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Confluence Health

Our mission at Confluence Health is to improve the health of our patients by offering safe, high-quality treatment that is both compassionate and efficient.

Our communities have access to cutting-edge medicine close to home because we invest in advanced technology and resources to remain on the cutting edge of healthcare innovation.

To serve the people of North Central Washington, Confluence Health is an integrated healthcare delivery system that comprises not one but two hospitals as well as more than thirty medical specialties and primary care.

Confluence Health is the largest medical service provider between Seattle and Spokane, with more than 300 doctors and 170 advanced practice providers.

Our mission is to provide accessible, high-quality, safe, compassionate care at an affordable price.

We believe that investing in cutting-edge technology is essential to maintaining our position at the forefront of the healthcare industry, where we can better serve our patients and their needs while enabling our physicians to perform at the most significant possible level.

As we live in the center of Washington, we see the wide open spaces, snow-capped mountains, and high desert lakes and rivers that make up our state.

Orchards, farms, and quaint villages are all proud parts of our local landscape. Confluence Health actively supports the communities we serve and their quality of life through our community support program and our efforts as interested community members.


Sidecar Health was established in 2018 by Patrick Quigley and Veronica Osetinsky in El Segundo, California. Both were formerly executives at Katch (formerly known as Vantage Media), a marketplace for insurers to acquire new customers and a leader in internet advertising technology.

In 2019, the firm debuted its first insurance offering in Texas, where there was a significant uninsured population. Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, and North Carolina were all added to Sidecar Health’s service area before the year’s conclusion.

The initial investment for Sidecar Health came from VC companies GreatPoint Ventures and Morpheus Ventures, which together contributed $18 million.

Ann Wojcicki, CEO of 23andMe, joined Comcast Ventures and the Kauffman Fellows to lead a new $20 million investment round in July 2020.

In January 2021, it raised $125 million in a Series C investment round headed by Drive Capital, valuing the company at $1 billion.

The money allowed for hiring more people, opening more offices, and buying new insurance products. To date (2022), the corporation has expanded into 18 different states.

These include Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah.


Plans from Sidecar Health are available in the ACA individual market, the employer-sponsored market, and the IFP market. All insurance plans from Sidecar Health rely on patients paying doctors directly for their services.

Members may check their benefit levels, compare costs and read reviews on service providers in their area via the website or mobile app.

Members may make payments with a Sidecar Health VISA debit card when using the company’s services. Statistically, such lump sums are less than the rates agreed with insurance firms.

Any outstanding balance after the corporation has paid its portion is added to the user’s bill. For example, the employer will pay for 80% of an obstetrician’s visit ($153).

Sidecar Health introduced its ACA plans and fully insured employer-sponsored program in Ohio in 2022. Additionally, it has been marketing its Access Plan, an exempted benefit plan under the ACA in 18 states and sponsored by partner insurers.

Products with excluded benefits, such as the Access Plan offered by the Brookings Institution, were shown to reduce the advantages of risk pooling in a study potentially.

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Confluence Health Bill Pay

Information about billing and insurance

At Confluence Health, we work hard to keep medical costs low without sacrificing quality.

Because of how swiftly developments in the healthcare industry, including insurance regulations, occur, it may be challenging for anybody to stay educated and knowledgeable.

To better serve our patients, we have provided the resources below to help them manage their medical bills.

Confluence Health

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FAQs about Billing & Insurance

Answers to Common Questions About Your Bill

Please read on to get answers to frequently asked issues about your medical bill. Contact our Patient Services team by dialing 509.436.4020 or 888.499.4801 toll-free.

Contact the Patient Financial Services team Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. Contact us at 509.436.4020 or stop by one of our hospital wards.

1. Can I wait for Confluence Health to charge me until my insurance has been processed if my insurance has a co-payment requirement?

Co-payments are due at the time of treatment and must be paid directly to Confluence Health. When you check in, have your co-payment ready to be delivered. We welcome all major credit cards, cash, checks, and Discover.

2. When should I expect to pay my bill?

Your details will be verified either before you check in or immediately upon arrival. You will have the option to pay now or schedule future payments.

When you come for your scheduled appointment, you may be requested to settle any outstanding bills. Your account is due in full on the date shown on your statement unless other arrangements have been made.

3. What should I do if I can’t pay my bill before the deadline?

If you need assistance setting up a payment plan, please call Patient Financial Services at 509.436.4020 or toll-free at 888.499.4801, or come to any of our locations mentioned below.

4. Are there any alternatives if I cannot pay my bill?

To learn more about our Financial Assistance Program, please call 509.436.4020 or toll-free at 888.499.4801 or stop by any of our Inpatient locations.

5. Can I contest how my insurance handled the claim payment?

Please get in touch with your insurance provider directly if you have reason to suspect they improperly handled payment for your treatment.

Any decision made by your insurance provider is subject to your right to an appeal. To contact your insurance provider, dial the number shown on your card or Explanation of Benefits.

When filing a claim, your insurance provider should be able to provide information on how disputes are handled.

6. How can I get Confluence Health to take my chargeback?

If you need help paying for medical care, you may call Patient Financial Services at 509.436.4020 or toll-free at 888.499.4801, or you can visit one of our locations where a staff member would be happy to help you.

7. The name of the doctor who treated me is not one I am familiar with on the bill. What gives?

There are several scenarios where you may not recognize the doctor’s name on your medical bill.

