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Home State Health

Home State Health has a variety of internship and full-time job paths available to help you develop your skills and showcase your talents.

There is a clear path and a meaningful purpose to the work you will do as part of our expanding team, whether that path is in assisting members of Home State Health in making healthier lifestyle choices, analyzing data to understand member needs better, or developing strategic goals to lead Home State into the future.

People dedicated to meeting the needs of Missouri’s most vulnerable Medicaid, Medicare, and Health Insurance Marketplace enrollees design and direct our innovative programs, services, and resources. Our company is at the forefront of a complex, fast-paced, constantly evolving industry.

Home State Health Member login

If you’re looking for improved health care, go no farther than Home State Health’s website, which provides a wide range of helpful, easy-to-use resources.

All you have to do is hit the login button to get into our private area. To sign in or create an account, a new tab or window will open in your browser.

Safety for Both the Member and the Cargiver Login/Registration:

  1. The hub of your communications
  2. Details about your current primary care physician
  3. Authorization data from doctors
  4. Useful documents are now at your disposal

Safe Login for Healthcare Providers:

  1. Make sure you’re qualified to join
  2. Verify and File Insurance Claims
  3. Provide and double-check your permissions
  4. Examine a comprehensive directory of hospitalized patients

Safe and sound Registration for Service Providers

After logging in, you may access the online user handbook. Register today if you are a contracted supplier.

After submitting your first claim as a non-contracted provider, you will be allowed to register, and it’s simple and quick to sign up.

Log in

Home State Health Provider Portal

The staff at Home State Health is here to assist you. If you need help, you may contact a provider services representative through our private provider portal, by email, or by picking up the phone and dialing a number.

Aid Via Private Portal

The Provider Portal for the Home State may be used anytime, day or night.

Our user-friendly platform is helpful for the following tasks:

  • To File a Claim
  • Check out a claim
  • Post a request for a second look at your claim
  • Update on the status of your request for a reexamination
  • Authorization requests may be submitted, viewed, and followed.
  • File your prenatal notice paperwork.
  • Confirming membership qualifications, including insurance details
  • Make use of encrypted email to raise your concerns.
  • Access PCP Analytics Data (view care gaps, quality scorecards, etc.)
  • GPs may use Patient Analytics by logging up here (manage patient utilization)
  • Check out the IMPACT Program for Primary Care Physicians (risk adjustment incentive): Visit our Secure Web Portal

Advice Via Electronic Mail

Providers may contact our credentialing, provider data management, and contracting departments with inquiries or data through the following channels:

  • • Provider and credentialing data (including roster updates, new practitioners, revised agreements, and other such details): CHHS Provider Roster@Centene.com
  • Please email: ManagedCareContracting@Centene.com with any questions about contracts, including the current status of any active agreements.
  • Please get in touch with a rep.
  • Our local staff is available weekdays between 8 AM and 5 PM to answer any queries you may have.

Service Agents for Healthcare Providers

A Provider Service Representative’s Role in the Process

  • Eligibility and perks of membership
  • Our online provider directory, Find a Provider.
  • Authorization Requirements
  • Requirements for filing a claim
  • EOP/remittance advice is accepted as proof of payment.
  • Help with Payspan (EFT/ERA)
  • A Look at Service Provider Records
  • Concerns about healthcare financing and policy
  • Inquiries about specific domains or portals, including lost password recovery
  • Instructions for filing a claim or appealing a denial

Specialists in Provider Networks

Experts in provider networks aid in:

  • Orientations of the Providers
  • Education for Healthcare Professionals
  • Instruction for Healthcare Professionals
  • Primary Business Activities
  • Controlling Access and Availability
  • Site visits for quality assurance and accreditation
  • Professionals Specializing in Service Provider Efficiency
  • Specialists in Provider Performance aid with:
  • The HEDIS Foot Soldiers Engagement Group
  • Risk-Adjustment and HEDIS-Related Educating of Providers
  • Focused Metrics and Member Outcomes
  • Coordinating Quality-Related Educator Efforts and Outcomes

Motivating Measures

Claims Research

If you have any questions about your claim, please get in touch with Provider Services.

  • In the case of Medicaid in your state, please call: 855-694-4663
  • Allwell, from Home State Health (Medicare): 855-766-1452
  • You may reach Allwell at 833-298-3361 through Home State Health’s DSNP.
  • 855-650-3789, Ambetter by Home State Health (Marketplace)

Includes Dental

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Include the use of one’s eyes

Managing Solutions and Networks for Customers


Home State Health app

Home State Health Career

Several internships and career paths are available at Home State Health, each tailored to encourage you to contribute your best work daily.

There is a clear route and a meaningful purpose to the work you will accomplish as part of our expanding team, whether your passion lies in assisting members of Home State Health in making healthier lifestyle choices, analyzing data to understand member requirements better, or setting strategic objectives to lead Home State into the future.

Our innovative Medicaid, Medicare, and Health Insurance Marketplace programs, services, and resources are developed and managed by professionals who are deeply committed to meeting the needs of Missouri’s most disadvantaged residents.

Our business is complex, fast-moving, and constantly evolving, and our group is always at the forefront of these developments.

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Home State Health

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Home State Health plan benefits

You can maintain your health with the help of your health plan’s perks. Home State Health’s MO HealthNet Managed Care coverage includes all the following.

  • Mothers-to-be and infants
  • Children
  • Adults

Since preventative treatment is crucial to maintaining healthy teeth and gums, plans that include dental screenings make it possible for qualified members to take advantage of frequent dental appointments.

We also have several highly regarded programs, such as Start Smart for Your Baby®.

Find out more about the health coverage we provide our members:

Missouri HealthNet Managed Care Advantages


Eligible children may be able to get complete MO HealthNet Managed Care coverage thanks to our health insurance advantages.

  • Health promotion and maintenance services
  • Tender loving care while they’re sick
  • Inpatient care
  • Eye and dental checkups

The essential vaccines that protect your kid from potentially fatal diseases are also included in our coverage.


Consistent dental care, beginning in infancy, is universally acknowledged as essential for a lifetime of good oral health. To help our members maintain healthy teeth and gums, MO HealthNet Managed Care covers preventative dental care treatments regularly, and some orthodontic work is included in this.


Home State Health provides its qualified members with comprehensive medical screening benefits from birth and maturity. You and your child’s health will benefit from these provisions. Our services include the following for early diagnosis and treatment of issues including diabetes, obesity, and lead poisoning.

  • Checkups for your health
  • Examinations of the eyes
  • Checkups for your ears
  • Examinations of the teeth


Knowing that your health insurance company will support you if you ever have a severe medical problem is essential. Those who sign up for Home State Health are reassured that they and their dependents will be taken care of in the event of a medical emergency requiring hospitalization.


Having timely access to appropriate medical treatment while dealing with health issues is crucial. Learn More


Home State Health’s comprehensive healthcare coverage benefits pregnant women and their children. This is the structure of our medical coverage:

  • Assists expecting mothers by providing prenatal care and other services
  • Pregnancy and childbirth are both paid for

We also cover the cost of medical treatment for mom and baby during the first year of their lives.


When you need to travel to your doctor’s office but can’t afford a cab or other transportation, you may utilize NEMT or non-emergency medical transportation.

To bring you to your doctor’s appointment, we may take you by van, taxi, or even ambulance if required. If you need a ride, Home State will provide one suitable for you.

You have no say in the make or model of the vehicle or the transportation company providing your journey. Having a friend or neighbor take you might save you money on petrol.

Your appointment is contingent upon this being okayed. Learn More

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