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About club fitness

Welcome to club fitness. With the most club locations and the greatest club facilities, we’re helping St. Louisans live healthier and happier lives.

Because we are natives of the city, we have a special bond with St. Louis. Since its inception, Club has strived to be more than simply a gym where members can work out.

We wish to help our members have happier and healthier lives by providing them with a clean, functional, and welcoming fitness facility.

Employees will feel more valued if they can develop professionally and personally inside our company.

We want to pull our community up through active participation and partnership with other groups that assist our community.

We’re the gym that makes exercise accessible to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay. It doesn’t matter whether you’re 5 feet tall or 6 feet tall, or anywhere in between – we’re here to help you reach your health and fitness objectives.

We work to instill in our members, our neighborhood, and the rest of the world a sense of mutual respect, celebration, and acceptance for all people.
Find out why you should join Club Fitness.

Club Fitness membership

Membership for Young Adults | $39.99 per month

Our members between 18 and 29 may benefit from our Young Adult Membership. We know that many of our younger members are just starting, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be concerned about their physical and mental well-being.

We know that there are a lot of gyms out there, but we want to go above and above for our customers. Devotion, education, and support are necessary for a healthy and fit lifestyle.

We’ve designed this subscription exclusively for our younger members because we want them to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • A month-to-month arrangement follows a six-month contract.
  • If you have a kid under 18, this 6-month agreement costs $79.98 for two people.
  • All memberships include a one-time activation cost.
  • EFT or credit card draft are accepted methods of the monthly payment.

Membership for Seniors | $59.99/month

To help our ClubFitness family members over 65 who want to remain active and healthy, we’ve created the Senior Membership.

This pickleball or racquetball membership is a terrific opportunity to join a warm and supportive group. This is a terrific technique to keep your body moving and laughter going.

Every one of our highly rated group exercise sessions is tailored to meet your specific fitness goals. With a senior membership, you may swim with us every day and enjoy the pleasant and safe environment at ClubFitness.

  • When you sign up for a 12-month subscription, you’ll be obligated to pay a monthly fee.
  • All memberships include a one-time activation cost.
  • EFT or credit card draft are accepted methods of the monthly payment.

Basic Gold Membership | $69.99/month

If you’re between 30 and 65 and seeking a gym to call your own, our Basic Gold Membership is for you!

  • When you sign up for a 12-month subscription, you’ll be obligated to pay a monthly fee.
  • This 12-month deal costs $124.98 for couples (two adults or an adult and a minor under 18).
  • With an 18-month contract, this membership costs $59.99 per month (or $110.98 per couple)
  • Alternatively, a month-to-month contract for $79.99/month (or $139.98 for a pair) is available.
  • All memberships include a one-time activation cost.
  • EFT or credit card draft are accepted methods of the monthly payment.

Family Membership | $127.97/month

Our family-friendly ambiance was the inspiration for our Family Membership program. The cost of a three-member family membership is $127.97.

At least three family members are required for a Family Membership (maximum two adults). A further $0.99 is required for each subsequent kid under 18. For example, the membership fee for a family of four would be $128.96.

An additional $24.99 will be charged for each additional family member under 18. It costs $153.95, for example, for a family of five (two adults and three children under the age of 18) to join.

At ClubFitness, we take great care in ensuring that our prices are as reasonable as possible for everyone who joins us. You won’t regret taking advantage of our KidsKorner, ClubZone, junior Olympic-size pool with water slides, and savings on several additional children’s activities.

  • It is a 12-month membership commitment that subsequently becomes month-to-month.
  • Family memberships may be purchased on a month-to-month basis by calling 336-478-2660.
  • All Memberships come with a one-time activation cost.
  • EFT or credit card draft is used to make monthly payments.

Club Fitness price

Join only $25.99 per month. Click to join

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Club Fitness

Club Fitness cancel membership

Is it time to take a vacation from the gym?

If you’d want to put a hold on your membership, we’d be pleased to do so! You may reactivate your membership whenever you’re ready, and there are no extra fees associated with doing so. If you’d want to put your membership on hold, you may do so by clicking “Freeze Account.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We understand that you’ve decided to discontinue your membership with Club Fitness.

Any open location’s manager or assistant manager may accept cancellation notifications from members in person.

Filling up the form requires a photo I.D. and an email address. Cancellations must be made at least 30 days in advance.
As a last resort, you may send a letter to P.O. Box 6800, Sherwood, AR 72124, to discontinue your subscription.

All of the above information should be included in the included letter. Please also provide your current mailing address, phone number, and email if we need to get in touch with you again.

You must provide the names of any members you intend to terminate if you have more than one. It is strongly advised that you send this letter certified mail.


Monday – Thursday 8 am – 8 pm
Friday – Sunday, 8 am – 6 pm

Club Fitness customer service

(636) 928-0968


Club Fitness FAQ

Where can I acquire a new Club Fitness card?

During staffed hours, new cards may be obtained at the front desk of any store. No fee is charged if you still have your old card but require a new one because of wear and tear.

So, what if I get lost at the gym?

Don’t know what to do at the gym? That’s something we can assist you with! Our “Fit Plan” provides a free personal training session for every Club Fitness member.

You may start your fitness adventure with this plan intended to help you achieve your objectives. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any queries about our fitness programs or personal trainers.

What if I don’t know how to utilize the gym’s equipment?

At Club Fitness, our goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals and keep you motivated. A free one-hour personal training session with a licensed personal trainer is always a good idea to learn how to utilize the gym’s equipment and to have a detailed workout program written for you to follow.

Please get in touch with a doctor or a personal trainer before beginning an exercise program since training times and durations might vary based on your level of expertise.

What am I supposed to wear to work out?

It’s best to wear whatever you feel most comfortable in, whether that’s a pair of sweatpants, a long-sleeved T-shirt, or a pair of sneakers.

At Club Fitness, you don’t have to wear a certain brand of clothing, make up your hair, or appear flawless in any other manner to join in on the fun. We’re here to have a good time while staying fit for the most part.

In what ways may I make changes to my billing information?

At any time, you may go into each account and make changes to the information for each member. To use any account online, you must first register it. You may update your billing information by clicking here.

How can I update the details of my membership?

You may enter into your account and update your memberships at any time. You first need to register for a username and password to access your account.

Each subscription must be handled individually if you wish to manage numerous memberships.

Please tell me how to put a hold on my membership.

For a period of up to two months, you may seek an online asset freeze. Five (5) days before your paying date, you must submit your freeze. Visit our MEMBER PORTAL for more information.

If I signed up online, how do I obtain my access card??

I hope you enjoy your time here! To get an access card, you’d need to visit a location with a staffed desk if you signed up online.

At the gym, may I pay in advance?

Although it is possible, you must make your payment at least five days before your invoice’s due date.

Would it be possible to get a membership for the whole family?

Family memberships are not available at this time. Individual memberships are available.

Are our Silver Sneakers accepted at your store?

Definitely! Our staff members would be glad to activate your membership at your local Club Fitness facility and show you around.

What is the price of a one-day pass?

Do you need a gym for the day? It’s possible to obtain a $ 10-day pass at any of our clubs that are open to the public.

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