How To Add Google Nest Aware Plus To Google Home

Google Nest Aware Plus

Examine domestic occurrences in more detail. A membership to Google Nest Aware Plus provides access to 30 days of event video history, allowing users of Google Nest Cams and the Nest Doorbell to review and store footage from incidents. Smart notifications are already a part of the Nest Hello Doorbell and Nest Cams.

Additional intelligent alerts, like “familiar face alerts” *, may be added to your Nest Aware system to keep you abreast of who’s arriving and exiting at any given time.

Nest Aware is an excellent home automation service, and the best part is that it’s free with your ADT subscription.

Up to 10 days of continuous video recording and 60 days of event video history ** are yours when you upgrade to Nest Aware Plus via ADT.

Cameras and doorbells used in Illinois are not eligible for this offer.

Cameras need a power cord to function, and Doorbells do not have this feature.


Connecting your ADT and Google accounts is quick and easy and will save you time and effort. Linking your ADT and Google accounts will give you access to Google’s monthly subscription service Nest Aware, which provides a plethora of valuable features for your Nest Devices, such as 30-day event video storage and familiar facial notifications.

To join your accounts, follow the system-specific steps below:

Features and Usage


The following are all included in your monthly subscription to Nest Aware at no extra charge.

  • Video recordings are kept for 30 days after an incident.
  • Intelligent Alerts:
    • Notifications of Familiar Faces
    • Noise monitoring for CO and smoke detectors
    • Places to do stuff

For an extra $6 each month, Nest offers Aware Plus, which provides the following features.

  • • Video recordings are kept for 60 days, dependent on events.
  • • Complete support for Nest Aware’s introductory features (see above)
  • A video archive that spans ten days without interruption
    • Cameras need hardwiring to function.
    • Can’t be used with a Nest video doorbell (even if wired)

Usage of Google Nest Aware Plus

Initiate Familiar Face Notifications

A familiar face may be detected by activating the following:

  • To begin, launch the Home app.
  • Two, go to “Nest Aware” > “Settings” > “Familiar face detection.”
  • Third, toggle each camera’s ability to recognize faces on or off.

Visit Familiar face identification to learn more about this topic and how to train your camera to recognize significant faces.

Sound Detection Settings

  1. Choose the camera for which you want to create an Activity Zone in the Google Home app.
  2. Next, go to the menu (gear) and choose Settings.
  3. Decide whether you want to be alerted by the sounds of a smoke alarm or a carbon monoxide detector.
  4. If you want to be alerted if the sound is detected, check the box next to each item.

Please be aware that the Nest Indoor and Outdoor Cam only support sound detection when hardwired.

If you want to learn more about how Nest cameras listen for and react to sound and motion, look at that page.

Make Use of Activity Areas

  1. Choose the camera for which you want to create an Activity Zone in the Google Home app.
  2. Tap Settings (gear icon), Events, and Seen Events.
  3. Pick a location and then add it. The expanded area materializes in the center of the frame.
    • Change the shape of the zone to capture what you want.
    • Make sure you’re in landscape mode to get the most out of your camera’s display. Turn on your phone’s screen rotation feature.
    • It may be repositioned by tapping and dragging inside the zone.
  4. Modify the form of the zone by tapping and dragging one of the eight dots around its perimeter.
  5. Select Zone color to modify the Activity Zone’s theme. There are four color options available.
  6. The sixth step is to give your zone a descriptive name by tapping on the Zone name, which is located under the camera view.
  7. You may customize the events recorded in a particular area and the alerts you get by going to the Event History section.

Visit How to create and utilize Activity Zones for additional details.


Familiar face alerts

Your camera wrongly labeled someone.

This article might help you troubleshoot your Google Nest Cam or Google Nest doorbell if you have a Nest Aware membership and have activated familiar face recognition, but it isn’t functioning.

The Google Help Center is where you can learn more about familiar face identification and adjust your settings.

Things your camera could misidentify

Although Nest’s camera and doorbell events are optimized for precision, it is still possible for them to incorrectly detect certain situations. Some examples:

  • An image captured by your camera may be mistaken for the actual scene. You may set off an animal sightings event by wearing a t-shirt depicting a man’s best friend, the dog.
  • If someone crawls around on the ground and your camera catches them, it may think they’re a pet.
  • Your camera has a hard time telling related people apart.
  • In the following instances, attempt to modify your camera’s perspective away from these things to prevent a misleading person or facing warnings.
  • In the presence of a mirror, your camera may incorrectly identify a single individual as having two distinct faces.
  • If you have a TV in the room, the camera may mistake the person on the screen for a natural person.
  • I was sifting through a profile of a person’s face and deleting any inaccurate pictures.
  • If your camera made an error in identifying a person, you should promptly remove any erroneous photos of that person from the face library. If this happens, the individual is less likely to be mistakenly recognized in the future.

Home app

  • Launch the Home application.
  • Activate Familiar face detection by going to Settings > Nest > Aware.
  • Tap a person in the face library.
  • If a photograph displays the incorrect face (for example, the image doesn’t match the person or isn’t of a natural look), press and hold the image to highlight it, then hit Delete to eliminate the snapshot.
  • Here you can discover discussions on problems encountered by others you may already know.

Camera alerts

  • When your Google Nest camera or doorbell detects significant activity, it will send you a notice to your phone or tablet. The Google Home or Nest app is where you’ll take care of alerts for your camera.
  • An explanation of how Nest’s camera notifications function
  • Whether or not you have a Nest Aware subscription will determine which notification methods are available for your camera.
  • Your camera allows you to get alerts for every motion it detects or for specific events.
  • You must enable push notifications in the app to get warnings about a person being seen, your doorbell ringing, your camera being offline, and other camera alerts. The camera’s alerts may be tailored to your preferences by toggling specific notifications on and off.
  • Notifications must be individually configured for each camera in your house.
  • If many people in your household have access to your smart devices, they may each customize their camera alert settings independently.
  • Even if your phone is set to Do Not Disturb mode, you may still get crucial alerts and other push notifications if you have enabled them.
  • You will need to reset the alerts for every Nest Camera you remove and then re-add to your home.
  • Related issues with camera notifications are covered here.

General Troubleshooting

  • To Livestream footage and deliver alerts, Nest cameras need a stable Wi-Fi connection.
  • Charge or plug in your camera’s battery if it uses one.
  • Make sure your Google Home app-connected camera is online.
  • Ensure the Google Home app is set to receive alerts from your camera.

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