On your bill, the name of the physician who reviewed your X-rays or pathology report or administered your anesthetic will be included if applicable.

These physicians may not have interacted with you directly during your visit, but they played a vital role in your care.

8. Why did I visit one of the clinical offices but now I’m getting a fee for services rendered at your hospital?

Our medical center provides a wide range of diagnostic services, including the interpretation of laboratory tests and X-rays. These are not part of the clinical office services and are invoiced independently.

9. How do I determine how much to charge for my expertise?

Costs are based on a triangulation of three variables:

  • Labor and materials required to complete the service
  • The degree to which one’s products or services can compete with those of other businesses in the market
  • By health insurance policies, reimbursement rates are defined as the following.

Every year, we assess whether or not our prices are fair and competitive. Ad hoc evaluations are conducted whenever new information is discovered that may pertain to any of the three considerations.

10. Do you bill any specific insurance companies?

Many different insurance plans are accepted, and we may submit claims on your behalf. We need a copy of your health insurance card so that we may adequately charge you for services.

Please visit our page detailing Accepted Insurance and Accepted Payment Methods.

11. What do “contracted” insurance and “allowable” refer to?

When we say that an insurance policy is “contracted,” it indicates that we have committed to being paid according to the terms set out by a particular insurance provider.

The word “permissible” is often used interchangeably. We take insurance; however, the patient is usually responsible for out-of-pocket expenses (such as a deductible or co-pay).

12. What if my insurance company doesn’t have a deal with Confluence Health?

Regardless of whether or not Confluence Health is in network with your primary insurance provider, we will charge your insurance as a courtesy.

If your insurance provider does not cover 100% of your medical expenses, you will be liable for paying that amount.

13. What if I get hurt at work?

The Occupational Health Department at Confluence Health is here to help in a workplace accident. If there was an accident, a report must be filed.

If your Washington State business is self-insured, you may expect to get your company’s information and claim number.

You will need to complete an account at the time of your visit if your Washington state employer has workers’ compensation insurance via the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.

Confluence Health will handle all insurance billing for work-related injuries. The insurance will cover any costs associated with a work-related injury if your claim is accepted.

14. What if I suffer injuries in a car accident?

Confluence Health will notify your auto insurance provider that they are willing to be billed for any medical expenses resulting from an auto accident.

As a favor to you, we’ve decided to provide this service. Any amount not covered by your vehicle insurance company will be your responsibility.

15. Do you take Medicare Assignments?

Confluence Health’s medical staff are all Medicare-approved clinicians. Any co-pays or deductibles must come out of your pocket.

16. Do you provide payment plans or accept monthly payments?

Our business office can arrange payment plans if you cannot pay in full at the time of service. It would help if you asked for this choice immediately, ideally on your first visit.

If you cannot meet the terms of our standard payment plan, you may apply for an extended payment plan together with a personal financial statement.

Depending on the details of your financial situation, we may be able to waive some or all of your outstanding balance. All patients will be treated equitably if they apply in the same way.

17. What if I’m involved in a legal dispute?

Any legal action you take against another party is outside our scope of responsibility and is considered a lawsuit.

So, we can’t hold off until a settlement or judgment is paid. You, not the third party, are liable for your account’s actions.

18. Who is in charge of payment and contact with the insurance provider?

If you are 18 or older, it does not matter who you reside with, who has the insurance policy, or who claims you as a tax deduction; you are solely liable for your account.

If the patient is under 18, both biological parents or the legal guardian are accountable for payments regardless of whether or not they are divorced or living apart.

Your knowledge of your insurance policy details is solely in your hands. Co-payments, deductibles, second opinions, preauthorizations, preferred providers, covered and non-covered procedures, and select hospitals are all examples of such nitty-gritty details.

Our office has the personnel necessary to submit your hospital and surgery visit for preauthorization to your insurance company.

There is NO assurance of payment with this, and it is agreed YOUR contract will pay that amount.

Unfortunately, Confluence Health cannot handle the insurance reimbursement process or mediate a claim dispute on your behalf. With our help, you can get your hands on all the necessary medical data.

19. When will my statement arrive?

Activity in Confluence Health is used to generate statements. You will get an idea for that month if there is a balance or transactions in your account during a given month.

If we are engaged with your insurance provider, you will also get a notification of insurance billing when transactions are posted to your account.

This notification will detail the date(s) and service(s) for which your insurance was billed. The term “Explanation of Benefits” may be used interchangeably.

Please get in touch with our Patient Financial Services Department if you have any concerns about your bill or our credit policy.

Paying Bills Online: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which of my bills may I pay online?

You may use your MasterCard, Visa, or Discover card to pay any bill you receive from a Confluence Health provider, including those from your doctor or hospital.

Checking and savings accounts are accepted forms of payment.

When paid online, your money will be received and processed within two (2) business days, and there is no additional charge.

2. Will my financial details be safe to submit?

Yes. There is state-of-the-art encryption software protecting the shopping cart on our site.

3. Can I check the amount of my account online?

Unfortunately, at this time, account information cannot be accessed online. Please get in touch with the hospital or clinic billing department if you have any queries about your charge.

4. Who do I contact if I need assistance with my account, want to update my contact information, or set up an alternative method of payment?

If you need assistance or would like to speak with a Patient Financial Service Representative, please get in touch with us at:

Contact the Patient Financial Services team Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. If you need to speak with an inpatient care provider, please call 509.436.4020 or stop by one of the facilities below.

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