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Everside Health

By working with our patients and clients to create the most trusted and individualized healthcare experience possible at Everside Healthcare (previously Paladina Healthcare), we can produce the most accessible and personalized healthcare experience possible.

With over two decades of combined expertise in our respective fields, we are committed to fostering long-term connections with our patients and customers.

Patients first, courage, ingenuity, community, and fun are our fundamental values at Everside Health. One of the biggest direct primary care providers in the United States, Everside Health operates 350+ health clinics in 35 states situated near its customers’ employers, unions, and other benefit sponsors.

When it comes to providing workers and their families with convenient access to in-person and virtual health centers, Everside Health is the answer.

In our strategy, incentives are aligned to benefit patients, physicians, and benefit providers while also lowering the overall cost of care.

Patients may access our professional care team and 24/7 virtual care at free or minimal cost, minimizing the frequency of expensive ER visits.

HEDIS commercial PPO standards were routinely exceeded by Everside Health, as its previous Paladina Health organization and its customers’ total healthcare expenses were reduced by 20% on average. Denver is home to Everside Health. Visit www.eversidehealth.com for additional details.

Everside Health’s History

We were four firms that got together to offer a new sort of health care experience for the public at large. Each of the four companies brought a wide range of viewpoints, a wide range of footprints, and an attitude to creating partnerships with employers and patients. Even though we started as two separate firms, we’ve always worked together, and now we’ve merged into one: Everside Health.

  • 2001: In Charlotte, Healthstat was formed.
  • 2009: Indianapolis-based Activate Healthcare was launched in 2012.
  • 2011: DaVita’s headquarters in Denver is where Paladina Health was born.
  • 2013: R-Health was established in Philadelphia by a group of entrepreneurs.
  • 2018: NEA, Oak HC/FT, Alta Partners, Greenspring Associates, and other investors sponsored a $165 million expansion financing for Paladina Health.
  • 2019: In January, Paladina Health bought Activate Healthcare to become one of the industry’s leading direct primary care providers.
  • 2020: Paladina Health purchased Healthstat to broaden its reach and provide a broader range of healthcare services.
  • 2021: Everside Health is the new name for Paladina Health, Activate Healthcare, Healthstat, and R-Health.

Everside Health portal

New users and registered members can both access the health portal.

Everside Health

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Everside Health Employee Benefits

A Better Health Care System for the Entire Family

Get comprehensive healthcare tailored to your needs while paying less out of your own money.

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Our goal is to design healthcare that provides more—more time, more care, more peace of mind, and more health and happiness.

Everside Health provides you with a caring alternative that fits your insurance and enables you to be seen fast with same-day and next-day appointments and 24/7 access to your physicians.

At a health center near you, our doctors take the time to get to know you and your health issues to create personalized treatment programs that provide you the outcomes you want at little to no expense (or online). So you get more for your money.

Source: https://www.eversidehealth.com/

Everside Health

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Everside Health revenue

[highlight color=”red”]$113 million[/highlight]

Everside’s revenue in 2018 was over $113 million, up 40% over the previous year. A net loss of $2.9 million was recorded in 2020, compared to a $19.6 million loss for 2019.

Everside Health app

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Everside Health locations

Get all health locations

Everside Health

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I have health insurance, why do I need Everside Health?

Direct primary care from Everside Health works in conjunction with your existing health insurance as an additional benefit.

Preventive, acute, urgent, and regular healthcare are all covered by our comprehensive primary care services. Workers, unions, and other non-profit organizations who sponsor employees or qualified dependents pay nothing out of pocket.

How is Everside Health different from an urgent care center?

Waiting periods at a walk-in urgent care clinic may be considerable. Still, we don’t have that problem since we provide a wider variety, including preventative care and mental health treatments.

To minimize the amount of time spent waiting, same-day or next-day appointments are available. In addition, you may contact your care team by phone for after-hours help.

For the most part, the counsel you get at your local Everside Health location or by calling your local Everside Health practitioner comes from someone who knows you.

How is EversideHealth different from other clinics?

You may reach your primary care physician with Everside Health’s direct primary care. As a result, you’ll be able to get more of your treatment from your local Everside Health facility than you would from a regular primary care clinic.

When we don’t have what you need, we’ll assist you in finding a healthcare provider who does. We meet most of our members’ medical requirements, and we arrange with specialists for the remainder.

Our family has great caretakers. Why would we want to make a change?

You don’t need to. We suggest that you contact your Everside Health provider as your initial point of contact if you want to add the benefit to your current healthcare plan.

To save time and money, you may use Everside Health’s same-day or next-day appointments instead of going straight to a specialist or an urgent care center.

Because our doctors see 70% fewer people than the average primary care physician, they have more time to spend with you when you need it, appointments start promptly, and you can get a commission when you need it.

You’ll also be able to contact your Everside care team at any time of the day or night.

How can I become a patient at EversideHealth?

Those whose employers or unions sponsor access to Everside Health services may use them as part of a benefits package.

See whether Everside Health is available via your company. Member services may be reached at 1-866-808-6005 to sign up for a retail membership.

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