Flex Fitness is Perfect Fitness Workout Place

About Flex Fitness

Personal trainers at Flex Fitness will work with you to design a workout plan tailored to your specific needs.

In Orange County, Flex Fitness is the place to go for all of your fitness training and exercise needs. We were chosen the best gym in Orange County.

It’s a gym that anybody and everyone can use. In addition to athletes, bodybuilders, models, and anybody else who competes professionally, we also have a large clientele. Looking to gain strength and a lean physique? Then look no further than our facility.

Laguna Hills, California, is home to our top-of-the-line fitness facility. Personal training by certified professionals is what we do best.

All of our athletic trainers are nutrition experts and can assist our valued customers and members in developing a personalized eating plan.

Our Story

His high standards, dedication, and years of expertise all come together to make him a valuable addition to any team.

Flex Fitness founder Tony Nammari has established Orange County’s premier bodybuilding gym. In the beginning, Flex Fitness was developed out of a desire for more and better.

Personal Training and Body Transformation

At Flex Fitness, our goal is to help each of our customers become the person they want to be – strong, toned, fit, and bursting with energy, to name just a few qualities.

Individualized attention is our first priority in determining which training and nutrition regimens are most suited to your unique situation.

Our Clientele Is Driven to Achieve Success

When you walk into Flex Fitness, you’ll know that you’ve found a unique gym for individuals who are serious about being fit.

The International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) is the governing body of this discipline, and many of our customers engage in bikini and figure competitions or professional bodybuilding events administered by the IFBB.

However, it’s important to remember that you don’t need such high standards to take pleasure in and profit from our services. What’s more, we’re here to make sure that you reach your full potential, no matter your background or fitness level.

Prepared to Succeed

Our goal at Flex Fitness is to provide an environment where you may achieve your full potential. If you’re a picky shopper, we’re certain that our well-kept facilities will impress you.

In addition to being contemporary, clean, and spotless, our facility is well-staffed with qualified, competent, and dedicated staff members. ‘

The temperature at our gym is always set at a level that is beneficial to working out. Our club is also equipped with unique European-made equipment unavailable at other clubs.

Soap and towels are provided for your convenience in our showers, which are also cleaned and well-stocked. Our high-end gym is situated in Laguna Hills, a suburb of Lake Forest, California, only a few miles away.

We’re a reputable fitness facility dedicated to offering our devoted members access to the business’s best personal trainers, sports trainers, and nutritionists.

How We Help You Make the Most of Your Visit

All of our personal trainers are highly qualified and have worked with a wide range of people with varying body types, histories, and fitness objectives in the past.

They are as capable of advancing your career as a fierce competitor as they are of assisting you in achieving personal fitness goals for maximum health. Flex fitness offers the following services:

  • An all-encompassing, personalized training program
  • The ability to design your own workouts
  • Guidelines for improving and maintaining cardiovascular fitness
  • Macronutrient-focused eating regimens
  • Meal preparation services are also available.
  • Individualized supplement recommendations based on your unique health conditions and goals
  • As your body responds, weekly changes are made.
  • You and your coach may communicate through email or SMS.

Because we care about your health, we will never suggest a workout program, diet, or supplement that we haven’t first examined extensively and determined to be beneficial to you individually.

As soon as you join Flex Fitness, you’re treated like a valued member. We’ll work with you to devise a fitness and nutrition plan tailored to your unique needs, and we’ll keep tabs on your progress with regular check-ins and progress reports.

All of our staff members are committed to providing you with the best possible service, no matter what fitness level you are at or what your goals are.

about Flex Fitness

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Who bought Flex fitness?

At the end of the day on Sunday, the firm that had taken over Flex-Fit-Gym 24/7 memberships abruptly shut down the gym without warning.

The new owners have not revealed how they got the memberships or how this would affect clients’ personal and financial information.

According to business representatives, members of Flex-Fit-Gym have now deemed Freedom Fitness members, who spoke to the media on Monday afternoon. Employees of Flex-Fit may or may not transition to Freedom Fitness.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUuTKT0C0Fo[/embedyt]

The Alameda and Saratoga Street branches of Flex-Fit-Gym closed on April 28th. On Monday night, a connected training facility in the downtown area remained open. A year ago, the store in Flour Bluff closed its doors.
Late Monday afternoon, the firm shared the news on social media.

