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Origins of CF Fitness

Time-saving and entertaining physical activity James Howell, the company’s founder and a professional runner, set out on a mission to help primary school instructors become in shape.

Dooley Elementary School Principal Chiles of Long Beach, California, was a customer at a teacher fitness training class, and she complained about recess time.

“Principal Chiles often showed up to school in a tense state. I probed, “Why do you usually show up late to your gym sessions?” “I’m constantly late because I’m dealing with behavior problems all day long,” she said.

Then I asked, “What would you want to change about your school if anything could be changed?” What she stated was

“After-School Activities and Structured Play!”

She said that would change the entire climate of my school !” – James Howell.

After a Year

James saw then that there was a need for an engaging after-school program to help children of all backgrounds make the most of their free time. After James Howell internalized the principle, CF Fitness was established in 2014.

These days, students look forward to recess and after school more than any other time of the school day, and the exciting new activities offered to make the most of otherwise wasted time and reduce chaos.

No one in the class feels alone. Every day, members of Convenient Fun Fitness have the opportunity to learn new activities while fostering social skills, problem-solving abilities, and leadership qualities.

CF Fitness will not be satisfied until every kid on the playground plays like it’s the final five seconds of the game.

Our Purpose

CF Fitness aims to help every child in the United States learn new skills in a secure, regulated setting while having a great time doing it.

Future leaders’ lives are being enriched by CF Fitness every day.

The Point of This

In addition to enhancing the Common Core Standards via STEM and PBIS activities, we want to increase public understanding of how to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle through exciting exercise programs for people of all ages.

Our goal is to create a snowball effect with our program by making learning more accessible and enjoyable for all students. This, in turn, will hopefully encourage them to remain committed to their academic pursuits.

Keeping kids engaged in their education will lead to higher academic achievement and a greater likelihood of pursuing further education beyond high school.

The Prospects for the Future

Soccer with a Bubble Ball

Take care Bubble ball soccer is an extreme entertainment offered by CF Fitness. You can play a planned game of soccer while still bumping into one another is a huge plus.

The sport of Bubble ball soccer is gaining popularity among the educational institutions that this company serves. Even kids who didn’t like playing there are now having a great time.

Students can run about with their friends and classmates, and the campus remains peaceful because the students adhere to the CF Fitness Core Values. Every day, CF Fitness leaves behind a piece of the Magic Kingdom.

Towards a Dance Curriculum in Line with Steam

CF Fitness plans to implement dance programs at academic institutions. CF Fitness has seen a worrying trend: a declining appreciation for the performing arts among primary school students.

Therefore, CF Fitness has provided a constantly developing dancing venue for academic institutions. We’ve teamed up with Tommy the Clown, the most well-known clown in the world, to provide a fun and active educational component for students.

Tommy is hip to today’s dance trends and encourages the youngsters to join in the fun. Tommy saw how the kids’ faces would light up when they danced, so he swiftly created a fantastic STEM-aligned dance program for the schools.

Tommy is an exceptional community leader who will enrich CF Fitness and the educational institutions where he works.

cf fitness

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Why Choose CF Fitness

“Physical fitness is not only the foundation of dynamic and creative intellectual activity; it is also one of the most crucial keys to a healthy body.”
Kennedy, John F.

Program Impact & Benefits

Improved Student Health

Our curriculum emphasizes the development of fundamental athletic abilities like coordination, footwork, strength, speed, and agility via STEAM principles in various sports and playground activities.

College Students with Agency

Families and teachers at our partner institutions often report the positive effects of CF Fitness membership on their children’s academic achievement.

A healthy mind follows a healthy body.

Strong Leaders

Through our CIT program, CF Fitness is training the next generation of leaders to work together, resolve conflicts peacefully, and thrive in a competitive environment.

Greater School Security

Schools that have implemented CF Fitness routinely report a reduction in bullying incidents and visits to the school nurse. Why?

The kids are getting an education in collaboration, spatial awareness, and sportsmanship via fun, all-inclusive activities. They have gained more opportunities for social and emotional development via play as a result of this.

Stronger Municipality

Public, private, and charter schools and families throughout Southern California are welcome to participate in our many programs.

Our activities are delivered in collaboration with some of the city’s most well-known sports groups, and we have deep roots in the communities we serve.


Supports and interventions for positive behavior

Proactive tactics for defining, teaching, and supporting proper student behaviors to promote suitable school environments are a cornerstone of modern school-wide support systems, which have been widely recognized as a significant breakthrough in school discipline.

A continuum of positive behavior support is introduced throughout the school, both in and out of the classroom, replacing the fragmented approach of individual behavioral management programs (such as hallways, buses, and restrooms).

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) aims to help all children at a school succeed academically, socially, and emotionally by providing them with the behavioral supports and social culture they need to do well.

The focus is on developing and maintaining school-wide, classroom, and individual systems of support that reduce the effectiveness, efficiency, and relevance of targeted misbehavior and enhance the functionality of desired behavior to improve the quality of life outcomes (personal, health, social, family, work, recreation) for all young people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which services does CF Fitness provide?

To meet the requirements of its students, the schools that CF Fitness works with are diverse. Join Force Service partners with elementary schools to provide an on-site coordinator to teach, model, and strengthen a structured physical activities program

CF Fitness’s Coach Service equips schools with highly qualified CF Fitness coaches who work with teachers, paraprofessionals, and after-school programs to build and maintain a safe, welcoming playground that encourages physical activity and positive social interactions among students.

What is your involvement with junior highs?

