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Fenway Health

Fenway Health aims to improve the health of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community and all other people in our neighborhoods and beyond by giving them access to the best health care, education, research, and advocacy.

Fenway Health is a model of modern community health care that provides a broad range of medical treatment, from preventative medicine to emergency care.

As the premier primary care health clinic for New England’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer population, we also serve the inhabitants of Boston’s Fenway area.

History of Fenway Health

In 1971, students from Northeastern University launched a drop-in center in the bowels of a building belonging to the Christian Science Church. Volunteer nursing students staff the Fenway Community Health Center, which they named themselves.

In response to increasing patient loads, Fenway became an independent health care facility and relocated to 16 Haviland Street the same year (1973).

Today, this location is known as Fenway: Sixteen, and it houses a variety of services for gay and bisexual men, including HIV counseling, testing, referrals, health navigation, and helplines.

To expand outside its core clientele of those who identify as LGBT+, Fenway has shuttered its site at 16 Haviland Street. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health issued the center’s full license in 1978.

In the 1980s, Fenway began caring for people with HIV/AIDS. The first case of AIDS in New England was identified at Fenway.

As a result of Fenway’s efforts in activism and HIV/AIDS research, the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases chose the neighborhood in 1994 as one of eight locations to recruit patients for the first HIV vaccine clinical trials.

The first baby was born in 1985 via Fenway’s Alternative Insemination program, among the first in the country to provide AI services to lesbians.

One of the most significant LGBTQIA+ events in the country began in 1992 at Fenway when the annual Dinner Party was staged as a benefit for Fenway Women’s Health.

Celebration of women of color and their allies whose lives have been touched by cancer, the inaugural annual Audre Lorde Cancer Awareness Brunch was held in 1999 at Fenway.

Fenway established the Fenway Institute in 2001 as a nationwide multidisciplinary center for promoting LGBT health equity via research, evaluation, teaching, and advocacy.

Fenway’s Transgender Health Program has been running since 2004 to assist meet the medical needs of a sometimes overlooked demographic.

The program has grown to serve more than 4,400 transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals and will continue to do so.

In 2009, Fenway moved into its new location, the Ansin Building at 1340 Boylston Street in Boston.

It is the most prominent LGBT health and research center in the United States, with ten stories and 100,000 square feet (9,300 square meters).

After welcoming the LGBT Aging Project and the AIDS Action Committee into the Fenway family in 2013, Fenway Health expanded its services in 2014.

Fenway’s National LGBT Health Education Center hosted the world’s first medical conference dedicated to transgender health in 2015.

The CEO of Fenway, Steven Boswell, resigned in December 2017 after receiving reports of sexual harassment and bullying from employees about a notable doctor who worked at the health center.

After many accusations of harassment against the doctor, an outside legal firm allegedly recommended that Boswell terminate his employment.

M. Jane Powers, Fenway’s director of behavioral health, has been named temporary CEO by the center’s board.

Together with Kenneth Mayer, MD, Jennifer Potter, MD, was chosen Co-Chair of The Fenway Institute in 2017.
At the start of the year 2020, Ellen LaPointe took over as chief executive officer of Fenway Health.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Fenway switched most of its medical and mental health visits to telemedicine, set up testing programs in Boston and Everett, and launched several research investigations, including trials of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Fenway Health portal

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Fenway Health

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 Fenway Health appointment

Making Appointments

All of our patients, whether new or old, may now make their optometry and medical appointments online.

  • Appointment details for Behavioral Health may be found by following the link.
  • If you want to know more about dental appointments, click here.

Patients under 18 cannot be scheduled online at this time.

  • Call (617) 927-6000 to schedule an appointment with a pediatrician.
  • Please contact us at (617) 927-6060 to schedule an appointment for your child to get the COVID-19 immunization.
  • Please contact (617) 927-6190 to schedule an appointment with our pediatric optometrist.

Do You Know the Fenway Pharmacy?

Use the handy Fenway Pharmacy, perhaps? Talk to your doctor about having your medications transferred to Fenway Pharmacy.

All of Greater Boston and Eastern Massachusetts may take advantage of The Fenway Pharmacy’s free, next-day delivery service, and we provide same-day service when possible.

Fenway Health Pharmacy is the place to go whether you need a new prescription, refill existing ones, or want your meds delivered to your door.

Each Person Should Have Easy and Affordable Access To Excellent Medical Care

Does your current job description differ from how it used to be? Do you have no current health insurance? We can assist you with the insurance enrollment process if you are a Massachusetts resident.

