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Gregory Gym

About Gregory Gym

Gregory Gym is the current home of the University of Texas Longhorn women’s volleyball team and a past home for the Longhorn basketball and swimming teams.

A new arena was built for basketball in 1977, and the teams relocated there. Austin Aces of WTT played there from 2014 to 2015, their home court.

Originally completed in 1930, the gym was named for its principal promoter and designer, Thomas Watt Gregory. This gym was named after Gregory, a former U.S. Attorney General, a University of Virginia alumni when construction began.

One of the gyms has undergone multiple restorations and currently includes an additional four-story building that acts as a gymnasium, with an indoor running track, basketball court and squash court, as well as an indoor rock-climbing wall. All University students may use the gym for free. University graduates and their spouses may use the gym for free.

Gregory Gym

History of Gregory Gym

Gregory Gym’s ancestor graduated from the University of Texas in 1885, making him one of the original 13 graduates of the institution.

Gregory was admitted to the Texas State Bar soon after graduating, and he opened his private collection to UT students when university libraries were scarce. As an assistant city attorney in Austin from 1891 to 1894, he collaborated with Robert L. Batts, a former professor of law at the University of Texas.

Gregory stayed engaged in his alma mater’s affairs throughout his early legal career, founding the Alumni Association in 1885, purchasing Clark Field as one of the first buyers, and founding the Texas Gamma Eta Chapter of Alpha Tau Omega fraternity.

In 1904 and 1912, Gregory served as vice president of Woodrow Wilson’s Texas campaign and was delegated to the Democratic National Conventions. Under President Woodrow Wilson, he was named Special Assistant Attorney General in 1913 and Attorney General.

Gregory was given a seat on the Supreme Court in 1916, but he turned it down to remain Attorney General of the United States during World War I. The Second Industrial Conference, which Wilson convened after his tenure ended, included him as a participant.

Gregory moved his family to Houston after completing his responsibilities in Washington. Gregory officially kicked off the construction of a university gym when he was elected president of the Ex-Students’ Association (ESA) in 1926. Gregory Gym, Anna Hiss Gym, and the Union Building were all made possible thanks to his fundraising efforts bolstered by University financing.

After contracting a severe case of bronchial pneumonia while in New York City to meet with Franklin Roosevelt, Gregory passed away.

The flowers were transported in a separate train compartment from the corpse to Austin. An honor guard of fraternity brothers was on hand to greet him as he entered the building named after him and lay his remains to rest.

Students contributed $1,200 to order a medallion in his honor, which is currently affixed to the wall outside the gym’s entrance. This is what it says: “In 1885, he received his LL.B. degree.

Reigning king from 1899 to 1907. The United States Attorney General from 1914 through 1919. A reliable companion. Citizen with a long-term perspective. A lawyer with an upright demeanor. One who is a true follower of Christ.”

When it was completed in 1930, the Gregory Gymnasium, which cost an estimated $500,000 to build, was one of the first constructions on the University of Texas campus.

Thomas Watt Gregory, the first former student appointed to the Board of Regents, came up with a new contemporary gymnasium in 1907. When University President David Franklin Houston asked Gregory to raise $50,000, he went on a one-man fundraising drive to raise $75,000 instead.

He made almost $29,000 in a single year. As Attorney General of the United States under President Woodrow Wilson in 1914, Gregory maintained his efforts.

To keep things moving forward in the meanwhile, monies generated by the Ex-Students’ Association were invested by two individuals: H. Y. Benedict and Secretary John A. Lomax. A total of $70,000 had been amassed when Gregory returned to his native Texas.

When the University’s student body was at its peak in the early 1920s, Gregory pitched to the regents for three new recreational facilities.

Students’ union (Union Building) and a gym-theater were all part of the plan for the planned project. The women’s gymnasium (later named Anna Hiss Gym) was built (Gregory Gym).

The building of the auditorium-gymnasium started on May 10th, 1929, after the regents approved the Union Project. One year later, on April 12th, 1930, during the inaugural Longhorn Round-Up, the new auditorium-gymnasium was consecrated in a ceremony. On May 30th, 1930, there was a vote in favor of naming the new building after Thomas Watt Gregory.

Until the Erwin Center and the Jamail Texas Swimming Center were completed, the UT basketball and swimming teams played their home games in Gregory Gymnasium, which they did for 46 years.

The University Interscholastic League state basketball finals were also held there until 1977. Registration and many other big events, such as Longhorn Round-Up and dances, lectures, and other performing arts performances, were held at Gregory Gym until Bellmont Hall was finished in 1972.

The installation of the Gregory Annex in the spring of 1962 marked the first remodeling. It connected to the building’s southern front and stretched down to 21st street.

There were electric clocks for the new basketball courts, a big gymnastics center, and an observation bridge above the gym. The ability for women to watch contests in the gym, something they had never been allowed to do before, was one of the addition’s most unusual features.

To begin a $26.8 million refurbishment, Gregory Gym was shut down in December 1995 for classes to be held elsewhere. The facility reopened on November 12th, 1997, following a two-and-a-half-year building.

