What Is Eskenazi Health Advantage? [5 Top Secret]

Eskenazi Health

The objective of Eskenazi Health is to advocate for, care for, teach, and serve the most vulnerable members of the Marion County, Indiana community.

Our 315-bed hospital and inpatient facilities, together with our 11 community health clinics, known as Eskenazi Health Center, are among Indianapolis and Central Indiana’s premier health care providers.

These facilities are staffed by doctors from the Indiana University School of Medicine.

Regarding medical treatment in Indianapolis, Eskenazi Health is among the best options, largely thanks to the Indiana University School of Medicine faculty who staff the hospital and clinics.

We want to be your first option for health care services and the employer of choice for talented people looking for challenging and rewarding careers.

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As early as 1855, work started building the hospital that would become Eskenazi Health on the corner of 10th Street and Indiana Avenue.

After opening its doors in 1859 to combat a smallpox outbreak, City Hospital served as a military hospital for the Union Army during the Civil War, caring for an estimated 13,000 injured troops.

As early as 1855, work started building the hospital that would become Eskenazi Health on the corner of 10th Street and Indiana Avenue.

From its opening in 1859 (during a smallpox outbreak) until 1865 (when the Civil War ended), City Hospital served as a military hospital, treating an estimated 13,000 injured and ill troops.

The federal government donated City Hospital to the city after the war, and it first opened in 1866 as a charity hospital with 75 beds.

In the 1880s, under William N. Wishard, M.D.’s leadership, the hospital grew, instituting aseptic hospital techniques and constructing cutting-edge three-story brick buildings to accommodate the growing number of patients.

City Hospital likewise founded this state’s first nursing school. Five nurses were the first to graduate from the Flower Mission Training School for Nurses in 1885, and during the subsequent 97 years, the school would graduate another 2,750 nurses.

City Hospital was also utilized as a teaching facility by several different medical schools.

City Hospital’s ambulance service started transporting patients in need in 1887, setting the groundwork for what is now one of the most extensive hospital-based ambulance networks in the United States.

For the treatment of TB patients, City Hospital constructed the Sunny Sanitarium during World War I. In 1935, Eli Lilly and Company donated the first iron lung in Indiana to City Hospital.

City Hospital was the only facility in the city that served African Americans in the 1920s and 1930s (including those able to pay).

Charles W. Myers, M.D., served as hospital superintendent from 1931 to 1951. During that time, he oversaw the addition of additional psychiatric facilities and the hiring of African Americans to positions within the medical staff.

After renaming it Indianapolis General Hospital in 1947, Dr. Myers helped create the Health & Hospital Corporation in 1951 to eliminate politics from hospital administration.

Since over half of the hospital’s operational staff was summoned to military action during World War II, the facility suffered greatly.

Until the 1960s, when a $16 million expansion added beds and additional services, no significant building had taken place at the hospital since the 1940s.

Joint appointments between General Hospital and Indiana University academics have been possible since 1969 when the two institutions signed a formal agreement.

After being renamed Wishard Memorial Hospital in 1975, it underwent a series of innovations, including the opening of Indiana’s first trauma center in 1992 (it is still only one of three adult Level I trauma centers in the state) and Indiana’s only verified adult burn center, the Richard M. Fairbanks Burn Center, in 2003.

A decision to construct a new building as a replacement was made in 2009. Happily, the residents of Marion County agreed; a referendum to build a new hospital just west of the old 10th Street site gained 85% support.

The new hospital, christened after Sidney and Lois Eskenazi after they contributed $40 million in 2011, started construction in 2010.

In December 2013, the Eskenazi Health downtown campus and the Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital welcomed their first patients.

Eskenazi Health has facilities both on and off the main campus, including 11 Eskenazi Health Center locations now serve nearly one million outpatient visits annually.

The Marion County Health Department is Indiana’s oldest and most effective public health care system. Although it has evolved through time, its primary mission of serving the residents of Marion County has not wavered.

Eskenazi Health

Eskenazi Health careers

For three consecutive years, Becker’s Hospital Review has recognized Eskenazi Health as one of the top 150 best healthcare employers in the US.

Forbes Magazine included the organization in its 2018 list of the Best Places to Work for Women.

See Open Careers

Eskenazi Health strongly recommends that everyone get the COVID-19 vaccination to protect our patients, community, and staff.

We think this obligation extends to every member of the Eskenazi Health family, regardless of position or daily activities.

Influenza and COVID-19 vaccinations, among others, are mandatory for all employees at Eskenazi Health unless they have a medical exception.

A COVID-19 immunization is not necessary for employment to begin. However, all recruits will be given the option to provide evidence of prior immunization or acquire the vaccine as part of the onboarding process.

It’s easy to have a positive outlook on life when you take pleasure in your work. Eskenazi Health is committed to delivering exceptional care to its workers to facilitate an efficient and productive career.

There is a constant need for qualified individuals to join the Eskenazi Health team at the hospital and its more than 30 primary and mental health care facilities located around Indianapolis.

Eskenazi Health’s policies and practices guarantee all employees and applicants receive equal treatment regardless of their gender, race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, military status, physical or mental ability, or any other characteristic that may be used to discriminate against someone.

Eskenazi Health employs cutting-edge technologies to modernize the interview process further and enhance the applicant experience.

Candidates may benefit from a streamlined online application procedure and flexible, self-scheduled interviews via text or video.

Employees at Eskenazi Health have access to user-friendly onboarding and employee self-service tools and a comprehensive intranet that caters to their specific inquiries and concerns.

A member of Becker’s Hospital Review’s “150 Top Places to Work in Healthcare,” Eskenazi Health has been recognized as a top employer for four years.

The list honors institutions that go above and above in terms of purpose fulfillment, cultural development, and competitive staff perks.

