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Cityblock Health

It was a groundbreaking moment when Cityblock Health was established in 2017 as the first tech-driven provider for communities with complex needs.

Health and social services are delivered more effectively to those who need them the most by investing upstream in highly tailored, prevention-oriented health and social services.

As a result of the integration of our technology, we’re able to serve a more significant number of patients and caregivers than ever before.

As a company, we’re committed to creating a new level of customer service for those who live in low-income communities.

And we will not rest until we have transformed how health care is offered in historically underserved areas throughout the United States. Come on over and join the fun!

Cityblock Health founders

In 2017, Romm and Toyin Ajayi, two former Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs employees, co-founded the company.

Services including primary care, mental health, and chronic illness management are all part of Cityblock, which also addresses issues of transportation, housing, and food availability.

Cityblock Health

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Cityblock Health revenue

To get a deal with these businesses, Cityblock offers to take care of people with more complex needs.
In addition to medical treatment, the organization also provides social requirements, such as daycare, housing, and transportation.
Currently, the firm has 75,000 subscribers and a projected income of $400 million by the year 2020.

Cityblock Health funding


Cityblock health careers

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Cityblock Health

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Cityblock Health salary

For Outreach Specialists, Cityblock Health pays an average of $38,546 per year; for Family Medicine Physicians, the average income is $236,271.
For Drivers, the average hourly wage at Cityblock Health is $17.44; for Family Medicine Physicians, the average hourly wage is $104.

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