Is Greenway Health A Good Company To Work For?

Greenway Health

Founded in 2007, Greenway Health, LLC is a privately-owned seller of health information technology (HIT) solutions, including integrated electronic health record (EHR) systems, practice management, and revenue cycle management.

Intergy, Greenway’s cloud-based EHR and practice management system for ambulatory healthcare practices, is ideal. Offices for the corporation may be found in Florida’s Tampa, Georgia’s Carrollton, and India’s Bangalore.

Greenway Health’s mission is to help our clients succeed. Through cutting-edge technology, high-quality services, and strategic partnerships, we help clinics become more profitable, better at treating their patients, and comply with all applicable federal and state requirements.

Health and happiness are top priorities for Greenway’s clinical, financial, and technological specialists. A patient-centered care model is a reality when physicians have access to the relevant information at the right time.

As a result of our collaborations with organizations and innovative healthcare professionals, Greenway touches millions of people daily.


Manager of Health Care

In 1977, the Medical Manager Corporation released Michael “Mickey” Singer’s first piece of medical practice administration software, Medical Manager.

When Vista purchased Medical Manager, it had one of the most extensive practice management software installations in the United States, based out of Gainesville, Florida.

Smithsonian National Museum of American History in Washington DC acquired the Medical Manager software in April 2000 as part of its permanent research collection on information technology.

In the following year, Healtheon, now known as Emdeon, purchased Medical Manager Corporation.

Vitera Healthcare Solutions

EHR and medical practice management software for healthcare professionals was offered by Sage Program Healthcare, Inc., created in 2000 following the acquisition and rebranding of the Medical Manager software from Emdeon.

They had Intergy, a set of tools for healthcare practitioners that included reporting capabilities for financial and clinical information.

Before being bought by Vista Equity Partners in November 2011 and renamed Vitera Healthcare Solutions, the firm was known as Sage Software Healthcare, Inc.

In 2006, Sage Group bought Emdeon’s software for $565 million.

In June 2013, Vitera bought the Birmingham-based EHR business, SuccessEHS, Inc. One of Vitera’s solutions is an EHR system, another is an EDR system, and another is a revenue cycle and practice management service.


As an EHR and practice management solution provider with integrated medical billing services, Birmingham, Alabama-based SuccessEHS, Inc. was established in 1995.

Greenway Medical Technologies

PrimeSUITE was the main product of Greenway Medical Technologies, which was created in 1999.

Vista Equity Partners purchased Greenway Medical Technologies in full in November 2013 and integrated the company with Vitera and SuccessEHS, renaming it Greenway Health.

Greenway Medical Technologies had an initial public offering on February 2, 2012, but was taken private again in November 2013.

Attack of Ransomware

Due to a ransomware assault on Greenway’s systems in April of 2017, a few hundred users could not access patient details for around three weeks. On May 12, 2017, the corporation declared that the issue had been resolved.

Office Shutdowns

At the end of 2017, Greenway stated that it was shutting down its offices in Atlanta, Alabama; Birmingham; and Lake Mary, Florida.

The Carrollton, Georgia, office of the corporation was hit hard by the cuts. The closures, which took place in Atlanta and Carrollton and were completed by January 2018, impacted 120 workers.

Closing the offices was part of an attempt to streamline operations at the Tampa office, now the new headquarters.

Employees affected by the closure of one of the company’s three remaining offices were offered the chance to move.

The settlement with the Department of Justice

As a result of a False Claims Act complaint filed by the United States, Greenway was ordered to pay $57.25 million on February 6, 2019.

The complaint claimed that Greenway misrepresented its EHR product “Prime Suite” capabilities and bribed users to induce them to recommend Prime Suite.

The government accused Greenway of omitting facts that would have prohibited it from receiving certification.

Greenway was also charged with violating the Anti-Kickback Statute by offering money and incentives to its clients to refer Prime Suite to new customers.

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Greenway Health

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Greenway Health jobs

Build the healthcare of the future

At Greenway Health, we strive to create a workplace where everyone feels like they belong.

Our ability to innovate and build a better healthcare system correlates directly to how much money we put into training and developing our workforce.

As soon as you join our team, we’ll do all our power to help you realize your full potential.


Greenway Health salaries

An analyst at Greenway Health can expect to earn between 6.1 Lakhs and 28.7 Lakhs per year, depending on their level of responsibility. The estimations of wages are based on the salaries of 215 Greenway Health workers.

Greenway Health Salary FAQs

How much is Greenway Health’s annual fee?

An analyst at Greenway Health can expect to earn between 6.1 Lakhs and 28.7 Lakhs per year, depending on their level of responsibility.

Estimates for Greenway Health wages are based on 215 salaries collected from Greenway Health employees. Employees at Greenway Health give the total compensation and benefits package a rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars.

In Greenway Health, what is the top salary?

A Product Development Manager at Greenway Health earns a salary of 28.7 Lakhs per year, making it the company’s most lucrative position.

Employees in the top 10 percentile get an annual salary of more than 28.1 lakhs. Over a year, those in the top 1% earn more than 95.54 lakhs.

What’s the bare minimum at Greenway Health?

The position you’re applying for determines the starting compensation at Greenway Health. If you are a Senior Analyst 1, you must earn a minimum income of 6.1 Lakhs per year, and so on.

Greenway Health

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Greenway Health FAQs

What benefits does Greenway Health offer?

Greenway Health allows employees and their families to be eligible for medical, dental, vision, and other benefits. Please visit our benefits page to learn more about the perks and benefits of working for Greenway Health.

Greenway Health’s principles and culture can I learn more about?

A section of the Greenway Health website is devoted to discussing our distinctive culture and values. How we conduct ourselves daily reflects our values and sets us apart from our competitors.

Aimful team players who demonstrate integrity, respect, service, initiative, excellence, accountability, agility, and a willingness to learn are encouraged to apply.

Please visit our benefits page if you’re interested in learning more about the perks and benefits of working at Greenway Health.

It’s safe to say that Greenway Health has made a name for itself as an excellent place to work and as a pioneer in health information technology.

Greenway has earned numerous accolades, including Forbes Magazine’s 2015 Best Software Companies to Work For and the Black Book 2015 primary care survey’s top ranking.

We’ve won these awards because we’re committed to focusing on our greatest asset: our employees.

Does Greenway Health offer visas or work authorization?

Most of the time, Greenway Health does not issue visas or work permits to foreign nationals. To be eligible, a candidate must be able to work in the United States in the present and the future without the need for outside sponsorship or assistance.

Is Greenway Health affiliated with any employment agencies or search firms?

Greenway Health does not accept unsolicited assistance from search firms or employment agencies.

All resumes sent to Greenway Health via email, the internet, or any other method will be considered the sole property of Greenway Health unless accompanied by a valid written search firm agreement.

If Greenway Health hires a candidate due to an unsolicited referral or another method, the recruiter will charge no fee.

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