How Much Is A Membership At Charter Fitness?

Charter Fitness

Charter Fitness is a network of health clubs serving the greater Chicago area. Each of our clubs is staffed and prepared to satisfy your individual and specific health requirements since we recognize that our members and their communities are distinct.

Charter Fitness’s clubs are known for their dedication to providing members with a unique experience. Our team gets to know each member personally and creates tailored workout plans to help them achieve their objectives.

Charter Fitness offers excellent service at an affordable price. Our trainers, group classes, personnel, and facilities can help you reach your fitness objectives in various areas, including strength training, flexibility training, weight reduction, balance training, conditioning, and cardiovascular health.

Your Neighborhood. Your Health Your Club. Charter Fitness is a trademark owned by CFit Holding Corp.

Charter Fitness

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Charter Fitness membership



  • Singular club
  • Benefits of a Free Health and Fitness Evaluation
  • Training for Small Groups, Free of Charge

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The Carol Stream location does not provide 

Total and Complete Access



  • This Agreement Requires No Contractual Obligation
  • All Memberships are Month-to-Month with a $10 Initial Payment.
  • There Is No Annual Fee
  • It Includes the Use of All 16 Locations
  • No Time Limits
  • All of our Massage Tables and Chairs are at your disposal.
  • There Is No Charge For This
  • Health And Fitness Evaluation!
  • Training for Small Groups, Free of Charge

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Places like Charter Fitness and CFX are included in the list above.


Membership Extensions Up to 5 Extensions

  • Include Your Loved Ones
  • Initial Add-On Costs Only $15/mo.
  • Add-ons cost $10/Month each after the first.
  • Useful for Every Membership Tier

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Available at checkout or at your local Charter Fitness

Charter Fitness price

See the Price List 

Charter Fitness login

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Charter Fitness app

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Charter Fitness

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Charter Fitness Customer service

Contact Us today.

Charter Fitness Locations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are masks or a vaccination certificate necessary to use the facilities?

According to new state and municipal regulations, gym-goers are no longer needed to wear masks as of February 28, 2022. Furthermore, it is no longer necessary to confirm immunization against Covid-19.

What kind of services do your clubs offer?

Although each Charter Fitness centre is distinct and has the specialized equipment, they all have several standard features.

Showers and changing rooms (members must bring their lock). There is a variety of cardio and strength training machines, as well as free weights, available.

Members get access to -Vending and retail items, such as pre-workout beverages, protein drinks, locks, headphones -Hand towels, and disinfection spray bottles for use during workouts.

Do you provide any family plans?

Yes! Extending your membership is possible and functions similarly to a family membership.

After creating an account, you can invite up to four other users. Everyone is welcome to join, not just blood relatives, and they may use the gym whenever they choose with their membership tied to your account.

The first upgrade is $15 per month, and every additional feature comes at a low monthly rate of $10 per user.
No minimum term is required, no yearly service charge, and no additional hidden costs associated with the optional extras!

For additional information, visit THIS LINK.

Can I use my insurance, and do you take Silver Sneakers?

Yes! Silver Sneakers and many other insurance plans are accepted. The insurance plans Prime, Renew Active, Global Fit, and Silver & Fit are just a few of the many we receive.

Do you have to be a certain age?

All members and visitors must be 18 years old to utilize our facilities.
With parental permission, a child of any age (at least ten years old) is eligible to join or acquire a guest pass.

Have you got classes?

Yes! Daily, weekly, and monthly memberships to Charter Fitness provide access to a small group training program.

The typical duration of a lecture is 45 minutes. To find out when classes are being offered, contact your neighbourhood club. To view a complete list of where we are situated, please click HERE.

How many locations does Charter Fitness have?

All Access Monthly Members get access to all Charter Fitness and CFX facilities. With a Regular membership, you may only use the facilities of your local club.

Getting started with a personal trainer – what are the first steps?

Personal training is one of the services we provide that might help you achieve your fitness objectives. Sessions of personal training last 45 minutes, and you may book them whenever it’s most convenient for you.

For more on personal trainers and pricing, contact or visit your local Charter Fitness centre.
Personal training sessions at your preferred club may be requested by clicking HERE.

When do you open and close?

Every one of our nightclubs is available anytime, day or night.

The vast majority of our nightclubs are only open at the following times:


Friday: 6am-4pm

Saturday: 8am-4pm

Sunday: 8am-12pm

Staff hours may be found at if you are interested in a specific club’s schedule.

When do different membership tiers get access to the facility?

All Acess Monthly Members, Silver Sneakers Members, Prime Members, and Members whose memberships are paid for by insurance have access to all of our facilities at all times.

(You can have 24/7 access to all our locations with the Formula Membership, which is exclusively sold at the Carol Stream location.)

Those who sign up for a Regular Membership may only utilize the facilities at their home clubs.

The following are the available times:

7 am-7 pm

At any time during front desk hours, you may speak with a representative about upgrading your membership to All Admission Month to Month, which grants you access to all our clubs whenever you choose.

How can I check-in and get in when the front desk is closed?

When we are not there, our facilities’ main entrances will close and lock automatically. You’ll need to install an app called Openpath on your smartphone if you want to use the gym’s facilities.

Openpath members should have received an email with account setup instructions. Please get in touch with your local club, and we will gladly resend this message if you did not get it the first time.

After joining Openpath either online or in a physical location, new members will get a welcome email.
Call ABC Openpath Support at (866) 992-8955 if you need help getting into the club while it is unavailable to the public.

Can you tell me how to terminate my membership?

It is possible to terminate your membership in one of two ways:

First, through registered mail. You may terminate your membership at any Charter Fitness or CFX facility simply by sending a letter stating your intent.

You should sign the letter with your complete name, phone number, address, and date. We will begin the cancelling procedure as soon as we get your letter.

(2) In-person at any of our Charter Fitness or CFX facilities. A cancellation notice will need to be signed if you want to cancel in person.

Can I put my subscription on hold?

Your subscription may be held for a maximum of two (2) full months. Freezing your Charter Fitness membership is as easy as sending a certified letter to your local club or stopping in to sign a paper form.

Your membership may be held for up to six (6) months if you can prove that you need to attend to medical, academic, or military obligations.

Submit a Membership Unfreeze Request at your local location to unfreeze your membership.

Freezing and thawing your membership isn’t anything that will cost you anything. To clarify, only your monthly payments will be suspended, and your membership’s yearly service charge is not affected by the freeze.

How can I change my primary club?

When a Regular member signs a Home Club Transfer Request at any Charter Fitness or CFX club, they may take their membership to another club of their choosing.

ABC Fitness recently billed me. Could it be you?

Yes. ABC Fitness processes all member payments.
Dial (888) 827-9262 to speak with a member support representative.

Precisely what was the $39.99 for?

Certain subscriptions have a $39.99 annual service fee (ASF). This is charged once a year, on the same day, 45 days after the first signup.

For the month-to-month All Access subscription, there is no ASF.

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