How Much Is A Fusion Gym Membership?

Fusion Gym

In April of 2000, Fusion Gym opened its doors after a local London council decided to contract out the maintenance of its recreational facilities.

Fusion today administers a comprehensive portfolio of facilities utilizing our specialized skills to deliver sustainable solutions for authorities and new goods and services for our clients.

Fusion is a nationwide operator that oversees recreational facilities from Wales to London and even as far north as Newcastle.

No two Fusion sites are the same, we maintain the tradition of centers when we rebuild, and we are skilled at managing centers from ice rinks to outward-bound residential centers, town halls, and substantial recreational facilities.

We invest our energy into creating facilities and programming that are appealing offer to the local community.

We appreciate the heritage of our facilities, and it is not unusual for generations of local people to have cherished recollections of learning to swim in our centers, playing football matches throughout the years, and holding birthday parties at our locations.

Fusion is a recognized charity; there are consequently no stockholders. We can consistently reinvest in facilities, products, and critical people.

Our Board of Trustees give their time and guide decision-making; they have a lot of skills, experience, and a genuine interest in health and wellness.

Our Vision & Mission

To be the top choice leisure organization, offering excellent standards in healthy active leisure.

What does this mean?

  • We regularly examine the market to guarantee we have the most significant goods and activities.
  • We continually supply standards that meet and surpass consumer expectations.
  • We provide a fantastic employee engagement concept.

Our Mission

To offer inclusive and accessible sport and recreation for health, energy, and wellness.

What does this mean?

  • We are dedicated to offering the finest quality sport and active leisure services that all community members enjoy at accessible pricing.
  • To guarantee that participation rates are consistently rising, we work to remove any obstacles in their way.

Fusion Gym Facility 

  • There are fifty-one gyms and health clubs.
  • 40 Indoor Swimming Pools
  • 6 read
  • Twenty-Six Athletic Centers
  • One Indoor Tennis Facility
  • Olympic Stadium, Level 3
  • 18 Hole Golf Course and Squash Club
  • 1 Indoor Bowls Centres
  • 2 Outdoor Activity Venues
  • Eleven Artificial Fields for Use in the Great Outdoors
  • 6 Tennis Courts
  • 1 Ice Rink
  • Number One Putt-Putt Golfing Facility

Who is the CEO of Fusion Lifestyle?

Anthony Cawley – Chief Executive – Fusion Lifestyle.

Fusion gym

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Fusion gym membership

Select Membership

Fusion Gym price List

Please be aware that we are a cashless facility and cannot accept any cash payments. This is because there are more accessible and secure alternatives to make your purchases to allow a lot of speedier admission procedures and avoid those reception waits.

Health and Fitness

Item Price Concession
Gym Session £9.75 £4.90
Group Exercise Class  £9.75  £4.90


Item Price Concession
Swim Session  £5.50 £3.00
Junior Swim Session £3.00 N/A

Pricelist form: Fashion Style

Fusion gym

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How do I cancel my membership at Fusion gym?

To terminate your subscription, please fill out the “provide notice of membership cancellation” form under the left sidebar of the “contact us” page of our main website,

Fusion Gym Equipment

See the Equipment

Fusion Gym FAQs

Following the Governments’ recommendations, we are continually examining our policies and practices.

Our members’ and visitors’ cleanliness and personal space remain a top focus as we strive to encourage them on their fitness paths. Your safety is an essential thing to us.

Update on COVID (as of 27th January 2022):

Do I have to wear a mask in the main hall?

Face coverings are no longer obligatory, although should you feel more comfortable, you are free to continue to wear one.

What kind of safeguards is in place, if any?

The safety of our customers and personnel is of the most profound concern to us. We will keep up our meticulous cleaning practices, particular attention paid to high-traffic areas.

Hand sanitizer stations are in place. We urge you to wipe equipment down before and after using the offered sanitizing products.

How important is it for me to book online?

