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Devoted Health

New to the healthcare industry, Devoted Health focuses on the needs of the elderly.

Care for each individual as if they were a member of our own family is central to our objective to significantly enhance the quality of life for seniors in the United States.

By providing members with guides to the healthcare system, streamlining the patient experience with cutting-edge software, and collaborating with the best doctors to improve health outcomes, we demonstrate our commitment to our members’ well-being.

Our Story

Devoted Health’s mission is to improve the quality, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness of healthcare for everybody.

So, we inquired about something elementary. Is today’s impersonal, impractical, and prohibitively costly healthcare system truly the best we can do?

To that, we respond, “Hardly.”

The Devoted Solution

It would help if you had better. Here is the plan to do it:

  • Re-centering on you is what we do.
    • All we do is sell Medicare Advantage plans, and our goal is to provide Medicare recipients the same high-quality, compassionate care we demand from our loved ones.
  • Relationships are what we prioritize, not walls.
    • We will not interfere with your and your doctor’s treatment decisions. We do all we can to have everyone pulling in the same direction so that you get the coordinated care you deserve.
  • We prioritize quality above quantity.
    • In this case, more definitely isn’t better. Indeed, perfection is what we want, and that’s why we work with reputable medical professionals, clinics, pharmacies, and other service providers to guarantee timely, appropriate treatment.
  • Simply put, we simplify healthcare.
    • How did you make it so easy? That’s the feedback we hope to get from our members regularly, and it’s the engine that powers everything from brand-new exercise perks to arranging trips to the doctor.

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Devoted Health Career

We are calling all big-hearted thinkers.

Do you like working with other bright individuals to address pressing problems? A willingness to attempt, fail and try again (and again). You’ve found the proper location, then.

There has never been an organization like Devoted Health. We’re building the health care system that would make us happy.

All of our Medicare Advantage plans are user-friendly, reasonably priced, and focused on the health and wellness of our Members.

How we roll.

Our team comprises intelligent, exciting individuals from different walks of life who are also really kind to work with, aside from medical treatment.

There are four pillars around which our organization is founded.

Priority to Members

  • The needs of our Members come before all others, and all of our efforts are centered on the customer.

Resilience is important.

  • We are not deterred by adversity. We pick ourselves up and keep going no matter what obstacles we face.

The fastest one wins.

  • We decided on specific objectives. Could you do it? Then, could you do it again?

Teamwork is required.

  • We get better results when we work together, regardless of our differences.

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Devoted Health Benefits

What are the benefits to you?

In the same way, we treat our families; we do the same for our teams. Gains that help your health, mind, and future self are in your future.

Devoted Health

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Devoted Health reviews

Over 151 anonymous workers have given Devoted Health a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Eighty-seven percent of workers at Devoted Health say they would recommend the company to a friend, and eighty-eight percent say they have a favorable perspective on the company.

Over the last year, this evaluation has risen by 13%.

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