How Much Is A Forma Gym Membership?

Forma Gym

At Forma Gym, our purpose is simple – “to make fitness a part of our member’s everyday life, for the rest of their lives.”

We provide the tools and assistance you need to feel comfortable, have fun, and enjoy your fitness journey. From our luxurious facilities to the industry’s most outstanding fitness instructors, we provide you with a secure, inspiring location to show up and Play Every Day.

With two distinct Bay Area locations, we offer a dynamic, holistic approach to exercise and a contemporary, cutting-edge design with a natural community feel.

Members may book a seat for a Group Fitness class, schedule a lap swim, and secure a Pilates Reformer session AND MORE – using our Forma App!

Forma Gym pricing

  • For $29, you receive a one-month Basic Plus subscription (up to a $99 value).
  • For $49, you receive a two-month Basic Plus subscription (up to a $199 value).
  • For only $69, you can obtain three months of Basic Plus access (a $299 value).


Forma Gym

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Forma Gym San Jose cost

Since 2015, we’ve been providing our services to the people of South San Jose. Forma Gym San Jose is a 40,000 square-foot luxury fitness center with an 8,000 square-foot covered outdoor workout space, including cardio machines, strength equipment, Group Fitness courses, a Cycle Deck, and a heated 6-lane junior Olympic swimming pool, and a jacuzzi.

We take the County’s health and safety laws seriously and go above and beyond them whenever possible. We have plenty of disinfection stations spread out across the facility and clean and sanitize them regularly.

Who owns Forma Gym

Robert Jackson and Mandana Nejad are dedicated to health and fitness that goes well beyond the doors of their Forma Gym company.

They argue that business and community go hand in hand and have found purpose and success in putting that attitude front and center.

Before the Jacksons bought the old Walnut Creek Sports and Fitness in 2012, Forma Gym was a modest training studio. “With a lot of hard effort and a little bit of luck,”

Robert says we evolved the club into a leading community exercise facility.” In the same year, the pair took over as organizers and sponsors of the Forma Turkey Trot, a fundraiser benefiting public schools in Walnut Creek and food banks in neighboring Contra Costa and Solano counties that has so far brought in over $628,000.

Proceeds from the marathon also support Forma’s yearly contribution of 500 Thanksgiving dinners for low-income families in Oakland.

Like their financial savvy, the Jacksons seem to have social responsibility hardwired into their genes. They glance at one other and respond in unison, “Why not?” when asked why they put themselves through it all.

Since its inception in 2013, the Forma Kids Foundation has worked to “increase the health and welfare of children in our community and the globe” and “instill in them the values of physical exercise, good dietary practices, and giving back.”

They have two young children, ages 8 and 4, and they want to teach them to be caring, contributing members of society.

People who work at Forma are proud to be part of a business dedicated to profiting from doing good in the world, and they feel that Forma members appreciate the club’s civic involvement.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Robert created Fitness BI, an advanced software program dashboard that helps health clubs better manage club operations via the use of data.

And he intends to generate sponsorship for paralysis patients seeking therapy at Paralysis Recovery Center at Forma Gym.

Recently, Mandana hired a new chief operating officer (COO) to handle the gym’s day-to-day operations so that she could devote more time to the Foundation.

She also aims to extend the Turkey Trot and introduce a similar event to Forma Gym in San Jose. And she focuses on innovative approaches to meet the needs of children in the foster care system. They make a formidable team.

Forma Gym app

Forma Gym

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Forma Gym massage

1. Signature Swedish Massage

When you massage with long, smooth strokes, you increase the amount of oxygen in your blood, decrease the number of toxins in your muscles, and boost your muscular flexibility and relaxation.

  • 25 min. $50, 50 min. $95, and 80 min. $135

2. Massage using Essential Oils of Aroma

A soothing treatment that restores energy and delivers a heightened sensation of well-being.

The Aromatherapy Massage combines the Signature Massage technique with the use of pure essential oils selected for their medicinal characteristics. Oil combination alternatives include stress reduction, muscular soother, and mood booster.

  • 25min $50 / 50min $95 / 80min $135

Lastone Therapy Massage

LaStone Therapy is the ultimate massage experience. When hot and cold basalt stones are used with a therapeutic massage, the tension in the muscles and other tissues melts away, and mental stress alleviates.

  • 25min $50 / 50min $95 / 80min $135

3. Tissue Work (Deep)

If you’re looking for a deep, therapeutic massage that can help loosen up those knots in your back and shoulders, go no further than the Deep Tissue Massage.

  • 25min $50 / 50min $95 / 80min $135

Sports Massage

Sports Massage integrates myofascial and trigger point release to boost an athlete’s strength and agility and aids in obtaining the constant level of high performance that is essential for successful sports competition.

  • 25 min. $50, 50 min. $95, and 80 min. $135

Prenatal Massage

Aches, aches, and stress may accompany the joyful waiting time for the arrival of a baby. The soothing, pain-relieving Prenatal Massage is provided while the lady lays on her side, giving close attention to the comfort and unique requirements of the expectant mother.

  • 25 min. $50, 50 min. $95, and 80 min. $135

Reflexology Massage

Applying pressure to specific points on the feet, hands, or ears, reflexology is a kind of complementary medicine based on the principle that each gland and organ of the body has a corresponding reflex region. For optimal health, it restores equilibrium to the body’s qi.

  • 25 min. $50, 50 min. $95, and 80 min. $135

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu, or “finger pressure” in Japanese, is based on the energy flow along meridian lines. Unblocking any stagnation in the body balances the body for an increased feeling of well-being.

  • 25 min. $50, 50 min. $95, and 80 min. $135

Nerve and Muscle Treatment (NMT)

Discover the benefits of neuromuscular treatment for the relief of trigger points. NMT was meant to repair imbalances in the body by treating lack of circulation, trigger points, and nerve entrapment. Proper manipulation will release a significant degree of stress in your body, bringing optimal function back to your everyday life.

  • $65 – 25min / $125 – 50min / $165 – 80min

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