KRIS-6 news met with Freedom Fitness spokesperson Jake Garry, who said the company “bought” the memberships from Flex-Fit, but would to provide more facts.

And according to Garry, KRIS-6 News does not need to know if Freedom Fitness purchased or just got Flex-Fit member information, which normally includes personally sensitive and protected financial data.

There was no word on how many consumers are impacted or if Flex-Fit users who want to cancel their new – if undesirable – Freedom Fitness subscriptions may do so.

Flex Fit members were instead directed by Garry to contact or visit their local Freedom Fitness facility to inquire about personal training plans and pricing.

‘Flex Fitness is no longer servicing its members, but Freedom Fitness is. The Freedom Fitness team is excited to welcome them,” he stated.

Can I bring a friend to flex fitness?

Assumption of risk and waiver of responsibility for 24 hours

Indemnify and release.

Flex Fitness or other fitness club activities have a considerable risk of harm, including lifelong paralysis and death, and I KNOWINGLY AND FREELY ASSUME ALL SUCH RISKS, both known and unknown.

I understand and accept these risks. I understand that Flex Fitness is an unsupervised gym, and I agree to take any risks connected with working out there without the assistance of a trainer or other facility staff member.

I am aware that Flex Fitness is a privately owned gym. I at this moment release, indemnify, and hold harmless Flex Fitness and its owners, officers, managers, affiliates, agents, and employees (collectively, “releases”) from any claim or demand arising from any injury, disability, death, or loss or damage to any person or property, whether or not caused by the negligence of the Releases, that may be made against me.

All claims, actions, losses, and expenses of any kind that the Releasees may suffer or incur as a result of or arising from: a) The negligent or careless use or misuse by myself or any guest under my control of the club facilities or equipment; and b) The Releasees becoming liable in respect to or arising from:
In an accident or damage to property or people occurring at the Club’s premises, I or any visitor under my control are fully or partially responsible, whether directly or indirectly, for the incident.

If any element of this release is invalid, the rest of the release will continue in full force and effect. I agree that this release is meant to be as wide and comprehensive as allowed by the law.

All of my heirs and assigns will be covered by this release, as will any minors part of my membership and for whom I am signing as parent or guardian.

Because the Club relies on this release to enter into the Agreement, I am aware of the importance of this document.


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Membership terms and conditions


The following terms and conditions apply to this Agreement:

  • Acknowledgment: Flex Fitness’s Membership Agreement with you.
  • This club is called: In this Agreement, “Flex Fitness Club” refers to the location where you apply for membership.
  • Termination: To terminate their membership, a Member must provide writing notification to their Club or Debitsuccess.
  • It is possible to terminate early: This signifies that you’ve decided to end your membership before the end of the minimum contract period.
  • Fee for early cancellation: To put it simply, it indicates that the least one is;
    • (a) 25 percent or $250.00; or
    • (b) 25 percent or $250.00.
  • Facilities: Includes, but is not limited to, locker rooms, changing rooms, showers, saunas, supplement bars, and other facilities accessible to Flex Fitness members within the Club to which your membership belongs.
  • Flex Fitness: Flex Fitness New Zealand Limited has a franchise agreement with the Franchisee, covering the Club’s heirs, estates, agents, representatives, officers, directors, shareholders, successors, affiliated companies, and employees.
  • As a member of the Foundation: This option refers to the pre-opening membership option, where the lower installment fee only applies if your membership is moved to a different location within the minimum term of your original Foundation Membership because of an increase in reciprocal club access.
  • Clubhouse: The main Club of a member is the one they originally belonged to.
  • Member: Anybody using Flex Fitness’s facilities and services under the terms of this Agreement.
  • It must be at least one year: The agreed-upon minimum duration for this Contract is outlined in the Payment Schedule section.
  • It is a mutual club:  Members may use their 24/7 access key to enter other Flex Fitness locations outside of their local Club if they have a membership that includes reciprocal access as a perk.
  • Products: Services offered by Flex Fitness to its members and consumers may be included in your subscription or provided as an extra service. Equipment for strength and resistance training, cardio equipment, free weights, and accessories, as well as group fitness classes and small or large-group training sessions, personal training sessions, body composition scanning, and nutritional and exercise advice and expertise are just some of the many services that may be offered.
  • Suspension of execution: for medical, health, or personal reasons, a member may seek a temporary pause on their membership and payments
  • Transfers: The Home Club may be switched to another club as long as the Member’s access to Reciprocal Flex Fitness clubs is increased by required key tag access.
  • You: The individual applying for a Flex Fitness membership as defined in this Agreement.

