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John Armand Mitzewich (food wishes), better known as “Chef John,” was born on July 11, 1963, in New York City. He is an American chef who has amassed over 850 million YouTube views for his instructional cooking films posted on the blog and YouTube channel Food Wishes.


New York-based Paul Smith’s College awarded John Mitzewich a bachelor’s degree in 1983. Culinary Arts/Chef Training was his major in college, and he graduated with honors and was named the school’s “Outstanding Chef Training Student” in 1983.

The Carnelian Room Executive Sous Chef, Ryan’s Café Sous Chef, and San Francisco Opera Garde Manger are just a few of the positions he’s had in the culinary sector. He was a chef instructor at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco for five years before deciding to concentrate on teaching people how to cook online instead.

Cookbook: America’s Family Favorites: The Best of Home Cooking, Paragon Publishing,, and Paragon Publishing Taste TV honored him with the title of “Best Home Chef in a Series” in 2011.


Recipes by Mitzewich may be found on his blog as well as on his YouTube channel, where he provides video instructions on how to make each dish. Mitzewich’s blog includes written ingredient amounts and background information, while his YouTube channel provides video instructions for making each dish (which otherwise does not typically describe the exact amounts of all ingredients). It’s a win-win situation for him since he gets paid twice for advertising on both sites.

Over 870 million views have been recorded on Mitzewich’s YouTube channel as of August 2021. For Mitzewich’s YouTube channel, a content relationship was struck.

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Mitzewich’s style of shooting on YouTube sets him apart from other filmmakers. The only things on the show are the tools, ingredients, and his hands, all of which he has purposefully left out of the view. In the future, he’ll transcribe the narrative.

Mitzewich’s food is notable for its use of powdered cayenne pepper in almost all of its dishes. He says the spice adds “an additional touch of fire and brings the particular flavors of the foods forward” when it is added to the meal.

Food wished recipes


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