You may also inquire about our flexible pricing structure. Dial 617.927.6000 to reach us. Regardless of a person’s financial situation, they will always get the treatment they need.

Fenway Health jobs

Working at Fenway Health

Fenway Health values an inclusive, innovative, and self-directed staff. Since our founding in 1971, we’ve always prioritized our local community.

Our goal is to promote and provide high-quality health services, social support, and revolutionary research and education to everyone who needs them.

We prioritize the needs of the LGBTQIA+ community, people of color, and other marginalized groups so that our neighbors at home and abroad may succeed.

We want to foster a workplace where people from all walks of life and experiences may feel safe to be themselves.

As a company, we are dedicated to promoting a healthy and happy work environment where all employees are valued and respected.

According to studies, women who identify as LGBTQIA+, people of color, and people from indigenous communities are more likely to wait until all qualifications are met before applying for a job.

The most outstanding applicants for a position at Fenway Health may not necessarily have every requirement checked off the list.

We strongly urge members of disadvantaged groups to apply if they are committed to health care for everyone and removing obstacles to health equality. We are eagerly looking forward to receiving your application.

To access our online job database, please click here.

Jobs FAQs

How to apply?

Our Careers Portal is where all available vacancies will be posted. After completing the prerequisite checks and selecting the desired job, you will be prompted to register.

After establishing your account, proceed with the Portal’s on-screen prompts. Please provide complete responses to all questions and any supporting documentation asked.

Which methods of submission are acceptable?

Not at all; we only accept applications via our dedicated online Careers Portal.

When I apply, what happens to it?

Human Resources will review all applications to ensure they meet minimum requirements. If you’re qualified, your application will be sent to the recruiting manager, who will contact you.

I recently submitted my application on the website. Can I improve my chances by calling or visiting HR?

It will not help your chances of being employed if you call or come by to express your enthusiasm, but we do appreciate it.

We ask that you only get in touch with us if you have questions, and we want to stress that it may take some time before you get a response to your application.

If I am not hired, will I still hear from you?

When you apply via the Careers Portal, you’ll get an automated email confirming receipt of your application.

You will also get an automated email if your profile does not have the required skills or experience for a particular position.

After this point, the recruiting managers may decide whether or not to get in touch with you again. (Please be aware that due to the massive amount of applications we receive, a response to your application may take up to two weeks.)

Do you have a very competitive application process?

We get a lot of applications for a limited number of vacancies since our modest but expanding community health center attracts a lot of interested candidates.

When searching for the right person for a position, however, we consider all applications seriously.

In the past, I had sought employment at Fenway Health. Is my profile still accessible via the PortalPortal?

The application procedure for each position you’re interested in must be completed separately. Still, once you’ve registered an account on our Careers Portal, you may continue searching and applying for positions using your profile.

We will not consider your application for any other vacant positions if you are not chosen for this one. To go back and make changes to your application, log in to the Portal.

What can you tell me about the diversity efforts at Fenway Health?

Fenway Health has a deep-seated dedication to equality and acceptance of all people.

Fenway values diversity in the workplace because it strengthens our company and our services by bringing together people with different life experiences and perspectives.

Statement Regarding Equal Employment Opportunity
Fenway Health is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer and welcomes applications from qualified individuals of any race, color, religion, gender, national origin, sexual orientation or identification, age, marital status, disability or veteran status, or any other characteristic that is not directly relevant to the performance of the job.

What kind of benefits does Fenway Health provide?

Yes! Health, dental, life, disability, and a 403b retirement savings plan with an employer match program are all part of our excellent benefits package for qualifying workers.

To access the machine-readable files that include the agreed service rates and out-of-network authorized amounts between health insurers and healthcare providers following the federal Transparency in Coverage Rule, please follow the link below.

Machine-readable files facilitate data analysis and access for academics, regulators, and app developers.

To learn more about Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts’ (BCBSMA) coverage details, visit https://Transparency-in-Coverage.Bluecrossma.com.

Is Fenway Health limited to providing jobs just to medical professionals?

Not! Besides medical doctors and nurses, Fenway Health also employs people in many other fields. Learn more about our openings by visiting our Career Portal.

How can I get in touch with someone if I have a question regarding my application?

Human Resources may be reached at 617.267.0900 or HR-Staff@fenwayhealth.org. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible and help in any way we can.

Fenway Health

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Fenway Health medical records

Medical Records

We believe that access to health care is a fundamental human right.

