Food Bazaar and where is food bazaar located?

Food Bazaar

Food Bazaar is an open market (as it is in the Middle East) consisting of rows of stalls or shops selling miscellaneous items. An area for the sale of good sand from a department store. A fair to sell of items specifically for charity, an event for the church.

A bazaar is an area of retail or market where a range of products is offered for sale. One instance of a bazaar would be a Middle Eastern market outside with several booths offering various goods. A market, especially located in The Middle East, and often filled with stalls and shops.

What is a food bazaar?

Bogopa is owned and operated by family members. Under the brand name “Food Bazaar,” the company runs full-service grocery shops throughout the Tri-State metropolitan areas (NY, NJ, and CT). We are proud to go to the extremes to provide all of our communities with the foods people love and remember the taste of “back home”.

Food Bazaar

Who is Food Bazaar owned by?

Bogopa Service Corp., the proprietor of the Food Bazaar grocery store banner and the Fairway Market store in Westbury, New York, is located on Long Island. The acquisition comes in following the purchase by Bogopa of two other Fairway Market stores in the New York City boroughs of Brooklyn (Red Hook) and Queens (Douglaston) in June.

The acquisitions of Fairway stores will be thrilling times for Bogopa. We’re looking forward to showing all customers who shop at these previously Fairway stores they can trust that Food Bazaar will be keeping many of the same features and quality that they have been accustomed to and will continue to offer the best convenience of shopping online with Instacart,” said Edward Suh EVP of the Brooklyn-based Bogopa owned by a family which operates the 28 Food Bazaar supermarkets in New York City, New Jersey, Long Island, Connecticut, and New York’s Westchester County.

Under the Food Bazaar banner, the Westbury store will continue to provide services to the people it serves by offering organics, perishables, international cuisine, specialty coffees, as well as online shopping (via Instacart) and customer service. Store employees will remain in their jobs, as per Bogopa.

Where is the food bazaar located?

Food Bazaar Inc. has its headquarters within Brooklyn, NY, United States, and is a member of the Grocery Stores Industry. Food Bazaar, Inc. employs 24 employees in all its locations. It earns $514,851 in revenue (USD). (Employees and sales figures are modeled).

How many locations does the food bazaar have?

New YORK This morning, Food Bazaar Supermarket, a privately owned company famous for its international food selections and charitable contributions, has announced the expansion of its retail offerings. There are three stores opening, which will last a week, which includes: Elizabeth, New Jersey; Brentwood, Long Island, along with East 163rd Street in the Bronx.

This year’s Grand Opening events will celebrate the expansion of the business and its continued dedication to the communities that it serves. To demonstrate its commitment, a donation of 20 tons of groceries items and general merchandise will be given to three charities in the local area, such as Community Food Bank of New Jersey, Saint Anne’s Parish in Brentwood, and City Harvest in the Bronx.

“We are fortunate that we have the opportunity to work with local leaders and other organizations to form partnerships that support families in the local community. This is why we’ve included the charity aspect into every one event we hold a Ribbon Cutting. This ensures that essential goods are delivered to those who require them the most in our local communities. Food Bazaar Supermarkets’ distinctive shopping experience provides customers with an experience that is truly a feast to the senses, featuring vast displays of food items and distinct multicultural cuisines and flavors from all over the globe. The company is proud in supplying the food and drink needs of every one of Communities serving with tastes of love and can remember memories of “home return”.


Three new stores will include a full-service fish department, custom-cut meat department bakery, deli counters, exotic produce selections, and vast international aisles, which is a significant aspect that sets the company above other grocers. There are a variety of discounts available across the chain-like discounts for seniors, Fire Fighters, and employees. In the NYC locations, there’s an additional discount for IDNYC cardholders.

Customers can get other benefits by downloading the brand new rewards app for mobile available on Google Play or the App Store and Google Play. All are invited to attend the Grand Opening Store Ribbon Cutting ceremonies, and community officials will be giving details about the store’s openings and the significant donations of food and other items.

The event will also have events for the whole family to enjoy, including an offer of gifts to all customers who shop for the first time in the store, radio remotes, win rewards such as the summer cash prize of 10,000, and more.


  • Address: 211 Elmora Ave., Elizabeth, NJ 07202
  • Date/Time: Thursday, August 25; event starts at 10:00 a.m.


  • Address: 101 Wicks Rd., Brentwood, NY 11717
  • Date/Time: Monday, August 29; event starts at 10:00 a.m.


  • Address: 445 E. 163rd St., Bronx, NY 10451
  • Date/Time: Thursday, September 1; event starts at 10:00 a.m.

For more details about the store, including recipes, coupons, and other weekly deals for more information about the store, recipes, weekly coupons, and more, visit About Bogopa Service Corp. (d.b.a. Food Bazaar Supermarket)

A privately-owned, family-owned, and operated business that has grown to more than 20 full-service grocery stores in the TriState metro area (NY, NJ, CT) under the “Food Bazaar” brand. Bogopa is a Korean word that translates to “Yearning for You” in Korean began its first store in 1988. It was inspired by the need for various authentic foods and tastes that the mainstream stores could not offer.

Food Bazaar

It is proud to go to the extremes to supply the communities they serve with the food they love and remember their “homeland”, the company offers a convenience store with a wide selection of food products as Bogopa Private Label, which is Bogopa Private Label, their exclusive line of high-quality items priced at a reasonable price.

Affirmed committed to supporting the communities, Food Bazaar regularly partners with various non-profit organizations, giving away large amounts of food and hosting numerous community events throughout the year.


Food Bazaar Supermarket

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How many food bazaar supermarkets are there?

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