What Insurance Does Dispatch Health Take?

Dispatch Health

Dispatch Health is the most cutting-edge on-demand, in-home healthcare model in the nation, revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

In the comfort of your own home, our board-certified medical teams can treat everything from the most common to the most complicated of injuries and diseases.

Dispatch Health History


With 40 years of combined expertise in bedside and healthcare administration, emergency department physician Dr. Mark Prather and physician assistant Kevin Riddleberger join forces to launch the prototype of a game-changing healthcare delivery company: True North Health Navigation.

These businesspeople set out to revolutionize the healthcare system by delivering better patient results, more satisfying interactions between doctors and patients, and lower overall expenses.


Mark and Kevin, the company’s co-founders, have completed a proof of concept, and they and their tiny crew have rebranded as Dispatch Health.

They effectively present the notion of in-home care to the Colorado healthcare community, encompassing payers, senior living institutions, health systems, and more.

Following the first patient visit, co-founders Mark Prather and Kevin Riddleberger closed on the company’s initial investment round in October 2015, totaling $3.6 million.


Dispatch Health extends its in-home care concept to Colorado Springs, CO, Phoenix, AZ, Richmond, VA, Las Vegas, NV, Houston, TX, and Oklahoma, OK.

The firm also collaborates with three health systems: Baystate Health in Springfield, MA, Texas Health Resources in Dallas, TX, and MultiCare in Tacoma, WA. r/ultiCare Closing its second round of funding at $33 million, Dispatch Health will use the money to create new clinics around the United States and provide better care to those with complex medical conditions.


Dispatch Health functions in 18 markets across 12 states when the COVID-19 epidemic knocks the nation to its knees.

The group immediately responds to the challenge, concentrating on providing care to the most disadvantaged people.

Dispatch Health gets $135.8 million in Series C investment, with the objectives of expanding to new regions, providing more services, and serving more patients. dispatch


In March 2021, Dispatch Health received $200 million in Series D investment, worth more than $1.7 billion.

With the purchase of Professional Portable X-Ray in April 2021 and Dynamic Mobile Imaging in December 2021, DispatchHealth has become one of the leading suppliers of in-home imaging in the United States.

Who owns Dispatch Health?

Mark Prather

Mark Prather, CEO, and co-founder, Dispatch Health. The yearly cost of emergency treatment is estimated at $18 billion, and this startling amount is a significant factor in that estimate.

Dispatch Health

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Dispatch health insurance

Accessible, preventative, and cost-effective medical care

Your visit to Dispatch Health will be billed at the same rate as an urgent care facility that is part of your insurance’s in-network.

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How much does a visit usually cost?

The average patient copayment for a Dispatch Health visit is based on claims data from over 30,000 patients over the last three years.

Please note that the total amount you’re accountable for will differ depending on the details of your insurance policy. Visit our COVID-19 price page for more information.

Commercial $44.03
Advantages of Medicare $17.33
Secondary Insurance (Medicare) $5.44
Medicare with no Supplemental Coverage $27.31

The total cost of treatment for a single visit to Dispatch Health

There might be other charges on your statement that are not shown here. Your out-of-pocket medical costs may exceed what your insurance plan covers.

Dispatch Credit cards, debit cards, health savings accounts, health reimbursement arrangements, and flexible spending arrangements are viable options for financing medical care (FSA).

Imaging, tests, medications, and other healthcare services may be referred to other providers. In these circumstances, the patient will be invoiced individually by those services.

Dial 888-908-0553 to speak with a live person about your bill.

An Explanation of the Benefits (EOB)

An Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurer will typically arrive 30 to 45 days following your appointment. This will detail the visit’s services and the costs that were covered.

The Cost of the Provided Services

Then, Dispatch Health might send you a bill. Your insurance provider will calculate the amount depending on your policy and deductible.

The total cost to you will reflect the quality of service delivered. The Dispatch Health billing staff will send your medical bills to your insurance provider.

Dispatch health portal

Need your medical record?

This might be necessary if you respond to a legal demand, change providers, or relocate.

ChartRequest is used to provide access to these files.

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Dispatch health careers

Take your first step.

You’ll have a unique opportunity to shake up the healthcare system and put patients first. Here, you’ll find encouragement in your efforts to rethink healthcare in the United States by prioritizing people, patients, and providers.

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Honest Reviews

Dispatch Health

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Dispatch health FAQs

What is the cost of a visit to Dispatch Health?

Cost-wise, a DispatchHealth visit is comparable to a walk-in urgent care clinic. After insurance, the typical patient co-pay is between $5 and $50.

Your insurance policy will specify the portion of the expense for which you are accountable. If your insurance plan has a high deductible, you should know that you’ll have to pay that amount out of pocket before your policy kicks in.

What if I don’t have health coverage?

A fixed cost of $275 is due through a credit card at the time of service if you do not have insurance or we are not connected with your insurance provider.

Medication, treatments, and on-site lab testing are all included in this one low price.

Imaging, tests, drugs, and other healthcare services may be referred to other providers, and these services will send a separate charge to the patient in these cases.

Credit cards, debit cards, HSAs, HRAs, and FSAs are all acceptable ways of payment.

When will the ambulance come to take me to the hospital?

The response time for a medical team to arrive at your location after you phone us is generally between one and two hours. The number of patients seen on any given day will determine how long an appointment will take.

When you contact to make an appointment, you’ll be given a specific time to expect your visit.

When I request Dispatch Health, who are the doctors and nurses that will go to my location?

A physician assistant, nurse practitioner, and a DispatchHealth medical technician will visit your house. Consultations with an emergency room doctor are accessible at any time.

How can I schedule an appointment?

It’s simple to schedule an appointment with us. Just give us a ring or go over to this link.

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