All of a patient’s medical encounters and treatments over time at a single healthcare facility are documented in a medical record.

The medical history contains a wide range of “notes” written by healthcare providers during a patient’s treatment, including descriptions of observations, drug and therapy administration, drug and therapy administration orders, test results, x-rays, reports, etc.

In most jurisdictions, medical professionals must keep thorough and accurate records as part of the requirements for obtaining a license or certification.

Fenway Health’s medical records department is available Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, to give you a copy of your medical record.

The Medical Records Release Form (PDF) may be downloaded here and sent through fax (617.425.5713), email (medicalrecords@fenwayhealth.org), or regular mail (Medical Records, Fenway Health, 75 Amory Street, Boston, MA 02119) to get a copy of your medical history.

A copy of your dental records may be obtained by downloading and submitting the medical records release form (PDF) to the Dental Department at Fenway Health at the Ansin Building at 1340 Boylston Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02215.

Authorization to Disclose Protected Health Information from Fenway Health.

Fenway Health insurance

Get Billing Insurance


What is the address of Fenway Health?

Our three Boston locations are as follows:

What services may I obtain at Fenway Health?

  • Many different types of medical care are available at Fenway Health:
  • Access to quality pediatric and adult healthcare
  • Specialized health treatment for women and transgender people
  • Single and group therapy for mental health issues
  • A fully-stocked pharmacy and diagnostic facilities
  • Comprehensive eye treatment for people of all ages, including children over the age of six
  • Care for adults and children throughout three
  • The use of complementary and alternative medicine
  • Provide testing for and instruction about STIs and HIV

Our dedication to providing you with exceptional service includes the following measures:

  • Fenway Health is connected to Harvard Medical School’s other leading teaching hospitals, Beth Israel Lahey Health, and Children’s Hospital.
  • Fenway Health has earned accreditation from the Joint Commission, the gold level in healthcare accreditation.
  • The National Commission on Quality Assurance has awarded Fenway Health its highest possible designation as a Patient-Centered Medical Home (Level 3).

In other words, does Fenway Health operate as a charity?

We are a 501(c)(3) organization. Thus the answer is yes. We are a corporation, and our EIN is 042-510564.

Please contact the Development Office at 617.927.6350 for additional details about our nonprofit status or to get a copy of our 501(c)(3) determination letter.

How can I enroll as a patient?

From general care to counseling to alternative medicine, Fenway has it all. Most of these options allow you to become a patient at Fenway.

The Health Center, Fenway: South End, and the Sidney Borum, Jr. Health Center all provide primary care services.

All of your general care, specialist care, and mental health counseling needs may be met under one roof at the Health Center. Fenway: South End is more like a private clinic than the rest of Fenway. Borum treats young adults (those between the ages of 12 and 29) with both physical and mental health issues.

Please print out and complete the appropriate paperwork before your first visit if you are a new patient.

How do I choose a provider?

Locate here the list of practitioners who are now taking new patients. Those needing medical attention may contact Fenway Health, Fenway: South End, or the Borum.

Our team members are here to assist you in finding the best primary care physician for your needs.

The Health Center is the place to go for anyone in need of Behavioral Health or Alternative Therapies.

Both buildings provide easy access for those using wheelchairs.

  • To arrange a medical visit at Fenway Health, 1340 Boylston Street, contact 617.927.6000
  • Call (617) 247-7555 to make an appointment with a doctor at Fenway: South End.
  • Call (617) 457-8140 to make an appointment with a medical or behavioral health professional at the Borum.
  • To make an appointment at the Behavioral Health Department at Fenway Health or Fenway South End, please call:
    • 617.927.6202 for new patients and general queries
    • 617.927.6204 for existing psychiatric patients

What is your approach to patient privacy?

Fenway Health places a premium on protecting the confidentiality of its patients’ PHI. Find out more about your right to access and how your medical records may be used or shared.

How can I make a payment for my Fenway Health visit?

No insurance plan is likely to cover all of the services offered by Fenway Health, while we accept all significant insurance policies and participate in several managed care schemes.

Therefore, before receiving treatment, you should check with your insurance company to be sure you are covered for the particular therapy or provider.

Fenway Health is not listed as a participating provider, but our doctors are, so if you have a managed care plan, you’ll need to ask specifically about those doctors.

Make sure the service is covered, and you may be seen at Fenway by confirming with your health insurance provider.

Even though Fenway can provide you with an estimate, the final price will depend on the precise services you get. Call 617.927.6000 to learn more about the amenities offered at Fenway.