1. Become a member of the organization

1.1. As a member, you are entitled to certain privileges and benefits:

You are entitled to utilize Flex Fitness facilities, equipment, and services by the kind of membership you purchased when you signed up.

Flex Fitness management has the final say on whether or not your membership may be transferred to someone else. It’s up to Flex Fitness to set prices and conditions for memberships based on where you live in the United States.

The typical regional operating costs of the firm and the local market within a given area are considered when determining membership fees and rates.

1.2. To enjoy all of the Club’s benefits, click here:

To use any Flex Fitness facility in New Zealand, you must comply with the terms of this Agreement or the club regulations, or your membership is not in arrears unless specifically indicated in the terms and conditions of a particular membership category.

Until all arrears are cleared in full, or a payment catch-up plan is in place, an overdue membership may only be utilized at the Member’s home club. Because they do not contain reciprocal access, complimentary and concession memberships may only be used where they were given.

1.3. Paying in Advance for Membership Transfers:

The outgoing Club agrees to pay the receiving Club the rest of the prepaid membership, and members who have paid for an upfront subscription may transfer their membership to another Flex Fitness Club.

The remaining term of an upfront membership may also be transferred to a new member of the same Club if a member wishes to do so. If you want to move your membership from one individual to another, you’ll have to pay the price.

1.4. Direct debit membership transfers:

Due to the following criteria, Flex Fitness members who pay by Direct Debit may be switched between locations without notice.

The foundation membership has been at the Club for three months or more, and the membership has not accrued any fees or services that are past due.

Member uses Reciprocal Clubs more often or instead of their own Home Club in compliance with the Transfer Policy put out by Flex Fitness.

To transfer their membership amount to another individual at the same Flex Fitness location, members who pay by Direct Debit must meet the following requirements:

  • The Club has received payment of the transfer fee.
  • There are no outstanding membership fees.
  • To arrange for the transfer of their membership balance to another person, the Member has performed all necessary actions, including selecting the new Member who will assume responsibility for the membership amount that remains.

1.5. Membership in the Foundation:

Before the Club’s opening date, Flex Fitness members who register and execute a Flex Fitness Membership Agreement form are referred to as Foundation or Pre-Opening Members.

As long as the membership continues at the Member’s Home Club, the value and benefits of a Foundation Member’s membership are guaranteed for the duration of the Agreement.

When a foundation membership is relocated to a new site, the rate may be adjusted to match the normal membership fee at the new location, and the pre-opening discount may be canceled.

2. Privileges

2.1. All-day, every-day access

Except for members under the age of 16 or on an off-peak membership type, Flex Fitness is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, using an access key scanned upon entry.

It is mandatory for all members to have their own key tag and to use it whenever they arrive or leave, if possible. Key tags may not be shared, traded, or loaned to anyone else.

Those without valid key identification will be denied admission, and Flex Fitness reserves the right to do so. Membership privileges may be revoked from any member who breaches the Membership Agreement, is abusive, physically or verbally, towards staff or other members, allows non-members to access the Club outside of staffed hours without written permission from the Club, or is delinquent in their membership fees.

2.2. Guest access that is not authorized

Flex Fitness only allows its members to use its facilities 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When a member brings in a non-member during unstaffed hours, they acknowledge:

a) If Flex Fitness is negligent, the non-member is still responsible for any harm, loss, damage, or theft as a result of their actions.

b) They might be held liable for any injuries, losses, damages, or theft incurred due to the unauthorized guest’s admission.

c) A non-compliance cost of $250 may be applied to the Member’s designated bank account, and their membership may be canceled immediately.

d) As a result, they will be barred from re-joining any Flex Fitness Club.

2.3. Reciprocal access is required for the two parties to be able to communicate.

A key tag is a requirement for all new members. Reciprocal access key tags will give all Flex Fitness facilities entry for members with a membership category that includes Reciprocal access.

