Chartwells Food Service is increasing their staff salary.

Chartwells Food Service

The Biggest Provider of Food and Support for the Education Sector

Every day, we’re re-inventing the school eating experience from kindergarten to college.

To satisfy the diverse requirements of our students, Chartwells provides a dynamic, personalized eating program tailored to their interests.

A premier educational food and support services supplier, Chartwells Canada, is committed to providing you and your students with exceptional service and providing you and your students with a wide range of options.

Using our unique cuisine, passionate community, amazing talent, devoted global resources, and cutting-edge technology, we can feed, inspire, and collaboratively improve the campus experience via food.

Chef-driven, seasonally-inspired, diverse, and authentic menus and scratch-cooked, ethically-sourced food are the foundation of our promise to put students first.

Using that as a foundation, we can create a dining experience that goes above and beyond the typical college dining hall fare, emphasizing student health and well-being, dietary requirements and preferences catered to, and cuisine designed to sustain students while they pursue their academic goals.

Chartwells Food Service

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A collaborative thinking partner, Chartwells Canada integrates with the community to provide a dining experience that is unique to your institution.

An effort to transform Chartwells Canada from a foodservice department to a collaborative thinking partner was launched in 2018 in the form of the Thinking Ahead Giving Back (TAGB) concept.

We promote food security, community impact, and student career development via the three pillars of TAGB.

For the last three years, Chartwells has been positively influencing our partner campuses and the communities in which we operate.

The following changes have occurred on college campuses since the relaunch in September 2021.

On the traditional, unceded, and unreconciled territory of the Haudenosaunee, Anishinaabe, Attiwonderonk, and Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation peoples, Compass Group Canada’s main office facility is situated.

Our effort from coast to coast extends to the whole of Turtle Island. Reconciliation requires us to work together with and honor our Indigenous communities to learn, unlearn, empower and shape a brighter future for everyone in Canada.

Chartwells food service menu

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Chartwells food service reviews

Based on more than 885 anonymous evaluations, Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services has an aggregate rating of 3.4 out of 5.

Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services has 54 percent of workers who would suggest it to a friend, and 47 percent of employees have a favorable perspective on the company.

Chartwells food service jobs

Our people are the foundation of our efforts to provide a positive learning environment for our students and colleagues.

Our employees are at the heart and spirit of all we do when it comes to our cafeteria program.

I like what I do. This is what I love to do. The client service is fantastic. Food fascinates me, and I’m always looking for new ways to incorporate it into my cooking.
– In the role of Director of Dining Services, Cecilia Ramirez

Willing to shape a generation?

Do you want to work somewhere where you can feel like your efforts are making a difference?
We’re seeking folks like you to bring a smile to the faces of students around the nation.

Our principles

  • Responsibility
    • Even when no one is watching, doing the right thing.
  • Learning
    • To us, it’s not about being correct but rather about getting it right.
  • Resilience
    • We must persevere through the difficult times to reach the easier times.
  • Connection
    • Giving back to our community in a positive way
  • Fun
    • Our work is important, but it’s also a lot of fun!

You’ve worked here for 20 years or just began today doesn’t matter to me. We’re going to put money into you so that you can accomplish your job to the best of your ability. We’ve seen much progress in the duties of our employees.
– Director of Dining Services Sue Malesa

Apart from assisting the children, my favorite aspect of the job is getting to know the people. We’re more like a work family than simply workers.
– The Assistant Kitchen Manager is Sara Cowan.

The DeVry Scholarship

One of the ways we’re ensuring the long-term success of our workers is by partnering with DeVry University. Employees in major school systems can now not advance their careers due to USDA requirements for extra certifications.

For those workers who want to further their education and professional advancement, Chartwells’ scholarship program will be a great assistance.

Meet with Chartwells

Chartwells Food Service

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Chartwells Food Service salary

The average hourly wage for Chartwells Higher Education Food Service Workers in the United States is $12.52, which is in line with the national average. In the last 36 months, Indeed has gathered salary data from 170 sources, including workers, users, and job postings from the past and present.

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Chartwells Food Service address

Chartwells Food Service is a food manufacturing firm situated in Saint Charles, Missouri, United States, at 4606 Central School Rd.

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