There includes:
A retail shop.
Workout room.
Outdoor Center.
Wellness Center.
An indoor jogging/walking track.
An indoor climbing wall.
Air conditioning throughout the whole building in the refurbished Gregory Gym.
It also produced a light and open atmosphere that combines ancient Gregory’s legacy and tradition with today’s practical, cutting-edge design.

A new two-acre outdoor complex with an outdoor lap pool, two outdoor leisure pools, a spa, reception garden, deck for sunbathing, wireless Internet, and beautiful landscaping was created as part of the Gregory Gym remodeling project.

The 75-year-old Natatorium was completely renovated. The outdoor complex opened on November 18th, 2005, followed by the Natatorium on December 16th, 2005.

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Is Gregory Gym open to public?

Dec. 24-25 and Dec. 31-Jan. One is the dates when all RecSports facilities are closed. Until January 18, all-natural grass fields will be closed for upkeep. View more

Can you bring guests to Gregory Gym UT?


RecSports facilities are open to the following people:

  • The University of Texas at Austin students enrolled in current semester studies. See what resources a student has access to.
  • The University of Texas at Austin students who are not enrolled in summer courses but have bought an Interim Summer Pass.
  • All current members of the University of Utah’s professors, staff, alumni, and the general public are eligible to participate.

Usage Guidelines For The Facility

Each participant’s rights and freedoms are safeguarded by the laws and regulations outlined below, which apply to all recreational facilities. A team of employees enforces the listed room limits and use instructions. All university community members have to follow these rules and other regulations.

Membership Cards

A current membership identification card is required for all participants, and participants must show it to staff upon request. To use an ID card, you must be the person whose name appears on the card. Cardholders who do not seem to be themselves will have their cards seized. A form of identification may be requested at any time by RecSports.

Participants who have forgotten or lost their RecSports ID or UT ID card may access the facilities by using My RecSports or the forgotten ID System, provided they are still enrolled in classes at the university. Each semester, the lost ID method may only be used three times.


Visitors who are not current students or members must acquire a guest pass and produce a state-issued picture ID or passport to access the campus facilities.


The pleasure of using university facilities comes with responsibilities, including being a good neighbor and respecting the rights of others. University disciplinary action may be taken against individuals who participate in undesirable or reckless conduct, resulting in the loss or modification of access to university facilities.


The primary door and exit of the facility must be used for entry and leave. Non-designated doors may lead to disciplinary punishment for those who enter or depart.

Drinks and Food

Only approved places are allowed to provide food and drink. All facilities ban the use of glass containers.


Tobacco, alcohol, and other unlawful substances are all outlawed.

Devices for Personal Transportation

Besides those with mobility limitations, it is forbidden to ride a bike, skateboard, or any other personal transportation device within a Recreational Sports facility.


All RecSports facilities forbid pets other than assistance dogs.


Participating in a sporting event requires the proper attire:

  • Wear non-marking sports shoes in all parts of your facility (except pools, martial arts and locker rooms).
  • Wear a swimsuit in the pool.
  • To keep equipment clean and dry, wear shirts that cover the full-back and shoulders.
  • Wearing shoes with closed-toes is mandatory in the weight/conditioning room.
  • Goggles and other eye protection are strongly advised.

Listening Devices for Individual Use

Personal listening devices need the use of headphones.

Amplified Sound Devices for the Activity Area

Recreational Sports personnel can control the content and loudness of devices that emit amplified sound in group activity areas. When using amplified sound, participants must be respectful to others around them.

Closures of Facilities

Facility closures and cancellations may be necessary when conditions warrant it (i.e., special events, maintenance projects, inclement weather).


The rules posted in the room must be followed. The staff’s spoken directions must be followed.

Intangible Assets

Be sure to keep an eye on anything of value. Rental, coin-operated, and day-use lockers are available for rent or purchase. Recreational Sports lockers are not equipped to store pistols.


Regulations now allow for participation by children. The gender-specific locker area is off-limits to anybody under the age of 5. There are many facilities for families to use around the complex.

Unstructured Time to Have Fun

When it comes to unreserved activity spaces, you’ll be able to use them as soon as they become accessible. Priority shall be given to the specified informal leisure activity above all other uses. Full-court, 5-on-5 basketball games may be played on the basketball courts at GRE, RSC, and CCF.

Regulations for the Swimming Pools

  • Be sure to dress for the weather.
  • The use of glass containers is forbidden.
  • Only use personal flotation devices and equipment certified by the United States Coast Guard and given by RecSports.
  • Taking risks with one’s own or others’ safety is not permitted, including running, rough play, and other reckless behavior.
  • Keep your feet on the ground and not on the side of the road.
  • In lanes allocated for lap swimming, swim in a counter-clockwise circle.
  • Keep underwater swimming to one length at a time.
  • At all times, the supervising swimmer must have non-swimmers within arm’s length of them.
  • In the event of bad weather, outdoor amenities may be closed. Patrons are required to leave outdoor facilities when the Lightning Warning System sounds.
  • Members under the age of 17 are permitted to use the facilities at certain hours. A parent or guardian must be present at all times to watch after their children.
  • Changing a child’s diaper is prohibited from anywhere other than in the bathrooms.
  • For youngsters who are not toilet-trained, swim diapers or plastic trousers must be used.