Access to other services, such as group exercise or small-group training, must be pre-arranged with the Reciprocal Club and may require usual visiting costs.

Reciprocal Club members should contact the Reciprocal Club if they want to use services unavailable at their Home Club.

2.4. Providers of optional extras

Access to all cardio and strength equipment, free weights, and accessories is included with every subscription.

Although some clubs provide free group fitness courses to their members, extra services such as group fitness classes, small group training, personal training, nutritional counseling and meal planning, body scans, and measures may come at a fee.

This information may be found in your membership agreement’s Special Conditions section or the membership description.

2.5. Suspension of membership

If Flex Fitness determines that you meet the Club’s membership suspension criteria, your membership may be revoked.

As long as you have paid all processing and enrollment costs and are current on your membership dues, you are eligible for a suspension of your membership status.

A maximum of three months may be applied to breaks, and they must have an expiration date. Suspension for more than three months needs a doctor’s note.

There may be fines associated with the rest of a driver’s license. During a government-ordered shutdown, memberships may be automatically terminated.

Even though suspension costs are waived in certain situations, members may choose to make voluntary donations to the Club to help them through their time of need.

2.6. Changing the owner of a membership to someone else

A member may transfer the remaining amount to a new individual during the minimum contract period to terminate their membership.

After finding a replacement, members are responsible for making an appointment with the Club and new Member to complete the transfer of membership. Only within the same Club may a membership be transferred to a new member.

3. Fees for membership

As stated in the Membership Agreement, you agree to pay all fees by that Agreement and be governed by the terms and conditions of Debitsuccess’s direct debit policy.

3.1. Dues for the membership

As part of your membership, you agree to pay the fees specified in this Membership Agreement for the services included in your subscription.

To make sure that all payments are received on time, you may contact your Club or Debitsuccess to change the day, frequency, or mode of payment that works best for you.

3.2. Cancellation penalty if made too far in advance.

When members cancel within the minimum contract period, they are subject to a maximum cancellation charge equal to $250 or 25% of their outstanding contract amount, whichever comes first. Your Club or Debitsuccess accepts payment for the early cancellation charge over the counter.

Until the early cancellation fee and/or any outstanding sums are paid in full, the membership will remain active, and all required payments will be continued.

3.3. Charges for the transfer of funds

At the Club’s option, a member may transfer their membership and the remaining balance of their minimum contract term and pay $49.

This is a one-time payment due at the time of transfer of membership from one Member to another.

3.4. The cost of a suspension

For a member to seek a three-month suspension of their membership at the Club, they must pay a $5 weekly fee. The Club has the right to extend the rest, and proof of a medical certificate may be requested. All suspension requests must be filed in writing via email or by filling out an online application with your Club.

3.5 percent rise in membership fees

It is Flex Fitness’s right to adjust the rates it charges its memberships at any moment. As part of our Agreement, Flex Fitness will make good faith efforts to notify you in writing of any material changes to our Agreement at the most recent address you have provided.

Notice of the changes will take effect 30 days after you receive it. Five business days after the notification was issued, so we’ll count it as receipt time. You authorize Flex Fitness and/or Debitsuccess to debit the new amount from your designated bank account after the 30-day term.

3.6. Cost of management

Debitsuccess collects a $20 administrative charge from the customer with the initial payment.

Dishonor fine, 3.7

If a direct debit membership payment is rejected by the Member’s banking institution, Debitsuccess collects a $10.00 administrative charge from the Member.

Insufficient money, an expired, unapproved, or incorrect payment method or a payment stop applied by the Member at their financial institution are all reasons why a payment may be rejected.

4. Refunds, terminations, and cancellations

Any of the following may result in Flex Fitness terminating a member’s privileges:

  • A membership that has been purchased in full in advance will not be renewed if it has not yet expired.
  • Due to a direct debit membership, all payments and services are in arrears.
  • It is possible to transfer a Flex Fitness Foundation membership to another club.
  • Inappropriate or harmful behavior by a member of Flex Fitness and/or its members is unacceptable.
  • Damage, theft, property loss, or income loss may arise directly from a member’s actions.

