Why Is Collective Health Working Important In Healthcare?

Collective Health

Collective Health is an all-in-one technological solution for group health insurance that streamlines the healthcare of the company’s employees.

Collective Health has approximately a quarter of a million members and more than 50 customers, such as Driscoll’s, Pinterest, Red Bull, Restoration Hardware (RH), Zendesk, and more, all of which are redefining the healthcare experience for innovative businesses and their employees throughout the United States.

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Collective Health

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Collective Health

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Collective Health do?

Unlike standard medical insurance, Collective Health is designed to be affordable for everyone.

The most progressive self-funded businesses and their employees have our full backing throughout the country.

Our offerings include:

  • Your medical, pharmaceutical, dental, and vision plans, as well as medical claims adjudication and the networks and health programs that best meet your requirements, may all be managed under a single umbrella thanks to integrated plan administration.
  • Enhanced member experience, including concierge-level assistance, personalized assistance, and digital resources, make it simpler to manage care planning, delivery, and payment.
  • Intelligent employer solutions, such as streamlined operations, real-time dashboards, payment and accounting assistance, and analytics, enable you and your consulting partner to maximize the value of your benefits spending.

Who do I switch from the current group of health benefits providers that I employ?

We’ll handle the details of plan management and member services for your self-funded medical insurance.

This implies that we will be taking the place of your present medical insurance provider’s administrative services and any other unnecessary member support services, such as mobile, online, or telephone options.

Collective Health is a unified system for managing health plans, processing claims, communicating with members, and analyzing data from these sources.

Do you believe in the value of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), Centers of Excellence (COE), and other novel approaches to providing healthcare?

Our platform was indeed developed to integrate classic PPO networks and innovative delivery alternatives like COEs, ACOs, and other direct contracting arrangements into a unified member and employer experience.

What kind of concierge services are available to members?

Our Member Advocates and Care Navigators deliver VIP service to all members.

Our service staff is embedded inside the health plan itself, which makes our support approach more efficient than that of independent concierge companies.

Stronger, more meaningful connections with members are possible thanks to this integrated strategy that would be impossible to establish with a separate program.

Could you also boost participation in our other health and wellness initiatives?

Your medical, pharmacy, dental, and vision policies, as well as your health and wellness programs and flexible spending accounts, may all be managed from one unified interface.

Thus, our Member Advocates, mobile app, and online portals all work together to tailor our services to the needs of individual members.

We can also provide in-depth guidance to members as they deal with their complicated health demands, thanks to our Care Navigation service.

How much does Collective Health cost?

Our pricing model reflects the unified nature of our offering. Clients may purchase a platform management cost, network access fees, and extra modules.

The actual cost is comparable to or lower than most businesses already spend on health care coverage.

Could you be part of a standard RFP procedure for a carrier?

Indeed, we are often requested in requests for proposals from health insurance companies.

However, we believe it is helpful to speak with businesses and their consultants before the RFP is out to rapidly convey how Collective Health is comparable to and distinct from conventional health plan alternatives.

What is the time frame for rolling out Collective Health?

Our whole system may be implemented in as little as 90 days.

Members may benefit significantly from Collective Health’s printed materials, digital resources, and Member Advocates during Open Enrollment, but only if our customers start the implementation process early.

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