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About World Gym International

World Gym International is an American fitness center established around 1976, with the help of Joe Gold during the glory days of “Muscle Beach” in Venice Beach, California.

Joe Gold is also the person who founded Gold’s Gym, another gym chain that was sold in 1973. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, Dave Draper, and Franco Columbu were among the prominent bodybuilders and celebrities that attended the gym.

As of March 20, 2021, World Gyms said it had more than 200 franchises spread across six continents. The family of Cammilleri has owned it from 2009 onward, and the plans comprise expanding the global reach of the franchise network as well as opening new regional gyms that are flagships.


Joe Gold started Gold’s gym in 1965. Many world-renowned bodybuilders were trained at the gym. Gold left his gym in 1973 and returned to the sea as a sea-trader, after returning to regret that he had transferred all rights associated with his name.

Because he was unable to utilize “Gold” in its name, it was decided to start an entirely new facility located in Santa Monica under the name of the World Gym.

Joe had to sell the World Gym in the valley to a bodybuilder called Steve Davis, who later offered it for sale for $25,000. Gold relocated the Santa Monica World Gyms to Venice later in Marina Del Ray, and the facility was shut down after the death of Gold in 2004. The Cammilleri family has now owned the world Gyms since 2009.

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Joe Gold’s fitness center was where Arnold Schwarzenegger built and sculpted himself before he moved to America. Schwarzenegger was governor of California and a film actor and was an ex- Mr. Olympia. Schwarzenegger’s workouts were filmed in Joe’s gym for the 1977 film “Pumping Iron.”  Peter Brockway said in an interview that the gym had earned $20 million, minus expenses.

Services and products

World Gym International offers products designed for use in the gym, such as water bottles, bags for sports and nutrition products, and accessories, gym clothes, and clothing.

Franchise opportunities are also offered through World Gyms International. World Gyms International offers gymnasium services, fitness equipment, and physical exercise gym and fitness facilities.

Workout classes, nutrition and fitness seminars, private training in fitness, nutrition and exercise training in fitness mixed martial art, kickboxing, and boxing.

World Gym International also holds competitions or exhibitions in bodybuilding, athletics, and mixed martial arts.

What it costs to become a Worlds Gym franchisee.

In 1976, franchising was first introduced.

Since: 1982

Los Angeles, California, serves as the headquarters.

Estimated Unit Count: 225. 

The following is a brief description of the franchise: World Gym International, LLC is the franchisor. In addition to offering fitness equipment, training, nutritional menu items, supplements, and advice in a fitness facility with a franchise, the franchised business also offers steam rooms, saunas, and tanning beds, as well as online exercise and wellness content via a web browser or mobile app, as well as retail sales of fitness apparel, accessories, drinks, shakes, and bars.

The following is a summary of the training: Initial training must be completed by the franchisees, their authorized operator, or gym manager before they open and begin running their facility, and as a condition for any renewal or transfer of the Franchise Agreement.The franchisor’s reasonable satisfaction According to the size of the facility, franchisees may participate in World Gym Athletics.

Still, their expertise in managing a fitness center is a factor in the training program. In classroom training, direct teaching is provided by an instructor in the form of a lecture, workshop, seminar, or tutorial, which follows a set curriculum and uses instructional materials to teach the subject matter.

Hands-on training is often done in the workplace or at the franchisee’s approved training facility, where students can put what they’ve learned into practice. The franchisor now provides training and certification programs for the World Gym Athletics program.

A prospective franchisor may give more training programs that are either optional or required, depending on the franchisor’s reasonable judgment. Franchisees and their selected workers must attend all necessary training classes.

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Amount of Land Allotted: The franchisor granted no exclusive territory is presented to franchisees by the franchisor. Thanks to the franchisor, franchisees have a defined area to operate within. As part of the franchise agreement, the franchisor commits not to license or use any franchised facility inside a particular region around the official site of the franchisee, which is referred to as the “protected area.”

There is no protection for companies at unique event places, such as mobile units or hotels or casinos or military posts or Indian tribes or fashion or sports goods shops located inside the protected area’s limits.

Typically, the protected area is defined as a circular area radiating from the facility with a residential population of approximately 100,000 people for facilities over 20,000 square feet, about 50,000 people for facilities under 20,000 square feet, and approximately 30,000 people or less for facilities. Under 10,000 square feet.

Restrictions and Obligations: If the franchisee is an individual or a firm, they will nominate a designated operator to run their business. The authorized operator has to oversee the whole facility and ensure it runs well.

Franchisees must ensure that they have appropriately enough educated and competent staff to run the business following the franchisor’s specifications. The items and services that a franchisee may sell to its members and the general public are those that the franchisor defines in writing in the Franchise Agreement and its handbook.

Unless the franchisor specifies otherwise, franchisees are limited to purchasing their products and services from a single supplier designated by the franchisor.

Renewal of the Agreement and Contract Term: The original franchise agreement is ten years. If the conditions are satisfied, an additional 10-year term is possible.

There is financial assistance available: Direct or indirect financing is not offered by the franchisor. The franchisor will not guarantee a franchisee’s note, lease, or obligation.

There are no guarantees that SBA financing criteria will be met by franchisees or their World Gym fitness facility or company, even if they work with the franchisor.

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What is World Gym anywhere?

2021 – 15 – July – Los Angeles, CA – SoulBody Fitness programs have been added to World Gym International’s on-demand training platform, World Gym Anywhere.

Members of the World Gym Anywhere service may now take courses including the Barre, ZenBurn, and Power programs from SoulBody Fitness and SoulBody Barre.

Tiffany Hamlin, World Gym International’s National Director of Group Fitness, remarked that “Athletic Training, Yoga Fusion, and Barre courses have proved particularly popular with World Gym Anywhere customers.” Our World Gym network and your local World Gym are fortunate to have SoulBody’s SQUAD of powerful teachers join our ranks.

World Gym’s philosophy and devotion to cutting-edge, athletic-style class formats mesh well with our objective at SoulBody,” said Stacey Seward Vandiver, Owner, and CEO of SoulBody Fitness. Because of the regularity of the programming, group fitness is a great method to keep people engaged and build a sense of belonging.

Mobile phones, tablets, computers, laptops, and television sets may all be used to access World Gym Anywhere. Workout and training sessions from the greatest World Gym trainers and teachers worldwide are available on World Gym Anywhere.

Gunnar Peterson, a celebrity trainer for World Gym Anywhere, has designed a series of on-demand exercises for the service. BodyPumpTM, BODYCOMBATTM, and LES MILLS GRITTM are just a few of the popular Les Mills exercises available to World Gym Anywhere subscribers.

In addition to Strength, Cardio, Mind & Body, Express Exercises (less than 20 minutes), Recovery, How-to-Series and workouts for particular groups such as youngsters, elders, and pregnant women, World Gym Anywhere offers a variety of extra workouts. Every day, World Gym Anywhere is adding new routines to its library.

At, sign up for a World Gym Anywhere membership. World Gym International’s website, as well as information on starting your gym, may be found here.

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