How To Change Fitness Goals On iPhone

how to change fitness goals on iphone

Here’s how to change your Fitness goals on iPhone

With the ever-popular three bands monitoring your daily stand, move, and exercise objectives, the Apple Watch is the finest fitness tracker for iPhone users.

It’s possible to alter your fitness objectives, regardless of how far you’ve already progressed or if you need a change of pace from working for the three colored rings.

how to change fitness goals on iphone

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You can adjust the number of active calories for your daily Move target, the number of minutes for your daily Exercise goal, and the number of hours for your daily Stand goal through the Activity app on your iPhone. Are you trying to boost or reduce your daily tally?

How to change the fitness goal on iPhone

There are just a limited number of choices that can be shown on an iPhone(Apple Watch) screen, making it challenging to figure out how to make settings changes. Using the dial or touchscreen, you may navigate through a plethora of data.

how to change fitness goals on iphone

  • Open the Activity app on your iPhone (Apple Watch).
  • On the first screen, hit “Change Goals” at the bottom.
  • To boost or lower your Move, Exercise, or Stand objectives, tap the “+” or “-” symbols on the screen.
  • Tap “OK” on the “Stand Goal,” and you’re done making changes to your objectives.

It’s done. Find out what you accomplished over the week by looking at your weekly summary in the Activity app.

On the other hand, your iPhone will provide you with a more detailed account of your daily objectives over the year.

Our iPhone (Apple Watch) Series 7 review reveals that the Apple Watch’s ECG sensor, SpO2 monitoring, and heart rate tracking are all superior to the competition. The latter even aids in the Apple Fitness subscription program’s exercise tracking.

How to change your iPhone Apple Watch’s activity notifications

A notice will appear on your iPhone (Apple Watch) when you meet your activity objectives. In addition, it offers advice on how to achieve your goals, notifies you when you’ve completed a milestone, and does a lot more.

These alerts are helpful, but you can turn them off in the Watch app on your iPhone if you want.

  1. Tap Notifications in the Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Select Activity from the list of applications.
  3. Use the choices to choose the alerts you want to receive and the ones you want to turn off. To turn off all alerts at once, choose Notifications Off.

how to change fitness goals on iphone

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