4.1. Refunds and cancellation policies

Under the following conditions, you may terminate your subscription and get a refund for any unused amount of your purchased membership:

  • A) If you cannot use any of the facilities because of a long-term illness or disability, you must have a qualified physician certify this in writing.
  • B) Your estate must give written proof in the event of your death. Flex Fitness will reimburse any prepaid membership fees that are not utilized.

4.2. Cancellation of direct debit membership after the required period has passed

Your Flex Fitness membership may be terminated if you are outside of your minimum contract period by submitting the following information to Flex Fitness:

  • a) Your Club must be given at least 14 days’ notice if you use an acceptable means of written information.
  • b) In this case, the notification must be sent to Debitsuccess within 14 days.
  • c) When a member’s subscription expires, they return their access key. Your membership will end within 14 days of receiving your written notification to cancel from your Club or Debitsuccess. If the account does not go into arrears by the end of the 14-day grace period, the membership will be terminated.

4.3. Direct debit membership cancellation within the minimum time

The early cancellation cost of $250 or 25 percent of the remaining amount, whichever is smaller, must be paid if you choose to terminate your membership while still within the minimum contract period.

To provide Flex Fitness and/or Debitsuccess enough time to execute your termination before the next debit is due, a notice of effective instant termination must be sent at least two (2) days before your next scheduled debit date.

4.4. Prepaid memberships may be terminated.

There is no way for you to cancel your prepaid membership during the prepaid period (or receive a refund) except for the reasons listed in sections 4.1 (a) and (b) above (b). Your purchased membership will expire if you do not renew it before the renewal date.

4.5. Flex Fitness terminates for a cause:

Flex Fitness has the right to cancel your membership at any time, with or without notice, for any reason.

  • a) whatever payment plan, if you fail to make timely payments
  • b) any penalties or late payments for direct debits,
  • c) If you do not adhere to the terms and conditions of your Flex Fitness membership or any of the Club’s regulations, you violate this Agreement.
  • d) If your actions are detrimental to Flex Fitness or its members, you will not be allowed to join. Notice of termination will be sent to your last known address by Flex Fitness at that time. Until that date, you are responsible for all financial commitments. You must return your membership access key to Flex Fitness as soon as possible if you have paid in advance for your membership costs.

4.6. The impact of dismissal and the financial obligations that result from it

You will no longer be able to use the Facilities if your membership is terminated, and Flex Fitness has the right to refuse you entry to any Flex Fitness club.

If you owe Flex Fitness any money after your membership, the unpaid balance will be deducted from any refund you are entitled to. If the return is insufficient to repay the amount, you must make the remaining payment.

5. Minimum Age

All Flex Fitness members must be at least 14 years old. A Parent Consent form must be signed by a parent or guardian on behalf of any minor under 18. The following limitations apply to anybody under the age of sixteen:

  • a) The Member’s date of birth will be used to automatically apply these limits to the Member’s access key.
  • b) the Club received a signed or acknowledged permission form from a parent;
  • c) a pre-exercise questionnaire must be completed by a parent or guardian.
  • d) a pre-exercise examination by a certified Personal Trainer, followed by the provision of an exercise program for the minor.

6. Alarms that sound when you’re in danger

Panic alarms may be found in every changing room and bathroom, as well as on the walls of the Club. There are panic necklaces that may be worn around the neck and bracelets.

You can’t utilize panic alarms to open or unlock doors in an emergency. When panic alarms are intentionally tampered with or misused, a security response is required, and the call-out cost may be assessed to the staff person responsible.

7. Off-peak hours.

Flex Fitness members may be used on any day or night using their access key. As a member, you understand and agree that your use of the Facilities is at your sole risk.

DO NOT SIGN THIS AGREEMENT if you are concerned about the negative impact of working out in an unattended facility on your personal property, health, and safety.

8. Hours worked by staff.

The Club’s staff hours are listed on the Club’s website and Facebook page and on a sign posted at the door. Staffing hours may be altered at any moment, with or without warning, by Flex Fitness.

9. The use of surveillance cameras

Security cameras monitor all of Flex Fitness’s facilities around the clock. Upon signing this Agreement, you agree that you will be subjected to video surveillance and recording whenever you enter the Facility.

Video monitoring is confined to the floor area and entrances and not to the walls of the toilets or changing rooms.

10. Taking pictures and films.

As a courtesy to our guests’ privacy, photography and videography are not permitted in our facilities. At the Club, members cannot take pictures or films of other members without their consent. Including social media is part of this.

