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Harbor Fitness

Harbor Fitness is a boutique fitness facility in San Pedro, California, offering various courses for people of all fitness levels on Whalers Walk within the Cabrillo Marina.

We feel that a mix of kickboxing, strength training, aerobic conditioning, and stretch and repair programs is ideal for a complete body exercise that improves circulation, strengthens the pelvic stabilizing muscles, and improves balance.

Kickboxing, weightlifting, stretching, and cardio dancing are just some of our activities. Our training combinations at Harbor Fitness are designed to strengthen your abdominal muscles and improve your overall physical condition.

Chiropractor and massage treatments are now available via our partnership with Drs. Tim Ursich (Jr. & Sr.), Marina Sports Medicine, located just next to our gym (10 percent discount per booking for auto-pay members).

For those who want to pay monthly, we offer an infrared sauna that may be used in conjunction with chiropractic or massage treatment.

Packages are eligible for a 10% discount off the standard price. Make your reservation now by inquiring inside.

Harbor Fitness classes

The Group Fitness courses at our 92nd Street, Park Slope, and Mill Basin locations are free with your membership.

Our group fitness program in New York City features some of the most influential people in the fitness business, so be ready to catch the fitness bug! Our current schedule is available below, and you may browse it by location, course type, and instructor.

Over 150 free programs are offered each week at our Bay Ridge, Park Slope, and Mill Basin sites, so you’re sure to discover something that will help you realize your full potential.

Fight Club! is one of our most popular programs. There are a wide variety of fitness classes available, including Hard Core Pilates, Athletic Yoga, HIIT Cycle, Barre Body, Balanced Yoga, POUND®, Piloxing®, Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED®, Candlelight Yoga, and a slew of Zumba® options.

Discover your inner grit as you power through TRUGRIT, a high-intensity strength-training program that includes wall balls, sledges, tire slams, trxs, landmines, battle ropes, and more.

Group exercise classes may be added to your calendar when you download our app and browse available options.

Harbor Fitness is available for private events. The Cycling Team at Harbor Fitness is here to help you plan the ideal healthy, team-building event for your group, whether you’re celebrating a birthday, bachelorette party, or a corporate outing. Please email for availability and rates.

Harbor Fitness

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Harbor Fitness price

Here at Harbor Fitness, we know how hectic your schedule can be. Due to this, we provide our customers with a wide range of enrollment plans to choose from.

Drop-in pricing is available for those who are just visiting the area or want to test a class to see if it’s a good match. Cardio, Kickboxing, and Stretch and Restore 10-class passes are also available.

These plans are ideal for those with a hectic schedule yet still wish to exercise regularly. Suppose you are prepared to commit three to five days a week regularly.

In that case, we offer auto-pay memberships with extra benefits, including a 10 percent discount on chiropractic treatments, massage services, the infrared sauna, and any special events and seminars.

We provide a 10% discount on our auto-pay memberships to all active and retired first responders, students, boat owners in the Cabrillo Marina, Port/ILWU employees, and military members.

Check out our courses and membership plans; we’re sure you’ll find something that works for you.

Prices for Drop-In Cardio Classes are $10.00.

10-Pack: $90.00 (1 free)

Class Descriptions: •Cardio Strong is a cardio-dance class that combines aerobic-inspired dance techniques with up-to-date music to improve participants’ cardiovascular health, muscular endurance, and range of motion. All ages and levels of fitness are welcome.

Kickboxing and Flexibility Training

Discounted Kickboxing and Stretching Sessions: $18.00

10-Pack: $162.00 (1 free)

One-time payment of $110; six-month installments of $100 due monthly.

Auto-Pay $90.00 each month for unlimited access (for one year contract).

Auto-pay and month-to-month subscriptions have a one-time cost of $150. Members who sign up for automatic payments save 10% on infrared sauna sessions, chiropractic adjustments, massages, lectures, and other special events.

Class Descriptions: Stretch is Jackie’s flexibility flow class.

Combat sports: Each certified Kickboxing instructor brings their approach to teaching the sport and unique techniques and drills to their classes. Modifications are given in all of our kickboxing sessions so that you may work at your own pace and fitness level.

Unlimited Package

Class Pricing Without Limits

Sign up for any course you like (includes stretch, kickboxing, and cardio classes)

Automatic payment of $120.00 Per month (*Unlimited)

When signing up for an Auto-pay subscription, you’ll need to pay a one-time cost of $150. Infrared sauna, chiropractic treatment, massage services, special events, and seminars are all discounted by 10 percent for auto-pay members.

Our unlimited membership includes all our cardio, stretch, and kickboxing courses. Classes may be taken as often as desired each day and each month. Types are as outlined above.

Kids MMA/Self-Defense



Daily drop-in rate: $12.00

Unlimited Service for $65.00 per month (billed monthly)

The Unlimited plan for adults does not include these specialized courses. Pricing for children’s MMA and yoga classes are separate.

Our youth programs serve young people from elementary age on up.

Harbor Fitness

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Harbor Fitness cancel membership

The Club at Harbor Point has a simple cancellation policy. This is the information you’ve been waiting for:

  • Cancellation of membership requires 30 days’ written notification.
  • All cancellations will be processed after the member’s current billing cycle.
  • In the event of cancellation, the client is responsible for paying any outstanding fees and account charges.
  • An early cancellation charge of $250 may be assessed if you cancel before the initiation cost has been paid in full.
  • Memberships cannot be transferred to another person.
  • For 90 days after the termination of membership, the former member’s access to the Club, even as a guest, is revoked.

Please contact Rachel Resnick, Member Account Manager, at or (415) 384-4420 to discontinue your membership.

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