Forbes also recognized it as one of “America’s Best Midsize Employers” and “Best Places to Work for Women” in 2018.

To learn more about employment possibilities at Eskenazi Health, medical professionals such as doctors, PAs, and NPs may check out the Eskenazi Medical Group.

What Is Eskenazi Health Advantage?

It helps low-income people in Marion County get medical treatment via a managed-care program if they don’t have access to private insurance. Eskenazi Health participants pay on a sliding basis for medical care.


When and how may I make, change, or cancel an appointment?

Appointments may be made, changed, or canceled by calling the clinic directly. In addition to calling 317.880.7666, you may reach Eskenazi Health Connections for appointment scheduling.

How can I locate a doctor if I am a new patient?

Eskenazi Health Connections can help you locate a primary care physician; their number is 317.880.7666.

What should a patient bring for an overnight stay?

It’s recommended that you pack things like pajamas, socks or slippers, a toothbrush, other amenities, eyeglasses, a change of clothing to wear home, a list of your current medicines and allergies, and something to pass the time, such as novels or periodicals.

Where can I find lodgings that are convenient to Eskenazi Health?

There are several hotels in the vicinity of Eskenazi Health in downtown Indianapolis.

Accommodation details for Indianapolis may be found at the following link.

Where exactly on the Eskenazi Health downtown campus can I find the pharmacy?

You may find St. Margaret’s Pharmacy on the ground level of the Sandra Eskenazi Outpatient Care Center.

It is open from 8 am to 10 pm Monday through Friday, 10 am to 6 pm Saturday, and 12 pm to 6 pm on Sundays and holidays. Please call 317.880.4500 to reach the pharmacy.

Eskenazi Health runs many additional pharmacies in the surrounding Marion County area. A complete index may be found at this link.

I’ve had a medical query. Who do I get in touch with?

If this is an emergency, dial 911 immediately. If you have any health-related inquiries, you may contact Eskenazi Health Connections at (317)880.7666. There is a nurse on call around-the-clock.

When I have feedback about my care, who do I contact?

Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, call the Eskenazi Health Office of Patient Experience at 317.880.8333.

I need medical insurance. Is Eskenazi Health able to assist?

Yes, contact the Eskenazi Health Financial Eligibility Services at 1-855-202-1053.

What do I need to have when I sign up for Health Advantage?

To enroll in Health Advantage, Marion County residents must provide:

  • Their picture identification.
  • Evidence of income for all members of their household.
  • The policy numbers of any existing health insurance policies covering family members.

Please check out our financial counseling website if you need help with your finances. The number to reach a financial advisor is 1-855-202-1053.

If I wanted to volunteer at Eskenazi Health, could I do that?

If you are interested in volunteering at Eskenazi Health, please visit our Volunteer page.

Is there a designated smoking area outside?

None of the Eskenazi Health facilities or grounds are smoke-free for everyone’s health.

When may I see a specialist if I don’t see one myself?

Your primary care physician may recommend you to a specialist. Contact Eskenazi Health Connections at (317) 880–7666 if you need assistance locating a primary care physician.

How do I make a patient’s room call?

To reach a patient’s room, dial 317.880.0000 and speak with an operator. A personal phone number may be called for each patient. Patients have the right to restrict access to any records relating to their hospital stay.

How can I fill a prescription at a pharmacy affiliated with Eskenazi Health?

Please get in touch with the pharmacist at your designated Eskenazi Health location to get your prescription filled. Please visit this page for a directory of nearby pharmacies.

Where can I locate parking at Eskenazi Health?

You can find parking details for Eskenazi Health on their parking page.

Is there an ATM at Eskenazi Hospital?

The Eskenazi Health downtown campus does have two ATMs, both located on the ground level of the Fifth Third Bank Building.

Place: Ingram Micro Mobility Marketplace, which is located on the second level of the Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital

What is the policy on overnight guests at the Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital?

In some instances, you may be able to remain overnight at a unit. Inquiries concerning overnight guests should be directed to the department.

Where can I find the lost and found section?

To reach the Eskenazi Health Property Room, please dial 317.880.8365.

When is the gift store open?

Open every day from 10 am to 6 pm, the Frank & Katrina Basile Gift Shop has a large selection of items. Major holidays result in closure.

Where can I plug in my phone if I don’t have my cord?

The Eskenazi Health Michael & Susan Smith Emergency Department is equipped with a charging station.

How can I get duplicates of my health records?

If you need information on how to get a copy of your medical records and how much it will cost, please check out the website dedicated to that topic.

Primary care physicians and the Indiana State Department of Health are other resources for obtaining immunization documentation.

Can I speak to someone about my bill? What are the options for making a payment?

Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, contact Eskenazi Health Customer Service at 317.880.4055 if you have any issues with your account.

Call 1.866.684.9354 to make a credit card payment over the phone. The Eskenazi Health Cashier Office is situated on the first level of the Sandra Eskenazi Outpatient Care Center, but you may also pay online via Eskenazi Health MyChart. Every weekday between 8 am and 5 pm, you may stop by.

Is there a courtesy phone at Eskenazi Health, and where is it?

Patients and guests may use the phone at the main information desk at no cost. The Sandra Eskenazi Outpatient Care Center’s primary information desk may be found on the first level, in the Eli Lilly and Company Foundation Concourse.

How can I find out the cost of the copay for a medical procedure?

If you’re looking for details about our prices and insurance policies, you may find them on this page.

No information could be shared when I contacted concerning a patient at the hospital. Why?

There are occasions when Eskenazi Health must remain silent on the phone due to the sensitivity of a situation or at the request of a patient or patient’s family.

We apologize if the delay in responding to your request for information irritates you, and this is necessary to protect the patient’s privacy.

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