How To Get Garnet Health Medical Center Medical Records: 3 Steps To Follow

Garnet Health Medical Center

Orange Regional Medical Center, formerly Garnet Health Medical Center, is a tax-exempt, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

On August 5, 2011, Garnet Health Medical Center, the union of Arden Hill Hospital and Horton Medical Center, consolidated its two locations into a single, cutting-edge institution.

We are a well-known health care provider in the area and strive to provide our patients with the best possible service.

There are no changes to your physicians or nurses, your medical records, or the treatment level you’ve expected.

We are dedicated to providing the best possible healthcare to the people in our community, and we do it by going above and above every day.

Garnet Health Medical Center Mission, Vision & Values

Statement of Purpose

By offering high-quality healthcare, we can help our community stay healthy.

The Purpose Statement

We are a team of dedicated experts that go above and beyond to ensure that our patients get the best possible treatment.

Values Statement

  • Patients and their families come first.
  • Respect and civility
  • Integrity, honesty, and openness in action
  • Excellence in Operations
  • Teamwork, cooperation, and communication are all essential components of a successful team.
  • Disciplinary action
  • A pristine, soothing atmosphere

Garnet Health Medical Center Services

About 450,000 people in three counties will be served by Garnet Health, a system created to enhance the standard of healthcare in the Hudson Valley and Catskills.

One of the primary healthcare providers in the tri-county region, thanks to the work of more than 3,000 people, including over 850 doctors and other healthcare professionals.

Care is available in the System’s three hospitals, as well as several outpatient centers, including:

  • Medical care in an emergency
  • Medical and ambulatory surgical treatments are provided
  • A well-trained nursing staff
  • Cardiology care, including angioplasty for both emergency and planned procedures.
  • Services for the detection and treatment of cancer
  • A wide range of orthopedic treatments, such as joint replacements
  • Center for Excellence in Bariatric Surgery
  • Childbirth facilities
  • At the neonatal intensive care unit
  • Diagnostic imaging that may be done in the privacy of one’s own home
  • Practices that focus on primary and family care
  • Programs for mental health and substance abuse treatment
  • Diabetes treatment plan
  • Care of the wound
  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapy are some available rehabilitation therapies.
  • Services provided by a hospitalist
  • Non-profit organizations and community programs

Garnet Health Medical Center medical records

Requesting and Getting Access to Your Medical Records

In compliance with federal and state standards, the Health Information Management Department is committed to maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of your personal health information.

Garnet Health Medical Center offers a variety of options for requesting and accessing your medical records, including a web browser, a smartphone, and a written letter.

Submitting a Request for Medical Records in Writing

You must submit one of the following to our Health Information Management (HIM) Department to acquire your medical records in written form:

Obtaining Medical Records by Sending a Letter

Medical records may be obtained by writing a request to Garnet Health Medical Center’s Health Information Management. The following must be included in this letter:

  • Your name, birth date, and medical record number serve as your identifiers (if known)
  • Please provide the name and address of the person or organization to whom you want your data sent.
  • It’s important to mention a period (e.g., April 12, 2006, or April 2006 to May 06) and the sort of material you’d want to share (example: Emergency Room Record)
  • The signature and date of the patient or legal guardian As an executor or guardian of someone else’s estate, you must present a copy of that person’s will or power of attorney to make a request.
  • In addition, the request should include an expiry date. No expiration date was specified; thus, it will expire one year from the day it was signed.
  • A statement that the permission may be withdrawn at any time, save to the extent that action has already been done in reliance on the authorization
  • Use the address of the facility where you got treatment in your letter (see mailing addresses below)

Seven to 10 business days is the typical processing time for medical record requests.

Picking up Your Medical Records

Obtaining a duplicate of your medical records is free of charge. To pick up your medical records, you may enter Garnet Health Medical Center via the main door and see an HIM staff at the Registration area.

When picking up requested information, a picture ID is necessary.

Any queries you may have throughout this procedure may be answered by HIM representatives. Please call 845-333-1600 to reach an HIM representative.

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