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High level health

A brief introduction

Colorado’s most awarded cannabis is grown at High Level Health. Many customers have referred to High Level Health as Denver’s best-kept secret, citing its 133 honors and counting. Since 2014, High Level Health has serviced recreational clients and medical patients.

High level health

Who We Are

The Golden Triangle neighborhood of Denver is home to High Level Health – Lincoln. This location is convenient to many major downtown attractions, including Civic Center Park, the Colorado Capitol Building, the Denver Art Museum, and more.

Customers can use the parking lot behind the building at our Lincoln location while shopping. This location is handicapped accessible and accepts only cash payments (ATM on-site).

Menu of High level health

All of the flowers at High Level Health are top-of-the-line and grown on-site. We’ve created a top-of-the-line soilless growth system that incorporates the highest-quality organic nutrients available.

Each plant is hand-watered and inspected for quality and health regularly. Many of High Level Health’s strains test over 30% of total cannabinoids, and many have won awards. We create medicinal CBD strains for both medical and recreational users.

Our edibles assortment has been meticulously handpicked to contain only the best and most useful items, ranging from newcomers to Colorado’s pioneers. Sugar, budder, distillate, RSO, live resin, rosin, vape cartridges, and disposable vaporizer pens are among the concentrates we sell wholesale and in-house.

The Budtenders at High Level Health can help you find anything you’re looking for. On our website, you can place orders for in-store pickup.

The staff of High level health

High Level Health hires qualified cannabis specialists dedicated to creating high-quality cannabis and aiding clients in finding the right products for them. High Level Health’s farmers have a plethora of experience in cannabis cultivation and breeding techniques.

High Level Health’s budtenders regularly attend product training and are well-versed in cannabis basics. Our goal at High Level Health is to give our consumers the greatest goods and information possible.

Additional Locations

Exceptional Health There are three more stores in Colorado. The Highs-Level Health – Market is located in the heart of LODO, or Lower Downtown Denver.

This location is a short walk from Coors Field and Union Station and is right off the 16th Street Mall. At 970 Lincoln St, only blocks from the Capitol Building and Civic Center Park, Highs-Level Health – Lincoln is conveniently positioned in the Golden Triangle district. Customers are welcome to park in the parking area behind the Lincoln facility while shopping.

Exit 234, Highs-Level Health – Dumont, is easily accessible from I-70. It’s a short and easy stop whether you’re driving from Denver to the mountains or vice versa. There is plenty of parking at this site. All stores accept cash only. However, each has an ATM on site.

Our Market and Dumont sites serve recreational and medical clientele, while our Lincoln and Colfax stores only serve recreational customers. All of our locations are wheelchair accessible.

Top Quality Products of their own 

Concentrates, Vaporizors, Edibles, Topicals, and Tinctures of High Level Health Flower are available.

High Level Health’s flower 

Health-based ethics have a major influence on developing our evolving fashion sense. Natural refers to the finest ways, mimicking how cannabis grows in nature.

Every day, we check the quality and health of each plant by hand. Temperature, humidity, yeast, and mold are closely monitored throughout the drying process.

UV air purifiers are also used to verify that the product is clean and healthy. 2-3 weeks are spent in this phase of the manufacturing process. We cure the cannabis for additional two weeks once it has been dried.

We have four grow facilities in Colorado and one in Michigan at High Levels Health. All of our stores carry only High Level Health flowers.

High level health


We began making our concentrates off of our flowers in 2018. We were able to create high-quality concentrates from the start since we assembled a trained team of extractions.

We received 19 concentrate prizes in the first eight months of creating concentrates, including six First-Place honors and an Overall Grand Champion title. ” Intense taste and potent terpenes abound in every milligram of High-Level Health’s concentrate.

Green Dot Labs, 710 Labs, Binske, and others are available with High-Level Health concentrates.


High-Level health expanded its portfolio of vertically integrated goods in 2019 to include vaporizers. To ensure that our Botanical Terpene Distillate Cartridge and Disposables are safe, we only use natural terpenes rather than synthetic ones.

People who don’t want to inhale the characteristic smell and taste of marijuana but still want to vape might turn to these products. High-Level Health BHO/PHO extractions yield terpene/cannabinoid sauce, which we use in our Distillate Sauce cartridges. Enormous effect:

The combination of cannabinoids and terpenes from certain cannabis strains offers a more natural and genuine strain experience.

Our vape supplies include High-Level Health and Pax Pods, O.Pen Vape, Mezz Brands, Green Dot Labs, and Airo Vapor.


From start-ups to pioneering enterprises in Colorado and Michigan, we’ve selected only the finest and most effective edibles for you. If a brand isn’t up to snuff, we won’t stock it in our shop. It’s no secret that we’re big fans of the Wana and Coda Signature brands as well as Stillwater and Stratos, Sweet Grass Kitchen, and Robots Gummies.

Tinctures and Topicals

Mary’s Medicinals, Escape Artists, Verra Wellness, Coda Signature, Stratos, Foria, and more are just a few of the brands we sell.

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