The Spa’s Rules

  • Pregnant women, the elderly, and those with heart problems, great or low blood pressure, diabetes, or epilepsy should seek medical advice before using the spa.
  • A spa’s water should not be used more than 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Centigrade).
  • Members under the age of 17 are not permitted to use the spa.
  • Maximum number of guests: 20

Challenge Court Rules for Racquet and Handball

  • At the Challenge Court, each player must sign up on a clipboard.
  • In each round, the victor will shout out the next opponent’s name. Play the winner or forfeit your position in the queue.
  • There will be a loss of a challenger’s spot if they go to another court while waiting.
  • There may be a “first come, first served” rule until a challenge is made if no objections are raised.
  • Three minutes are allotted for warm-up.
  • A maximum of fifteen points may be scored in every challenge game (win by one point).
  • A player can win three games in a row. It’s up to the next two players on the sign-up page to start a new challenge game once one player has “retired” (after three victories).

Court for Racquetball Competitions

  • 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm: • Gregory Gym (Court #8): (M-F)
  • Day and Night: Court #6 (Recreational Sports Center)

Courts for Handball Competitions

  • The all-day gym at Gregory High School (Court No. 9)
  • Scheduled hours for the Recreational Sports Center (Court #5) are between the hours of 3:00 pm and 8:15 pm (M-F)

Volleyball and Basketball Challenge Court Rules and Recommendations

  • Waiting players offer a verbal challenge for the following round. There is no “next game” command in a game currently being played.
  • Only one player is required to challenge another player.
  • Players who are eliminated from a game cannot reapply unless other players cannot participate.
  • If additional players are waiting to play, the winning team must leave the playing area after three consecutive victories.

Assembled Programs

Recreational Sports prohibits any coaching, teaching, or organized activities not sanctioned by Recreational Sports.


To attend organized events, spectators must have a government-issued picture ID. Spectators cannot observe informal leisure activities.

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Gregory Gym

Gregory Gym parking

Parking for non-members and visitors

Parking in one of the university’s nine garages is highly recommended if you’re visiting campus or attending an event or class at a RecSports facility on the main campus. Please be aware that UT parking permits are required for any surface parking on campus. Check out the parking garage prices.

If you’re going to the Wright-Whitaker Sports Complex, which is situated outside campus, you may park at one of the nearby metered spaces.

Map of Public Parking for Visitors

Participants in Recreational Sports

Member RecSports have access to Class “E” parking permits that enable them to park in certain surface lots and parking structures at discounted rates. Class “E” permits are not available to UT students, professors, or employees.

Visit the Parking and Transportation page below to learn more about parking choices for RecSports members.

Parking for RecSports Members

Gregory Gym lockers

  • All indoor amenities include lockers. There are lockers at GRE 2.204, the Memberships & Guest Services Office. Combinations, maintenance requirements, and material removal if a locker expires are all included in this.
  • Recreational Sports lockers do not permit the storage of weapons.
  • At the RecSports Online Store, you may rent a locker.

A Day-Use Locker.

The university’s indoor facilities, including Wright-Whitaker Sports Complex and Caven-Clark Field, provide day lockers for students. It is up to each individual to provide their lock. Guests are not permitted to leave their possessions or lock unattended.

Lockers That Accept Coins

The Recreational Sports Center and Gregory Gym both have access to it. The price is set at 25 cents (quarters only). Overnight storage of personal items is not permitted.

Student lockers

  • At all times, a limited number of free student lockers are made accessible to those who need them.
  • Locker rentals are only available to students presently enrolled in school.
  • There is no extra charge for students to share a locker, but only the person on record by name and EID will access locker numbers and combinations following clean-out.
  • All students must read, understand, and comply with the Student Locker Agreement each semester.
  • Locker size=12-by-18-by-36-inch

Locker Costs.

  • To rent a locker, you must be enrolled in school or have an active RecSports membership.
  • In your RecSports account, you may pay for monthly locker rents with recurring installments.

It is possible to get your locker code online.

  • Your combination will be available online after you have bought a locker and completed your transaction (UT EID required).
  • RecSports will never e-mail you your locker combination for security reasons.
  • Please get in touch with if you cannot access your locker combination online.

Changing the location of a locker

Please get in touch with if you want to relocate your locker.

Rental Lockers that have expired

When RecSports facilities closed in March, the locks on the lockers left behind were not cleaned out. Until further notice, content handling costs are being waived.

RecSports will charge you $20 if your locker is not renewed by the expiry date and removed your items. Before you can get your belongings out of your locker, you’ll have to pay this cost. RecSports retains the contents for 30 days before disposing of them, following University policy.

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