The primary focus of CF Fitness’s curriculum is on elementary schools. When it’s a good match, we do collaborate with middle schools.

How about Kindergarten?

Yes. Our organized recess Program serves students in grades K-5.

Does anyone on your staff teach PE?

Yes. None of our coaches or site coordinators are certified PE instructors. Teachers may sign up for 30-45 minute Fitness CF organized physical activity programs to free up time for class cooperation.

Students may get a head start on the games and activities offered at recess by participating in Physical Education classes.

In addition, students learn to value themselves and others as contributing members of a healthy, active community while having a great time.

Who everyone works there? How qualified are they, exactly?

Training sessions with CF Fitness coaches, site coordinators, and workshop instructors are always high-energy and entertaining.

The employees at CF Fitness all share a deep dedication to improving the health and fitness of children.

All CF Fitness coaches, site coordinators, and certified workshop trainers have extensive experience dealing with children, having previously held positions in youth sports leagues, summer camps, or other nonprofit organizations dedicated to serving the needs of young people.

Who manages the CF Fitness Coaching staff?

Coaches, the site coordinator, and certified workshop trainers all report to CF Fitness, which is responsible for their training and supervision.

Our program managers will be assigned to each school to oversee the site’s coaches and coordinators. Managers of these programs are the main point of contact for principals and teachers at each school location and ensure that the programs run smoothly.

CF Fitness works hard at each site to foster a warm and welcoming community.

Can you tell me how many teachers a school gets?

One full-time or on-demand CF Fitness instructor who is empathetic and consistent delivers our whole curriculum to each school.

Professional Fitness Consultant Service, CF Fitness, Through its CF Fitness Professional Consultant Service, CF works with elementary schools to place one coordinator in each school to help implement and improve an organized recess program.

What is the CITs program all about?

For the academic year, sixteen “Coaches In Training” students participate in the CF Fitness CIT program. Students who would benefit from a leadership program where they can participate in exciting leadership exercises, games, and team-building with a positive Fitness CF role model are a natural match for our format.

Third through fifth graders are the primary target audience for the Coaches In Training program, which provides them with leadership development and training opportunities.

The CF Fitness Coach will instruct the Coaches-in-Training for two hours after school each week. In the after-school program, they do community service and engage in team-building exercises. Benefits of the Coached In Training Program include:

Intentionally throughout the school day, coaches provide kids chances to take on leadership roles. They ensure that all CITs have access to a wide range of options.

Third, fifth graders get coaching to help them become influential leaders. Debriefings, comprehension tests, and practice situations are all used to evaluate progress.

Coaches and aspiring coaches share leadership over after-school goals because they both feel invested in realizing them.

Do we still need to offer supervision throughout all playground times?

Yes. On the playground, Fitness CF coaches and site coordinators are responsible for providing children with various enjoyable, risk-free activities to choose from. They are not a suitable replacement for a responsible adult at a playground.

When looking to apply for CF Fitness, how do schools do so?

CF Fitness offers three distinct service models that contribute to a student’s success in school.

CF Fitness Coach and Professional Consultant Service is available via your nearest CF Fitness location if we are present in your area.

Parents and students should expect to receive a School Interest Form throughout the school year.

After visiting potential partner schools in February and March, we decided early spring which schools to partner with for the forthcoming academic year. We have a waiting list for schools that did not cut.

You may contact a CF Fitness team member who can provide the assistance you need via the CF Fitness Professional Consultant Service by requesting a free assessment.

What does it cost?

Implementing the CF Fitness Coach service at an individual school might cost anything from $5,000 to $50,000. CF Fitness has a fundraising component appropriate for PTA and low and reduced lunch schools.

Schools, parks, and other public spaces outside of established Fitness CF districts may use the company’s Professional Consultant service.

Multiple degrees of involvement is possible. To find out more, please complete the training survey.

Additionally, we request that schools provide a minimal amount of playground equipment (balls, cones, jump ropes, etc.) that should not exceed $500 and may be augmented by already present playground apparatus.

What is the fee for CF Fitness Consultant courses?

Costs include not just the time and effort put into a program but also factors like distance traveled and the number of people in attendance.

Local CF Fitness account managers are available to answer any questions about our services.

Fill out the Training Assessment form below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible with your free, no-obligation assessment.

If I want to book a training with the Consultant Service, how long in advance should I do so?

You should notify us at least four to eight weeks in advance if you have a specific date. If you are flexible with your dates, we can work something out. To arrange a training, please fill out our Training Assessment form.

Does CF Fitness Consultant training need a certain number of people to run, or may it have more or fewer?

We only work with groups of 8 individuals minimum and 36 persons maximum to make the training dynamic, engaging, and productive.

Multiple pieces of training for smaller groups are recommended if your program has more than 36 employees, or we may send extra trainers to work with the whole crew for a single rate.

How can I determine which Consultant services are ideal for my team and me?

Your faculty and staff will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to expand opportunities for enjoyable, risk-free, and healthful socialization inside and outside the classroom through our adaptable professional development programs, which are described in detail on the CF Fitness Consultant Service page abstracts.

The pupils I tutor, how will they profit from my CF Fitness Consultant training?

Adults who regularly interact with children may benefit significantly from the knowledge and skills imparted by the CF Fitness Consultant training program.

Children who are exposed to an adult who has been trained in CF Fitness have a greater chance of having a positive experience at recess or play, better academic outcomes, more opportunities for leadership and conflict resolution, and fewer instances of bullying.

Explore our Why CF Fitness? and What We Do pages, or peruse our most recent Annual Survey for additional information on the value of CF Fitness Training.

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