Globalization Partners

Globalization Partners

In the field of information technology, Globalization Partners is a global powerhouse with headquarters in Boston.

Helping companies of all sizes attract and hire top international talent is the company’s specialty. As of February 2020, the market worth of the firm, which started operations in 2012, exceeded $500 million.


In 2012, Nicole Sahin established Globalization Partners. TDR Capital, Wincove Private Holdings, and Sands Capital Management invested USD 150 million in the firm via an equity investment in February 2020.

The firm had 200 workers in February 2020 and served customers in 170 different countries throughout Asia, Europe, and North America.


The organization utilizes an “employer of record” approach to facilitate the hiring and management of foreign workers on behalf of its corporate clients.

It is also a legal entity in its own right, responsible for ensuring that the businesses it represents comply with all applicable tax, employment, and other regulations. Globalization Partners pays the staff, but they are accountable to their superiors.

A paper titled “Examining the Impact of Diversity on Dispersed Global Teams” was published by Globalization Partners in March 2020. The research discussed the benefits and challenges of a distributed global team and the culture of working remotely.

Since 2020, Nicole Sahin has been the company’s chief executive officer, while Todd Goffman has served as general counsel.

Why work with Globalization Partners

The sum of our parts—our people, our knowledge, and our technology—is superior to anything else. Our global affiliates provide us with an edge over the competition.

We are here to support you and your candidate on the ground.

  • Our teams don’t exist online; they live in the flesh. We have boots on the ground and are available at any moment to assist you and your local staff. You’re dealing directly with us, the specialists, and not some intermediary when you hire us. 
  • We have three times as many employees as our closest rival, allowing us to handle any labor law concerns you may have immediately.

We’ve set up our international organizations to serve you better.

  • You need just a few days, not months, because of our established infrastructure inside the nation to employ us.
  • Unlike our rivals, who depend on external service providers, we oversee the process from beginning to finish.
  • We are in full lockdown mode for compliance. You run the company, and we’ll handle the dangers.

Our system consolidates all of your data into one convenient location.

  • Take care of global headcount from anywhere, without dealing with other countries.
  • Farewell to email and Excel sheets. Simplify the complete HR administrative process from a single dashboard without additional costs, including foreign recruiting, onboarding, and more. 
  • Using our streamlined technology, you can quickly and easily create a legally binding employment contract in any jurisdiction, allowing you to recruit anybody, anywhere.

What do Globalization Partners do?

In today’s digital economy, skilled people shouldn’t be limited by where they live.

Using Globalization Partners’ industry-leading Global Employment PlatformTM, businesses of all sizes can quickly and easily engage a globally mobile workforce that is entirely compliant without the complexity of forming foreign legal organizations or subsidiaries. Even better?

We have a 98% satisfaction rate with our clients and are the industry leader in our field.

It’s true what you’ve read: With the help of Globalization Partners, businesses can find and recruit the most qualified candidates for open positions, regardless of their location.

In addition, they get to do it while working from anywhere in the world. Visit to see how you can help us achieve our goal of expanding access to good jobs worldwide.

Where is Globalization Partners based?

Company Profile: Globalization Partners, Inc. | Boston, MA | Dun & Bradstreet.

What are Globalization Partners worth?

The value of Globalization Partners, a firm that makes software to make international recruiting easier, has skyrocketed during the epidemic.

There may also be a change in mentality about geographically scattered teams contributing to this trend toward remote work.

Consequently, Globalization Partners’ customer base grew by 70% in 2021, increasing the company’s worth. The company’s valuation has risen to $4.2 billion, thanks to additional funding from Vista Equity Partners.

Vista Equity Partners made a $200 million convertible preferred equity commitment on behalf of its Vista Credit Partners subsidiary.

The valuation has increased significantly over the last two years, with a $150 million equity investment in 2020 resulting in a valuation of over $500 million for the firm.

Globalization Partners’ CEO and co-founder Nicole Sahin said on the company’s blog, “Globalization Partners is ideally positioned to capitalize on the huge potential we see ahead of us.”

We were an early player in this market. We provided the most all-encompassing and legally sound solution by combining cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence with a worldwide staff of human resources, legal, and customer service professionals well-versed in the specific norms and regulations of each region they serve.

Continued growth for Globalization Partners

Given the continued need for foreign workers, Globalization Partners has no intention of resting on its laurels.

CEO Bob Cahill said, “Over the last decade, we have spent hundreds of millions of dollars in our company, establishing our worldwide footprint and technology platform to meet the changing and complicated talent demands of rising firms.” Globalization Partners is well-prepared for the future.

Because of Vista’s financial backing, we’ll be able to expand our business and develop new goods to fulfill the demands of our growing consumer base.

Vista Credit Partners’ president David Flannery said, “Globalization Partners’ path in altering the remote labor business has been astounding.”

Globalization Partners’ best-in-class legal compliance, quality of the user experience, and extensive knowledge and support are all things we have seen directly as a Vista and more comprehensive portfolio client.

“VCP is happy to provide funding options to founders of creative software firms.

We’re excited to work with Nicole and the rest of Globalization Partners to help them reach more clients and open up new regions so they can profit from the growing demand for their platform.

How Long Have Globalization Partners been in business?

Globalization Partners, founded in 2012 and led by CEO Nicole Sahin, reduces obstacles to international trade by facilitating the onboarding of foreign workers in a matter of days.

Globalization Partners Career

Our goal is to remove obstacles for people all around the world. If you want to work in the trillion-dollar industry of the future, you need to work with Globalization Partners. We make it simple for our clients to get access to the most qualified candidates globally.

We’re a rocket ship and have a rigorous selection procedure to ensure only the most brilliant minds join us on our mission. We’re looking for someone who can take our company, team, and clients to greater heights. We established the standard for this field and are not finished yet.

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