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CIC health

About and mission of CIC health

There’s no better place for entrepreneurs to expand their businesses than CIC health. Our story is here. An extensive COVID-19 testing service is available at CIC Health and may be completed quickly and easily. More than 3,000 institutions and organizations have benefited from the health tech company’s testing services, which have saved 160,000 in-person learning days.

Mass vaccinations were administered at four locations, including Gillette Stadium and Fenway Park. The Cambridge, MA-based firm made over 3 million PCR testing and 1.2 million vaccination doses possible.

CIC is a worldwide pioneer in innovation communities.

Entrepreneurship has always been a big part of our culture here at CIC. We believe that invention promotes innovation, density encourages cooperation, and a common purpose fosters a vibrant community. CIC serves as a home for innovators as we enter an era of exponential development and change, making it easier for them to access resources and have a positive global impact.

CIC works with solid and local partners to help entrepreneurs build the critical networks they need to succeed in business. It has taken us almost two decades to concentrate on establishing lively communities, fostering collaborative workplaces, and developing robust programs to recruit and assist the most outstanding entrepreneurs and their teams.

To solve today’s issues, our clients give tomorrow’s solutions. They reshape our economy, generate new jobs, and solve some of the world’s most complex challenges.

CIC health

An explanation of how the innovation system works.

We firmly think that innovation has the potential to create a better world. With the COVID-19 epidemic, CIC cofounded Venture Café and CIC Health; all focused on advancing our purpose. With the help of CIC’s programming partner, Venture Café, you may connect with other innovative thinkers and get things done.

CIC Health: COVID-19 testing solutions for schools, companies, and people have proven easy and cost-efficient. Civic innovation spaces are commonly found in CIC centers, such as District Hall. In-house boutique consulting for business innovation initiatives: Captains of Innovation. Community Innovation Centers (CICs) – Dedicated facilities inside CICs that focus on specific and fast-moving industry verticals.

CIC health vaccination policy 

How C.I.C. Protects You from Danger

C.I.C. has taken many measures to ensure the safety of its members, staff, visitors, and suppliers throughout the epidemic. Our opinion is that community and cooperation are crucial to creativity, and we develop rules and procedures based on this idea. In addition, we adhere to all local and federal health and safety regulations.

For all U.S.-based C.I.C. employees and keycard holders.

Since Nov. 1, 2021, all of C.I.C.’s U.S.U.S. facilities have adopted a Vaccine or Vax-or-Test policy. All of our policies are meant to protect the health and safety of everyone who comes into contact with our facilities. According to the findings of a C.I.C. member poll and the findings of the F.D.A.’s complete approval of the Pfizer vaccine, they are consistent with policy trends at prominent institutions, the trajectory of the Delta virus, and local state and municipal laws where applicable.

Third-party, HIPAA-compliant software is being used to administer C.I.C.’s vaccination policy, which includes religious and medical exemptions from immunization, as well as acceptance of vaccines from foreign countries and all FDA-approved COVID-19 testing. Natural immunity (or “natural immunity”) is not accepted as evidence of vaccination by C.I.C. at this moment, in line with C.D.C. and O.S.H.A.’s findings.

No C.I.C. Center Keycard, no access to C.I.C. Centers in the USA.

Visitors from outside the United States who do not have a C.I.C. keycard are subject to a “Vax-or-Test” policy at C.I.C. facilities. As a security precaution, we demand all visitors and vendors who do not have a key card provide proof of immunity and vaccination within 48 hours of their arrival at our facility.

C.I.C. Visitors Health Pass must be completed at least 48 hours before arrival, and guests must be prepared to present their email confirmation on-site if requested.

C.I.C. Visitor Health Pass information is used only to evaluate your eligibility for entry into C.I.C. Patients’ medical histories, immunization status, and test results are never kept by us.

All C.I.C. Centers across the world

Additional safety procedures for most C.I.C. locations are summarized in the table below. Due to local restrictions or legislation, C.I.C. centers may have different criteria. Signs in local shopping malls usually address these variances if they exist.

Protective clothing for the face Masks is essential for everyone’s safety. Hence they must be worn in areas where they are regulated. Our US Centers require all visitors who have not been vaccinated to wear a mask in all of our common areas, regardless of their vaccination status (e.g., kitchens, hallways, and restrooms). A CIC center’s mask-wearing standards may change according to other local circumstances or regulations. Additionally, local guidance may differ across C.I.C. members and employees and visitors. Would you please adhere to the instructions provided by the site’s signage?

Non-contact amenities, However, despite recent studies showing that transmission of COVID-19 by contact is very improbable, C.I.C. continues to deploy many of the pandemic’s touchless door-to-desk features. Hand sanitizer and a cleaning wipe dispenser are just some of the amenities we may expect to see.

Common Areas of the C.I.C. Please be mindful of your fellow members of the C.I.C. community, notwithstanding the easing of social distance and mask-wearing rules in many countries. C.I.C. communal areas should have appropriate safety signs (e.g., kitchens, hallways, and restrooms). Common areas at certain C.I.C. centers may also include co-working spaces, meeting rooms, and phone booths. If such is the case, on-site signs will indicate it. Please see the section under ” Face coverings ” for further information about the need to wear a mask in C.I.C. common areas; please see the section under “Face coverings.”

Protocols for preventing and treating infection COVID-19 contact tracing is done when a person has been proven to have the disease. Local health agencies are normally responsible for making contract tracing outside the United States. Contact tracing is a C.I.C. specialty in the United States. Anyone who has contact of more than 15 minutes with a COVID-19 infected person will be notified and given resources for further action by a team at a U.S.U.S. health care facility if one is located.

If you have symptoms or test positive for COVID-19, please follow the advice of your local health officials.

Density in the workplace Members of the C.I.C. is free to organize their workplaces in whatever way they like. When reconfiguring an office, members are encouraged to contact their local community team for help.

CIC health

Towels and Cleaning Products The communal areas of C.I.C. are well-stocked with antibacterial hand sanitizers and cleaning wipes. If you need more materials, please contact your local community team.

Lobbies and Concierge Desks in Buildings These common spaces of the buildings where C.I.C. centers are located will be marked with signs indicating the most recent local safety rules. The landlord of the building is responsible for these areas.

Member policies of the C.I.C. Ensuring that sick leave policies enable workers who are unwell to remain at home is one of the responsibilities of C.I.C. members.

  • If the symptoms continue, anybody with COVID-19-like symptoms must remain at home.
  • As a last resort, requiring anybody experiencing symptoms at work to leave the premises immediately.
  • Reporting confirmed C.I.C. infections to your community team is the fourth step.
  • Allowing patients with COVID-19 to remain home for a minimum of two weeks and only return to the C.I.C. after their symptoms have subsided and they are no longer experiencing additional signs of COVID-19 (without the use of fever-reducing medicine).
  • Before arrival on-site, all visitors are required to complete the C.I.C. Visitor Health Pass (no more than 48 hours in advance) and are warned to have their Health Pass email confirmation with them to display upon request.

If you have concerns concerning a particular C.I.C. center’s rules that haven’t been addressed here, don’t hesitate to contact your community team directly. Local teams may be reached through “Get in Touch” at if you’d like more information about our places.

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