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Our goal at Food Depot is to ensure that every customer has a positive experience when they purchase with us. Clean, well-stocked stores with a large selection of high-quality products and helpful staff are the first steps in creating a positive shopping experience.

As you walk into one of our stores, we are devoted to providing you with exceptional value. You won’t believe the savings you’ll find in our weekly advertisements, special display goods, in-store specials, and our everyday low prices!

In our fresh meat, produce, and grocery categories, you will find a wide variety of products. In our extensive meat sections, you can find the greatest quality meat and seafood in the area.

You can count on our skilled butchers to cut your beef and pig right in front of your eyes every day. Founded in 1975, Food Depot is a locally owned and operated business with a long history in the Atlanta area.

Our objective is to make your buying experience as simple and convenient as possible while saving you money. At Food Depot, you can see your savings grow!

Food Depot History

Food Depot

The First Steps to a Dream.

Your achievement increases dramatically if you have something intrinsically motivating in your blood. Two people who had a vision, a desire to make a difference, and the determination to see it through were referred to as “guaranteed.” Gerald Taylor and Raymond Johnson are two guys who, as independent business owners in the Atlanta metropolitan area, are making a difference in the lives of many others.

They bought Kenney’s Market in Stockbridge, Georgia, in March 1975, and it became their first supermarket. When they decided to buy the Stockbridge shop, their friends thought they were nuts, and each of them had to put their homes up as collateral.

Gerald and Raymond settled on the name QUALITY since it had the same amount of letters as Kenney’s Markets, so they took out the letters and replaced them with QUALITY.

To say, Taylor, it’s amusing that it has stayed with us for so long. I’d say it was a fluke of nature. That’s not a fluke, and it’s the result of Quality’s meticulous planning and use of the word “Quality.”

After decades of hard work and strong confidence in the relationship between Quality and the two gentlemen who founded the company in 1975, these two men are well on their way to achieving the initial goal they had for the company back in 1975.

When Quality first started up, they had a straightforward strategy for attracting clients. Please allow us the opportunity to assist you.

One of the first Food Depots

In late 1988, the Food Depot brand and concept made its debut. First, in the Cost Plus 10% concept was the Conyers, Georgia location.

Despite the challenges that lay ahead for Quality, its steadfastness in sticking to its original course allowed it to flourish and reach its current position.

Since Food Depot’s inception, it has maintained steady growth thanks to its merchandising and advertising skills and its ability to understand client needs, competitive pricing, and ambition to service its customers better than anybody else.

Once they reached Conyers, the firm continued switching to the Food Depot Cost Plus 10% model. In February 2004, when the Newnan location was moved, the last shop was transformed.

A single store might be anywhere between 18,000 and 50,000 square feet. Among the five standard divisions are Grocery (which includes Dairy and Frozen Food) and Meat and Produce. For the time being, Food Depot focuses on the fundamentals and doing things well.

Is food depot only in Georgia?

With 41 locations serving their consumer base outside the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, Food Depot is now an employee-owned business throughout West Georgia, Columbus, Dublin, and Macon. With this concept in mind, the firm has grown and prospered.

Both Taylor and Johnson see themselves as the guardians of the Employee-Owned firm, ensuring that it remains solid, expands, and never fails to deliver on its promises to its workers.

In today’s market, these two gentlemen have built a unique treasure that provides all that one could desire. It’s a terrific location to work, learn from others’ mistakes, broaden your horizons, and reach whatever business objectives you set out to attain.

In a challenging, competitive industry, Food Depot shines like an extremely polished jewel because of its core values of honesty, integrity honesty, a firm handshake, doing what you say you’ll do, and treating your customers and your workers with respect.

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Food Depot Wine

Food Depot


Our produce department is known for its freshness and diversity. You may select from a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables at our store. Why don’t you stop by and have a look?

Meat and fish

You may rest assured that the meats you purchase will be of the finest possible standard. Fresh meats and poultry and a wide variety of frozen seafood are the mainstays of our business.

Freshly-cut beef and pork are available at Food Depot every day. Our Master Butchers are always on hand to help with any unique cuts or requests.

Grocery Products

We provide a wide selection of products, from canned foods to spices, at affordable prices every time. Whether you’re looking for National Brands or our high-quality Private Brands, our well-stocked shelves have everything you need for all of your recipes.

Foods that are frozen

Our frozen food cabinets feature a wider choice of frozen fruits and vegetables, freezer meals, frozen delights and sweets than ever before, from pizzas to potatoes.


Fresh from the dairy farms, a wide range of cheeses, butter, milk, and juices are available. We also provide a large variety of yogurts and healthy snacks convenient for those with a hectic schedule.

Genuine Ethical Foods

We have the largest authentic ethnic departments in Metro Atlanta and neighboring areas, with the most diverse variety of Hispanic, Caribbean, and Jamaican items.


You’re more health-conscious than ever before these days. Check out our Wild Harvest Natural and Organic product collection if you’re trying to eat healthier.

Beer & Wine

You’ll find all of the most popular domestic and imported brews at reasonable prices in our stores. To go along with your particular meal or dish, we offer a wide variety of wines.

Pets & Children

We have all the pet and infant food you could ever want in one location.

Additional Services

Rent a Rug Shampoo, purchase Gift Cards or Money Orders or use Western Union services at the Service Desk. We also sell the most popular Tobacco products there.

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Does food depot take coupons?

In Georgia, there are 42 Food Depot stores! The lowest pricing in town on a wide range of groceries, fresh fruit, and custom-cut premium meats are just some of the services we provide our clients. Shoppers in Douglasville Hwy 5 and Dublin may now do their online shopping easily!

Enjoy the following benefits if you download our new app today:

  • Get a list of the nearest shops around you.
  • See what’s on sale and add it to your basket or shopping list right from the weekly ad!
  • Set your shopping lists for both online and in-store purchases!
  • Food Depot Douglasville Hwy 5 and Food Depot Dublin provide online shopping with curbside pickup.
  • It’s easy to save money by using digital coupons! Or, if you prefer, you may use them in the store.

Download the food depot app

How much does the food depot pay in Georgia?

Baggers make an average of $7.50 an hour at Food Depot, while Office Managers make an average of $8.91 an hour. Front End Associates make an average of $15,000 a year, while Lead Cashiers make an average of $22,807 a year.

A total of 132 data points were gathered from workers, users, and Indeed job listings during the previous 36 months.

Please keep in mind that all income data are based on third-party submissions to and hence subject to change. For the sole purpose of making broad comparisons, these numbers are made available to Indeed users. The minimum wage in your area may vary, so it’s best to check with your employer for specifics.

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