Customers are strongly encouraged to call ahead and reserve a spot to prevent being turned away if the center is already at capacity.

However, you are welcome to show up and purchase/book at the reception; we wouldn’t be able to guarantee the spot. All payments are via card only.

Are saunas and steam rooms in use?

Both the sauna and steam room are available for use. Please talk to a member of staff at your facility for additional information.

What if I experience signs of Covid?

Please do not attend the facility if you have any signs of Covid.


Are there any membership limits in place?

There are no longer any daily visit limits associated with any memberships, and the terms have been restored to their former state.

Are there age limits in place?

Fusion provides goods and services subject to age limits. Consumers may be required to produce evidence of age to guarantee the most excellent experience while utilizing the facilities.

The following are approved proof of age papers, passport, picture student ID, Proof of age card, and driving license.

As a member, can I still benefit from advanced bookings?

Yes, sure. Members benefit from 24 hours ahead of booking. In most Centres, members may reserve 7 days in advance, while non-members can book 6 days in advance.

Charnwood Specific (Bookings may be made 7 full days in advance for members and non-members. Bookings may be made from 8 pm the night before the 7 days).

Why did you reinstate the “no show” and “late cancellation” policies?

This verifies that we support a ‘fair usage policy. This will help us handle the reservations more efficiently and encourage members to cancel a ticket if they cannot go in enough time to provide other consumers the option to attend.

Nothing from Fusion has been sent to my inbox. When do I need to do this?

Firstly, please check your junk mail. If it is not there, please contact expressing that you would want to ‘opt in’ to receive emails from us. Please also monitor your local center’s social media channels for updates.

What are the procedures for making changes to my membership?

You may request this in writing, by email to your Centre. They will process this for you. All modifications must be provided with one month’s notice.

How can I freeze my membership?

To request a membership freeze, go to the center’s website, locate the “Give Notice of Membership Freeze” link, fill out the form, and send it in.

Once submitted, you will get an automatic confirmation. The webpage has further details on freezing processes.

Swim School

How do swimming lessons often go down, exactly?

Every class is conducted at the poolside with the help of swimming teachers. Swimming aids are used to ensure all swimmers are safe.

In some courses, it may be safer and better for the kid’s development for lessons to continue with parents/ guardians in the water to support their child.

The center personnel will immediately inform the consumers of these courses where this is needed.

When I arrive at the Centre, what do I do?

All customers need a Fusion card to enter the Centre via the turnstiles. Your Fusion card will enable entrance to the Centre 10 minutes before your revised class time.

On your first visit, if you do not already have a Fusion card, one will be prepared for you to pick up, or one will be given to you automatically.

Can I use the changing rooms?

Public restrooms with changing facilities are readily accessible and maintained regularly.

Where do parents/guardians go when the class is running?

Please utilize the authorized spectator or seated locations; Face coverings are encouraged.

Will my kid utilize equipment throughout the lesson?

Each swimmer will have access to their own set of equipment throughout the sessions so they may work on improving their technique.

My kid has to wear goggles, is that okay with you?

Safety glasses are recommended. We suggest practicing with your kid at home so they can put them back on during classes if required. If goggles are taken off during lessons, the swimmer may continue to practice without them.

Do Swimming Instructors update assessments?

Our teachers update registrations and evaluations every week. Instructors will examine the aspects focused on in each session, which may be monitored in the Home Portal.

Please be patient while we update your account; it will take several sessions for the teachers to review any changes.

Do they leave the center with any recognition?

Badges and certificates are available at the front desk, and the staff will let you know if you’ve earned one.

When do my kids have class?

To get in touch with a representative, use the drop-down menus on the contact us forms to specify the location and nature of your inquiry (e.g., “My current Swim School query”). To send us your question, please use the form below.

Who do I contact if my question isn’t answered?

Please go to the website’s ‘Contact Us’ area to leave a query. Please pick whether it is a Centre specific or general query, and one of our staff members will answer as promptly as possible.

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