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Reducing healthcare expenses via workplace wellness and injury prevention is the goal of Confluent Health, a group of firms that provides physical therapy and occupational therapy services.

Physical therapists are in charge of the organization, which provides shared services, ongoing education, professional development, mentorships, and real partnerships for the benefit of patients.

For our partners to concentrate on operating their clinical practices and serving their local communities, we provide them with all the benefits of being part of a major corporation.

Confluent Health

Confluent Health Careers

Get your career started now!

We want you to enjoy your work and have a good time doing it. We will provide you with the resources, tools, and professional opportunities necessary to succeed in your career. Thrive with us!

You’ve made a living moving people.

Now, allow us to assist you in taking your profession to the next level!

Confluent Health is a group of enterprises specializing in physical therapy and occupational therapy. We own and operate 336+ outpatient clinics and deliver injury prevention programs at 850+ employers throughout the United States. Additionally, we provide a best-in-class professional development program for clinicians nationwide interested in private practice management and board certification.

Education & Development

Alternative Routes to Board Certification

With the EIM Residency Program, you may realize your full potential. You possess a general-purpose and just waiting to be channeled, encouraged to thrive, and harnessed for the benefit of others. It is both generous and pragmatic. It’s a personal and professional method for you to contribute to the world’s improvement, and we’re here to assist you.

Across the US, less than 9% of physical therapists are clinically board certified. Over 33% of our professionals at Confluent Health are board-certified, and that figure is rising! If you’re interested in joining this illustrious group, explore Evidence in Motion’s residency program at a Confluent Health partner site.

Learn More about EIM

Our extended family

You’ll sense it the moment you walk into one of our locations: a culture of care, compassion, and personal connection.

Our dedication to our people-first culture is unwavering. Since Confluent Health’s inception, we’ve established an informal commitment to assist our staff in times of need. As our business expands, so does that list.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

A capable organization comprised of different individuals, workers, and communities.

Confluent Health’s organizational structure reflects the principle of Unity in Diversity. While our numerous partners, business divisions, and programs differ considerably, they all have a common goal: “Success through meaningful work that benefits people.”

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What does confluent health do?

We are a healthcare holding business in Louisville with physical therapy partners in over 500 clinics throughout 26 states. Confluent Health improves physical health by successfully serving the communities: patients, employers, payors, students, and providers. Concentrating mostly on physical and occupational therapy, which produces long-lasting results without the need for surgery, medicine, or diagnostic imaging, Confluent Health enterprises contribute to reducing healthcare costs and the improvement of population health. 

Our businesses specialize in the following services:

  • Physical and occupational therapy in the outpatient setting
  • Injury Prevention in the Workplace Through Early Intervention and Employee Screening
  • Physical therapists and occupational therapists get advanced and entry-level education.

Regardless of whatever clinic or location you visit, we have one aim in mind: to get you back to your life as quickly as possible.

Confluent Health revenue

  • Confluent Health’s yearly revenue is now expected to be $36.7 million.
  • Confluent Health’s revenue per employee is anticipated to be $270,000.

Employee Information

  • Confluent Health employs 136 people.
  • Confluent Health increased its personnel base by 27% last year.
  • Currently, Confluent Health has 29 job vacancies.

Confluent Health Partners Group

Partners Group, the worldwide private markets investment firm, has agreed to make a major equity investment in Confluent Health (“Confluent” or “the Company”), a physical and occupational therapy-focused provider located in the United States.

The Edgewater Funds, a Chicago-based private equity group, will relinquish its stake in Confluent as part of the acquisition. 

Confluent, based in Louisville, Kentucky, provides outpatient physical and occupational therapy services through a network of approximately 200 clinics in twelve states; pre-professional hybrid Doctor of Physical Therapy programs in collaboration with leading universities; post-professional certification, residency, and fellowship programs for physical therapists; and occupational health and safety services at over 500 corporate locations.

Through collaboration with local physical therapist business leaders and entrepreneurs, Confluent has built a platform for providing special treatment and performance while remaining involved in the areas in which it works. Confluent has the highest percentage of physical therapist investors of any private firm in the United States. 

Following the investment, Partners Group will collaborate closely with Confluent’s management team, led by CEO Larry Benz, on various strategic and value creation initiatives to support the Company’s continued organic and acquisitive development.

These strategies will increase same-store sales, create new clinics, expand M&A partnership prospects in new and existing markets, expand relationships with institutions, and make strategic and technological investments to enable scalability. 

According to Larry Benz, CEO of Confluent Health: “Partners Group’s investment is a significant milestone for Confluent Health, and we are thrilled to have secured a partner of Partners Group’s caliber and scope.

Confluent is embarking on an exciting journey, and we look forward to collaborating with Partners Group’s industry-leading team to realize our goal of physical therapist-led healthcare revolution.”

Confluent Health

Todd Miller, Managing Director, Partners Group’s Private Equity Americas, states: “We are thrilled to contribute our hands-on, entrepreneurial approach to Confluent Health’s continuing growth.

We were drawn to the Company because of its brilliant management team, strong founder culture, and long-standing local market reputation and leadership built by its companies.

Confluent is excellently positioned to achieve scale in a fragmented market by implementing best practices and hence contribute to overall healthcare system cost reductions.”

Dr. Remy Hauser, Managing Director, Partners Group’s Healthcare Industry Value Creation, adds: “Our Thematic Sourcing efforts identified physical therapy as a very promising subsector within the healthcare industry that is poised for growth and consolidation.

People are living longer in the United States due to the long-term trend of an aging population, but frequently with chronic diseases that are best handled with physical therapy rather than riskier and more expensive medical treatments. Confluent, we believe, is perfectly positioned for development when paired with its exceptional value offering.”

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