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China Buffet

About China Buffet

China Buffet is a full-service Chinese buffet restaurant that serves the most outstanding Chinese food on our all-you-can-eat buffet.

As far as Chinese restaurants go, China Buffet boasts the most extensive buffet of all of them. You can get your hands on flavorful Mongolian Beef or hot and fresh spring rolls.

Our chefs, who have more than two decades of culinary expertise, use only the finest ingredients and traditional cooking techniques to prepare each dish at China Buffet.

What if you’re feeding a huge group? It’s all good! We can handle big parties, so please contact us immediately to make a reservation.

China Buffet

China Buffet price



Children (3-5) $3.95 (6-10) $6.95


Children (3-5) $4.95 (6-10) $7.95

Dinner Buffet w. Snow Crab Legs $55.99 (NO SHARING)


Lunch $6.50 Per Lb Excluding Seafood

Dinner $6.95 Per Lb Excluding Seafood

Buffet with Seafood Take out $9.25 Per Lb

​Minimum 4 Items Per Takeout

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New China Buffet

A fantastic neighborhood restaurant serving excellent meals at a reasonable price is just what you’ve been looking for.

If this is the case, you’ve come to the right place. Our customers rave about the delicious meals they get from us, and they do so no matter where they are.

We provide a wide variety of delectable entrees and scratch-made specials. We take great care in making your dining experience unforgettable.

Purchasing directly from our website and not via any third parties helps us keep our expenses low to concentrate on high-quality products and excellent customer service while expanding our company.

Get started with us now, and you won’t be sorry!

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Super China Buffet

Since 2007, the Greensboro, North Carolina, area has been home to Super China Buffets. It’s the perfect place to show our dedication to fresh, locally sourced food and a welcoming environment.

All of the foods on our menu are prepared in-house by our professional chefs.

Thanks to some of the tastiest pairings of ingredients, there’s something for everyone here. Super China Buffet offers a wide variety of delectable meals prepared with only the finest ingredients and served directly from the kitchen.

Food that is fresh and delicious and presented with a smile. That’s our job. We have an extensive Chinese buffet with a range of seafood, poultry, beef, pig, and vegetable dishes prepared in various Chinese cooking methods.

We’ve got everything from crawfish legs to fish to mussels, shrimp, and squid on our menu. Among the many other options are sushi rolls, egg rolls, spring rolls, wings, frog legs, grilled chicken, fresh fruit, ice cream, and a slew of other sweets.

The team works long and hard to keep the food at the buffet as new as possible. We’d love to have you over for lunch or dinner tonight.

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