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Central Florida health Care

About Central Florida Health Care

In January 2020, the University of Florida Health purchased UF Health Central Florida, previously known as Central Florida Health, making it the most extensive and most comprehensive provider of health care services in the area.

Inpatient acute hospital services are provided at UF Health the Villages Hospital and UF Health Leesburg Hospital, inpatient rehabilitation services are provided at UF Health the Villages Rehabilitation Hospital, and diagnostic laboratory services are provided at several locations to serve patients in Lake, Sumter, and Marion counties.

UF Health Central Florida is a leading healthcare provider in Central Florida. It is proud to provide cutting-edge medical technology and cultivate meaningful connections with patients, families, doctors, and the local communities it serves.

History and Beginning

In the 1960s, America began to make a turnaround. The public health infrastructure finally started getting some attention during the Johnson administration.

It was to eliminate poverty that the Department of Economic Opportunity was established in 1964.

The healthcare system missed many U.S. citizens by the early 1970s. Over the last quarter of a century, since Community Health Centers first opened their doors, patients have had more access to better health and longer lifespans.

In addition to providing quality medical treatment to the underserved, community health clinics have evolved into efficient non-profit institutions.

Leadership, commitment, and engagement at the grassroots level in the community have undoubtedly been crucial to this effort’s success.

Up to half of our funding comes from direct government funds managed by the HHS Bureau of Primary Health Care.

Patient payments, government and private insurance, and local and other donations cover the rest of our operational costs.

The quality of treatment provided and budgetary accountability of Community Health Centers are both held to the highest government standards.

Both the contractual rules and guidelines of the State of Florida and the accrediting standards set out by the Joint Commission are followed by our facilities.

Central Florida Health Care is one of over 1,200 safety net providers with over 7,000 clinics serving underserved populations in all 50 states, DC, PR, and the USVI.

Presently, Community Health Centers provide care to over 18 million individuals.

We have strong representation in the federal government in Washington, D.C., and in the state legislature in Tallahassee, Florida, via the National Association of Community Health Centers.

These groups work nationally to unite stakeholders with the necessary dedication, credibility, financial resources, and depth of experience.

A tremendous amount of progress has been made by community health centers because of these collaborations.

Following the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) requirements, Central Florida Health Care, Inc. is a Federally Qualified Health Center.

You may contact the CFHC’s administrative office at (863) 291-5110 for more details on our FTCA compliance.

Due to its participation in the Health and Human Services (HHS) Grant Program and its Federal PHS Deemed Status regarding specific health or health-related claims, including medical malpractice claims, this health center is protected from liability.

Following the Federal Claims Act, Central Florida Health Care, Inc. is a Federally Qualified Health Center and a Deemed Facility (FTCA).

If you have any questions concerning CFHC’s FTCA registration, don’t hesitate to contact the administration office at 863-291-5110.

To better serve you and your covered persons, our centers are supported by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and have been accorded presumed federal PHS status for specific health and health-related claims, such as medical malpractice suits.

Central Florida health Care

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Central Florida health Care login

Patients’ Portal

The mission of Central Florida Healthcare is to provide exceptional medical service to its patients.

The best care is provided when we work with our patients and have an open line of communication.

A tool we use is a portal specifically designed for patients. The following are just a few of the many benefits you may expect to enjoy from using it.

You can:

  • To update your medical record, please go online.
  • Have them contact the clinic or hospital
  • To finish pre-registration and new-patient registration,
  • Have Web-Based Consultations
  • Do not forget to refill your medicines.
  • The first step is to get some resources for educating patients.

Providers Can:

  • Allowing for protected patient-doctor communication
  • Take a look back in time.
  • Upload imaging and laboratory findings to a central database
  • To achieve that goal, it is essential to:
  • Provide online access to patient consent forms.
  • Requests for referrals should be collected, so keep that in mind.
  • Patient education materials should be sent directly to the patient wherever possible.

Why use Patient Portal?

Patient Portal facilitates preventive healthcare by using cutting-edge technologies to improve healthcare delivery.

With the Patient Portal, patients may see their health records whenever they choose, day or night, without having to leave the comfort of their own home or workplace.

Patients’ Portal login

Central Florida health Care

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Central Florida Health Care jobs

In other words, come work with us! To put it another way, CFHC offers its dedicated employees the best quality of life.

We are a healthcare organization looking for people that share our enthusiasm and commitment to the field.

Additionally, our organization serves as a loan repayment site for the National Health Service Corps.

All qualified applicants will get consideration for employment at Central Florida Health Care, Inc. (EOE).