11. Orientation. B. A.

A complimentary orientation for all new members teaches them about the proper usage of the Club’s equipment. This orientation must be requested by the Member.

12. Wi-Fi is the 12th (if applicable)

Guests are welcome to use the Club’s Wi-Fi for free, provided they do so in a respectful manner. All members must follow all applicable laws to maintain a safe and lawful online experience.

Inappropriate content will not be permitted to be illegally downloaded, streamed, or viewed by Flex Fitness. To keep the security of the Flex Fitness website, passwords may be changed and updated often.

13. Infrastructural tools

This means that Flex Exercise does not manufacture any of the fitness or other equipment utilized in the Club but rather acquires or rents it from a third party.

Flex Fitness cannot be held responsible for any faulty items or equipment as a recreational facility.

14. Physical state and lack of medical guidance

A medical ailment or handicap that might impede your ability to use the Club’s equipment is not something you disclose as a condition of your membership in this Club.

Accepting this condition signifies your Agreement that Flex Fitness has not provided medical advice before using the equipment and cannot do so after using the equipment.

Pre-use consultation with your physician is required if you have any medical concerns at this time or in the future after joining the Club.

You agree to notify Flex Fitness promptly if your health or medical condition changes during your membership, and you acquire a situation that might raise the danger to your safety or the safety of others.

15. Drugs and alcohol hurt the human body.

If you’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol and want to visit a Flex Fitness facility, you must leave immediately.

You may be asked to leave the premises and have your membership revoked immediately if you are seen using a Flex Fitness Club while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

16. Liability for one’s own possessions

All of your personal belongings, including but not limited to a car or its contents, or any item left in an open locker while you are at the Club, are not covered by Flex Fitness.

Damage to the Club or any equipment is your responsibility if it is caused by you.

17. The specifics have changed.

If your address, phone number, bank account information, or email address should change, you must notify Flex Fitness immediately.

Flex Fitness and its representatives may use your last known address or phone number to get in touch with you. If your contact information has changed and you have not updated it, Flex Fitness is not liable for any information that is not sent to you.

18. As a whole, the Agreement and its implementation.

You recognize that you have entered this Agreement without relying on any statements or guarantees made by Flex Fitness or any other party.

This Agreement supersedes all prior oral or written agreements between you and Flex Fitness. Any alterations to this Agreement made by hand are void.

If any portion of this Agreement is deemed unlawful by a court, it will not impact the validity of the rest of the Agreement. Flex Fitness does not renounce its right to pursue any of its rights under this Agreement later, even if it does not act to enforce such rights now.


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Can you use any Flex Fitness?

Flex Fitness New Zealand drafted this paper to guide members who want to migrate from one Flex Fitness location to another.


The Move Policy and the accompanying Reciprocal Visit Reports are intended to detect a real, long-term, or permanent change in a member’s regular training pattern and transfer their account.

To compensate for short-term times when a member travels another location temporarily, the objective is not to shuffle members who are likely to return.

As a perk of being a paid member of a gym chain, everyone has free access to any Flex Fitness location. Clubs should anticipate reciprocal members to sometimes use their facilities, but they should not demand remuneration.

If the frequency and consistency of the visits meet the conditions for a transfer, the member’s membership will be transferred to the new Club, which will begin receiving payments from that point forward.

The Reciprocal Visit Record (RVR) will automatically report any member movement that meets the transfer conditions, and head office staff will take appropriate action.

Only members who meet the RVR’s regular requirements may be transferred, and only those who make a written request for special consideration will appear on the RVR and be moved. For one-off events, see below for further information about them.



When a member’s account is transferred from one Flex Fitness club to another because of more frequent visits to a reciprocal club, it is known as a transfer.

One of the most common reasons for members to transfer is because they have made a long-term or permanent shift in their normal workout routine.

Due to an increase in reciprocal club visits due to a short-term or temporary stay for employment or study, a member may trigger a transfer.

As a result, this deviation from their typical training routine at their “Home Club” should be seen. Temporary shifts in a member’s training regimen may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • For a little time, the member will be working or studying in a different area.
  • An excursion outside of the member’s usual Home Club location or area
  • Situations that aren’t recognized when a member first joins can cause a temporary suspension of visits to their Home Club,
  • or Want to utilize a reciprocal Flex Fitness club while traveling across the country for whatever reason? No problem.

