 2010. The reaction from the community was immediate and tremendous.

The club’s 250 membership limit was met in less than eight months, and a waiting list was formed. Since September of 2010, when it was serving its maximum number of customers, the business has had to relocate across the street to accommodate an additional 300 customers.

In February of 2010, the doors of the first permanent Iron Tribe restaurant opened. The reaction from the community was immediate and tremendous.

Indeed, the 250-member limit was achieved in less than eight months, and a waiting list is already developing.

Since reaching capacity in September of 2010, business at that site has been so brisk that it had to be relocated across the street to accommodate an additional 300 customers.

Forrest always intended to franchise the company model, so he gradually phased himself out of day-to-day operations to focus on improving the system and laying the groundwork for future franchisees.

Forrest made sure he knew the concept operationally and was ready to repeat it by spending the first six months on the floor, mentoring before moving up to facilities manager for the following three months.

Forrest responded by hiring more people and opening a second fitness center. The ITF Hwy 280 facility (in an East Birmingham suburb) serves as the model franchise since it is in a strip mall (the “Anywhere, USA concept”) and did not rely on Forrest or the referral network he had established at his garage gym.

Since the initial location, Forrest has never instructed a lesson or sold to a customer again.

Within four months of opening, Forrest and his rapidly expanding crew had begun constructing a modest 400-square-foot “business office” to set the framework for future development and franchising of the ITF 280 facility.

Additionally, Iron Tribe’s second gym’s performance demonstrated the viability of a scalable business strategy and operational structure.

Finding a third site was prioritized when the company’s founders realized their successful business model could be replicated and expanded upon.

However, the potential to build a new corporate office directly next to the existing one was crucial. By establishing an “operations-based culture” in which corporately-owned gyms take precedence, Iron Tribe can guarantee that its corporate leadership is actively involved in delivering its brand’s day-to-day experience.

ITF Downtown (in the heart of Birmingham’s city core) launched in March 2012 and has similarly been an enormous success.

Indeed, its expansion has outpaced that of any other ITF hub. Since the corporate office is just next door, any employee may pop over for a quick exercise, a chat with a customer, or help with a new system.

ITF’s fourth site, Mountain Brook, Alabama, opened its doors a month after the Downtown gym did. This location’s rapid expansion followed the pattern set by the chain’s last three outposts, and it now consistently ranks among the chain’s top 10 sites.

Five company-owned sites are already up and operating in the Birmingham area, providing invaluable insight into the concept and how it may be improved in the future.

What this implies for franchisees is that the ITF Corporate Team is not cut off from the realities of running a franchise, thanks to the lack of an “ivory tower” corporate office atmosphere.

Everything taught to franchisees has already been tried and tested in corporate-owned fitness centers. Before being formally included in the framework, the most effective procedures and promotional strategies will undergo a period of optimization and refinement.


Iron Tribe Fitness Cancellation Policy

We all have different fitness needs, so what if you decide Iron Tribe isn’t the right gym for you? To what extent are you committed to the service before you may terminate your membership?

Iron Tribe simplifies this process, and the cancellation policy is a reassuring feature for anybody on the fence about joining.

Services may be terminated at any time with 30 days’ notice to Iron Tribe. A person may end their membership in February if they decide in the middle of January that they want to try out a new gym or anything of the type.

Iron Tribe Fitness

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Does Iron Tribe Fitness offer a Free Trial?

What if I only want to try out a few classes before committing to membership if I already have one?
In a nutshell, the specifics vary by area and class.

There is a free trial period available at Iron Tribe.

Recently, a Kentucky location promoted two weeks of free sessions for their Push membership. This allows interested parties to try out Iron Tribe’s facilities and programs without committing to membership immediately.

Does Iron Tribe Fitness offer a Guest Pass?

Iron Tribe is committed to fostering a sense of belonging among its coaches and members and does not actively promote the usage of guest passes.

It does not seem that Iron Tribe provides guest passes at this time. Members, on the other hand, may be able to learn about any free trials that visiting friends and family members might take advantage of.

This is a terrific method to show potential new members how the gym is used and the exercises people do there.

Are There Any Additional Costs?

There are no hidden fees or extra charges associated with your membership at Iron Tribe. Iron Tribe provides its members access to group fitness sessions as part of its membership packages.

It is common practice for coaches to check in with their clients once a month to discuss diet, individual development, and reassessment of fitness objectives.

Members of this gym not only have a strong sense of belonging and ready access to the guidance they need to adapt to their evolving fitness, strength, and diet goals.

Membership fees may rise if a member chooses to alter their workout regimen.

Supplements and protein are the only things that members may buy on top of their membership.

Iron Tribe Fitness

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Is Iron Tribe Fitness Similar to CrossFit?

Iron Tribe’s group training programs have drawn comparisons to CrossFit’s popular team-based approach. On the other hand, this fitness center is mainly frequented by time-pressed working adults.

The 45-minute time commitment of an Iron Tribe workout makes it ideal for this demographic. To some extent, at least, it is the case in most group courses.

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