Any eligible candidate will be given equal employment consideration regardless of age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, handicap, or veteran status.

Disability-related requests for application process modifications or help will be considered and provided upon request.

The firm is happy to help this way; no candidate will be punished for asking for it.

If you’re interested in joining our team of compassionate experts, you can learn more about open positions by clicking on them.

See Open Position

Central Florida Health Care providers

Meet the providers

Central Florida Health Care medical records

Medical Records

First-time visitors, please bring the following items:

  • Proof of identity cards
  • Valid health insurance card (s)
  • Proof of identity (driver’s license, passport, etc.)
  • The sliding fee discount system requires proof of income.
  • Health and dental records
  • New patients should bring their most recent hospital admission or emergency department visit records.
  • Bring proof of payment, such as your latest three pay stubs or 1040 tax returns, to be considered for a reduced cost.
  • Bring all bottles and a list of drugs you’re presently taking.
  • The Foster or grandparent must provide proof of guardianship or child custody.
  • Power of Attorney for Adults Needed by Guardians

Appointments vs. Walk-ins

In the event of an emergency, however, walk-ins are welcome. Feel free to walk in or give us a call if you’d like to be seen without an appointment. 

Providers often fit patients in between planned visits. Except in cases of extreme medical need, those having scheduled meetings will be seen first.

To cancel an Appointment.

Appointment cancellation notices help us accommodate as many patients as possible.

After Hours

When the Centers are closed, there is always a doctor available. Dial 866-234-8534 to have the answering service contact a doctor on your behalf.


When an emergency arises, it’s best to dial 911 or get straight to the emergency department.

Insurance and Fees Accepted

Patients without health insurance might get reduced rates for care by proving their financial situation.

Medicare assignment, Medicaid (including MediPass), Florida Kid Care (including Healthy Kids), other private insurance, and Workers’ Compensation are all accepted at CFHC.

CFHC is taken by several preferred provider organizations (PPOs) and health maintenance organizations (HMOs).

Included in this category are, but are not limited to, the following companies: WellCare, United Healthcare, Tricare, Three Rivers Network, Rockport Healthcare, Polk Healthcare, Netpass, Medicare Railroad, Medicare, Focus Healthcare w/c, First Health Network, HealthEase, Citrus Healthcare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield W/C, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Beech Street, Amerigroup.

All inquiries about our acceptance by your insurance company will be handled to your satisfaction. Payment for any medical or dental services must be made at your appointment.

Individual Obligations and Protections of the Patient – Your rights as a human being need.

  • Learn your healthcare rights and duties.
  • To have one’s privacy respected and protected, as well as one’s right to be treated with kindness and consideration.
  • We commit to responding to all inquiries within a fair amount of time.
  • To keep and utilize private property unless doing so would endanger oneself or others.
  • Be aware of the people caring for you and those accountable for your well-being.
  • Be mindful of the norms and standards that govern your behavior.
  • To deny medical care.
  • To learn about patient language assistance options, such as an interpreter.
  • You have the right to know your doctor’s diagnosis, the treatment plan they have in mind, any potential side effects, and the outlook for your health.
  • File a complaint with the CFHC’s grievance system and the relevant state licensing bodies if you believe your rights under Florida law have been violated.
  • Upon request, you have the right to get complete information and appropriate counseling on the financial resources available to pay for your treatment.
  • Determine whether a doctor or hospital accepts Medicare patients as patients.
  • A fair estimate of the cost of care should be provided upon request and before receiving services. A copy of an itemized bill that is easy to read and an explanation of the expenses upon request. You can count on learning about discomfort and how to deal with it, and the professionals will give your pain issue their full attention.
  • All people, regardless of their color, nationality, religion, ability, or ability to pay, should have equal access to quality healthcare.
  • To prompt medical attention in the event of a life-threatening medical emergency.
  • You have the right to know whether any medical care you get is part of a research study, and you may choose whether or not to participate.

It is your responsibility.

  • To report unexpected changes in your condition to the provider.
  • Let us know if you have any questions about the treatment plan.
  • To strictly adhere to the doctor’s orders.
  • Please contact CFHC if you cannot make your scheduled appointment.
  • If you reject medical care or ignore your doctor’s orders, you must bear complete responsibility for your actions.
  • To expeditiously settle any bills related to your care financially.
  • Comply with all policies and procedures set out by the institution that relate to patient care and behavior.
  • Patients may walk in at any time. For faster service, the CFHC asks that you phone beforehand.
  • Do not hesitate to let the personnel know if you worry about a patient’s well-being. Request refills at least 48 hours in advance by calling your pharmacist.

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