Every month, transfers between Flex Fitness clubs are coordinated at the corporate level (except during the annual stand-down).

2.2. Favorite team at home

Home Clubs are the clubs that a member joins and/or uses most regularly and are designated as such. During the “sign up” or sales process, it is critical to determine which Club the member would use most often and inform the member that they will explicitly belong to this Club, their “Home Club.”

This information should be provided to the member at this point. The member is expected to remain in the territory for the life of their membership, whether they work or reside there. The most crucial thing is that they’ll spend most of their time at their home club for training and trips.

2.3. Reciprocal membership.

Any Flex Fitness club that a member does not presently have a direct membership with or that is not the member’s “Home Club” is considered a reciprocal club.

Access to all Flex Fitness clubs is common to all paying members (excluding complimentary, contra memberships, CFM, or other non-transferrable memberships defined by Flex Fitness New Zealand).

2.4. Movement of members

Being a member of a chain of gyms gives you access to all of the facilities in the chain. Even during staffed hours, members must swipe in to register their visit and swipe out to leave so that the time of exit and length of the holiday are recorded.

Clubware keeps track of the stops and includes them in the reports.
Clubs must provide new members with key tags and show how to use them to reliably track and report on the mobility of their members. Members must notify their Club promptly if their keys are lost or stolen so that they may be blocked and a new key can be acquired. You won’t be allowed into the reciprocal Club if you don’t have your key.

2.5. Report on Reciprocal Visits

The Flex Fitness franchise uses the Reciprocal Visit Report (RVR) to keep track of member mobility and transfers. It lists all members who are eligible for transfer because they meet the requirements for a transfer.

Reciprocal Visit Reports are sent to clubs on the first day of the month, with two reports each month. Joint Visit: My Members Visited Other Clubs Last Month and Reciprocal Visit Ratio Last Month (Transfer To) are the names of the two reports.

To help you keep track of who’s coming and going, you may use these two reports. Staff Access accounts are not included in the reciprocal visit reports.

2.6. Badging is done manually.

To keep track of who is coming and going, each member is given a personal access key that must be swiped each time they arrive at the Club.

You can only visit your Home Club during staffed hours if you have lost or forgotten your key, but you must have your Arrival manually loaded in Clubware if you want to use the facility. Arrivals must be loaded at the moment of Arrival and not after they have arrived.

2.7. Requirements for transferring.

  • If a member makes 65 percent or more trips to a club other than their home club in a month, they will be transferred.
  • For the regulation above to apply, you must attend at least eight classes every month at any Flex Fitness facility.

2.8. Transfers that are paid in full upfront

Pay in full (PIF) memberships are paid in whole at the start of the membership and do not include any direct debit payments.

Compared to Debitsuccess subscribers, these sorts of Flex Fitness memberships represent a tiny proportion.

Transferring an upfront or PIF membership is a challenge for FFNZ since these memberships must be paid for in full at a single location.

Because of this, they are regarded as “non-transferable” unless the transfer is initiated by the requirements described in this document or if the transfer occurs near the expiration of an upfront membership.

Despite the constraints on a reciprocal club’s ability to recover money paid ahead at the member’s Home Club, Upfront and PIF members have the same right to common access as Debitsuccess members as a benefit of acquiring a membership within the Flex Fitness franchise.

2.9. Non-payers make up about 2.9 percent of the population.

Clubware’s ‘Non-payer’ Account Template is allocated to non-payers assigned to a Group, commonly in the context of a business or family.

Individual members who don’t have a separate billing reference to transfer are usually not responsible for their own membership fees.

They are linked to a single paying member within the group, and their installment is collected from that person as part of an overall payment mechanism.

If a member’s visits to a reciprocal club trigger a transfer by the transfer requirements and are detected by the RVR, their account cannot be moved to a reciprocal club because it lacks a billing reference.

If a non-payer account is deemed non-transferable, it does not contain reciprocal access, and members are not allowed to attend reciprocal clubs unless they want to withdraw from the group and agree to set up their own individual direct debit membership with Debitsuccess.

2.10. Non-transferable

This sort of membership does not have its own billing reference or cannot be transferred for a specified reason, making it non-transferable.