Please contact your insurance company directly if you have any queries regarding your coverage.

What kinds of health insurance do you accept?

Most major health insurance policies are accepted at Fenway Health, South End, and the Sidney Borum, Jr. Health Center.

  • MassHealth
  • Medicaid
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • The Harvard Pilgrim
  • Tufts
  • Cigna
  • Klais
  • Wellfleet
  • AllWays Health Partners.
  • Aetna
  • We recommend United Health Care.

This is not an all-inclusive list; we take many additional insurance forms. If your insurance provider is not listed, please contact Fenway Park at their main phone (617.267.0900) and ask to talk to someone about insurance.

Our covered medical services range is limited, and some of our specialized or ancillary offerings may not be covered. Make sure you contact your health insurance provider.

For the most part, we may submit claims to your insurance carrier on your behalf. Always have your current insurance card with you so that we may offer a claim on your behalf. More importantly, co-payments must be given during check-in for each session.

Find out what services are covered by your insurance and if you need a referral before scheduling an appointment.

Fenway services may be classified “out-of-network” by specific insurance policies, despite our participation in most major networks.

Should this be the case, please be aware that you will be liable for paying any costs above what your insurance policy will pay.

If your insurer only pays 80% of “out-of-network” expenditures, Fenway will send you a bill for the remaining 20% after your insurance company has paid its share. It is your responsibility to pay for any necessary co-payments as well.

Does Fenway Health provide any financial aid?

Patients who qualify for government-funded health care programs like MassHealth may be able to get treatment at no cost or at a much discounted rate.

Some services may be offered on a sliding scale. Regardless of a person’s financial situation, they will always get the treatment they need.

You must apply for financial aid to qualify for this support at the time of service.

Call our financial aid specialist at 617.927.6007 if you need help paying for your medical treatment. The adviser will assess your financial situation and complete your registration.

Do you have a pharmacy at Fenway?

Yes! The main medical facility at 1340 Boylston Street and the Fenway: South End location provides a Pharmacy for your convenience.

Fenway patients may have their prescriptions filled at the health center and get speedy refill service, with the bonus of receiving their refills at no cost when sent to their homes.

If you have any questions about your prescription or want to check on the status of your order, you may contact Fenway Pharmacy at (617)927-6330.

If you aren’t utilizing Fenway’s Pharmacy, please contact the nurse on your medical team (617.927.6100 or your nurse’s direct extension) for refills and referrals.

If you want, you may also call one of the dedicated lines to reorder your prescription(s):

Medical and mental health medications may be filled at 1340 Boylston Street; call (617)927-6333.

The Fenway: South End area code is 617.927.6164 for prescriptions from a medical or mental health professional.

Does Fenway provide interpreter services for the deaf and others who use American Sign Language?

There are many Spanish-speaking doctors and nurses at Fenway. Our medical (including acupuncture) and mental health staff are fluent in Spanish.

To get in touch with someone about this, dial 617.927.6460. The number to reach a Spanish speaker is 617.927.6460.

We may have an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter present at your session if you or your loved one is deaf or hard of hearing.

(Make careful to offer plenty of warning.) If patients want, they may bring their interpreters/translators to appointments.

I need a copy of my health records; how can I get one?

Please fill out the Medical Records Release Form (PDF) and send it to Medical Records, Fenway Health, Ansin Building, 75 Amory Street, Boston, MA 02119, to get a medical record copy.

Authorization to Disclose Protected Health Information from Fenway Health.

How can I get in touch with a doctor or nurse practitioner when it is outside their regular business hours?

When our regular business hours are over, you may still reach a member of our medical staff by phone if you are a current Fenway Health patient with an urgent medical concern.

We’re here to provide the care you need all year-round, at any hour. If you contact us at (617) 267.0900, a medical team member will return your call.

Where can I go to provide comments on my time spent at Fenway Health?

Fenway is dedicated to delivering excellent medical treatment and has earned accreditation from The Joint Commission, the nation’s preeminent standards establishing and accrediting authority in the health care industry.

Fenway treats its clients with the highest respect and answers to their needs with the utmost care while adhering to the strict regulations set out by the state of Massachusetts regarding patient privacy.

Observing the rights guaranteed by the Patient Bill of Rights is our top priority.

Fill out our online consumer feedback form or contact our Director of Patient Services at 617.927.6178 if you have any questions, concerns, or comments about your treatment at Fenway.

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