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coordinated health

More than 200,000 people in Washington State are covered by Coordinated Health Care, a managed care group.

Coordinated Care is dedicated to fostering a healthier community by providing accessible, high-quality health care at an affordable price.

To provide care for the whole person, we aim to remove obstacles to receiving it, help members understand their coverage, and put them in touch with resources.

To achieve this goal, we center our efforts on the well-being of each person and the community as a whole.
Individuals should be the primary concern.

We believe healthier individuals make families and communities stronger when treated with love, respect, and dignity.

Optimal health in every way. We focus on the whole patient, not just their symptoms.

The importance of local participation cannot be overstated. Healthcare that is both effective and easily accessible is made possible, in part, by the work done at the local level.

Centene Corporation is a Fortune 500 corporation that provides healthcare to the underinsured and uninsured via various government-sponsored healthcare programs.

State Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Aged, Blind, or Disabled (ABD), Foster Care, and Long Term Care (LTC) are all examples of Medicaid-funded programs that many people participate in (Special Needs Plans).

The business provides various health insurance options and manages local health programs. Behavioral health management, care management software, correctional healthcare services, dental benefits management, in-home healthcare, life and health management, managed vision, pharmacy benefits management, specialty pharmacy, and telehealth are just some of the specialized services it offers through contracts with other healthcare and commercial organizations.

coordinated health

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Coordinated Health login

Portal for Members

Make your profile in the digital world right now!

With Coordinated Care, you have access to various reliable resources. Similarly, you have complete control over all of your medical records. The login button will take you into our protected area, and an external window will pop up. You can either sign in or sign up, which is quick and painless.

You may do the following if you sign up for Coordinated Care:

  1. Switch your primary care physician.
  2. Submit an Application for a Replacement Membership ID Card
  3. Modify your profile by adding new information.
  4. Please send us a message.

Use these steps to create your member account (PDF).

Apple Health’s Essential Links:┬áThis service is restricted to Adoption Support and Foster Care Alumni.

Provider Access Portal

Providers with contracts are welcome to sign up immediately. After submitting a claim for payment for the first time, unaffiliated providers may sign up for an account. After signing up for the Coordinated Care provider site, you’ll have access to:

  1. Confirm membership qualifications
  2. Verify and send in claims
  3. Authorizations must be submitted and confirmed.
  4. Look at the patient list in detail.

After logging in, you’ll access the user guide on the protected portal. Sign up today if you are a contracted service provider. You will be prompted to register the first time you file a claim as a non-contracted provider.

Log In

coordinated health

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