All the advantages of full membership, such as reciprocal access to other Flex Fitness facilities, are not included with non-transferable memberships.

This means that they are only allowed to use their membership at their “Home Club”; they cannot utilize their membership at any other club.

Non-payers, gratis, CFM campaigns, concession cards, and contras are just a few membership types that cannot be transferred.


There’s no cost if you’re moving your membership from one Flex Fitness club to another within the same chain. Transferring between clubs will not result in extra Debitsuccess administrative costs for members.


Overdue members will not be transferred to FFNZ via Debitsuccess. Therefore the RVR will not identify a rise in the usage of a reciprocal club.

Please ensure that members with an overdue sum of $80 or more, or a delinquent status of 2 or more in Debitsuccess, have their key tag banned until their account is current or until the person has secured a catch-up repayment plan. This will safeguard both your Club and reciprocal clubs.

Overdue members are the responsibility of each Club, and each Club must ensure that they are making the necessary efforts to ensure that their members take the steps required to bring their accounts current or arrange catch-up repayments with Debitsuccess.

Especially if their account has been set up for debt collection, a member should not be allowed admission to any Flex Fitness facility if they have not made efforts to bring their account current and contact with them cannot be made. Stop the key tags in their tracks.


There will be no application of this Policy’s terms and conditions connected to transfers between 1st and 31st December.

Transfers based on November visits must be processed by the end of December; beyond that, transfers based on January visits will be processed. In January, there will be no movement of players.


To utilize an existing club, members who acquire a pre-opening or foundation membership at a new or soon-to-open club may have their installment amount raised during the minimum contract duration if a transfer away from the new Club takes place.

The receiving Club will have the final say on whether or not to allow this.
As long as the membership has been in effect for at least 90 days, FFNZ will allow you to transfer your membership.

After the account has been moved and the Club has given the member 30 days’ notice in writing of a price rise, the current Club will not be required to continue to serve the member at a lower rate than their regular pricing for the same period.

Members who want to take advantage of a lower-priced foundation or pre-opening subscription but have no intention of utilizing the Club are protected by this rule.

To deter opportunistic behavior and “shopping about inside the brand,” the member has no long-term incentive to acquire the lower-rate membership if their membership is transferred.

New clubs are safeguarded by obtaining money from pre-opening or foundation members, such as starting packs, free products, reduced upfront prices, etc., for 90 days to pay expenditures related to foundation memberships.

If a foundation member stays with the Club where they bought their membership, they are allowed to keep their pre-opening pricing for the duration of their membership.


To enable Flex Fitness clubs to amend the installment amount of a term membership that is moved to a different club during its minimum term, Debitsuccess has authorized a revision to the terms and conditions of Debitsuccess membership agreements.

If a transferred member’s installment amount is lower than the Brand Minimum of $14.95 at the new Club, Flex Fitness clubs may now provide the member 30 days’ notice in writing to inform them of a pricing adjustment to the same term or equal membership choice at the new Club.


The basic means of controlling member migration, the Reciprocal Visit Reports, does not take priority over a “special condition” transfer.

For low-user members who aren’t included in the Reciprocal Visit Reports, we’ve imposed this restriction to make sure that member movement and payment disbursements are handled fairly and reasonably.

Members who visit a reciprocal club less than eight times per calendar month will not have their memberships transferred. A member’s visits to one common Club must be at least 65 percent over a fair length of time, and the total number of visits for each month must be less than 8 for a transfer to be allowed.

For FFNZ to consider a “special circumstance” transfer of a member not recorded by RVR, a written request to the franchise office must be received within the first two working days of the month. Otherwise, Reciprocal Visit Report/s will be the main mechanism for controlling member mobility.

The Club must show proof of visits, change of residence, or other supporting paperwork for consideration.

NZ will consider all relevant information, including but not limited to the member’s visit history, the pattern of visits, and current visit patterns.

At FFNZ’s exclusive discretion, the request(s) will be authorized or rejected in writing. Submissions for consideration of a special condition transfer may be denied by FFNZ for any reason.


This Policy may be updated, changed, or amended by Flex Fitness New Zealand (NZ) to keep it current and provide a fair and acceptable means of regulating member mobility between Flex Fitness clubs.

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